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12.15, 2.20, 3.45, 4.15, 8 p.m.
Deliverie?, 7 a.m., 1.20, 3.65,
7.15 p.m.
Piirocliial Board — Chairman, John
Hendrie, of larbert; sec. Neil
SlacLean ; assessor and collector,
John Wallace ; interim inspector,
George M'Cracken ; Poor-honse
governor, Wm. M'Andrew ;
matron, Mrs. M'Andrew.
Registrars for Parish — East dis-
trict, A. Baird ; middle dis.,
James Mitchell ; west dis., Ales.
Banks and Agents— Clydesdale
(Ld.), J. Lamb ; National (Ld),
W. J. Andrew; Royal, J. Bishop;
Union (Limited), John H. Bowie.
Insurance Companies and Agents.
— Caledonian, Kerry ]\I'Lach-
lan ; Caledonian Plate Glass,
J. Lamb, C. Denhdlni, and
John Wallace ; Commercial
Union, J. Dykes ; County Fire,
John Couper; Crown, G. Shaw;
English and Scottish Boiler Co.
(Limited), J. Bishop, J. H.
Bowie, and John Wallace ;
English and Scottish Law Life,
Jno. Wallace ; General, J. Lu^k;
L^incashire, W. J. Andrew, J.
Wallace, George Smellie, and
J. A. Wilson ; Life Association
of Scotland, J. Bishop and R.
Waterston ; Liverpool and Lon-
don and Globe, James Laurie ;
National Provincial Plate Glass,
Juhn Couper ; Northern Fire,
John Wallace and James
Lamb; Northern Accident, John
Wallace ; North British and
Mercantile Fire and Life, J.
Bishop and J. H. Bowie ; Nor-
wich and London Accident and
Plate Glass, J. H. Bowie ; Nor-
wich and London Life and Fire,
J. Hamilton ; Ocean, Railway,
and General Accident, J. Bishop
J. Couper, and John Wallace ;
Phoenix Fire Office, John Wal-
lace ; Provident Life, J. Couper ;
Queen, H. Gardiner ; Royal,
J. M. Alston; Scottish Ac-
cident Co. (Limited), G. Shaw;
Scottish Equitable, G. Laurie ;
Scottish Plate Glass, J. Couper ;
Scottish Provident, J. Lamb
and J. Bishop; Scottish Pro-
vincial, G. Shaw, W. J. Andrew,
J. Sndih, and John Wallace ;
Scottish Union and National,
W. J. Andrew and J. Couper ;
South British and National
Adelaide Fire, George Smellie ;
Yorkshire Boiler (Ltd.), J. Lamb;
Scottish Boiler (Limited), John
Wallace and James Lamb.
Gas Company — Manager and secre-
tary, T. Wilson ; treasurer, J.
Old Monkland Agricultural Society
— President, Provost Alexander;
vice-president, Robt. Pettigrew ;
treasurer, W. J. Andrew ; secre-
tary, J. Couper.
Coatbridge Literary Association —
President, A. Kennedy; vice-
president, Alexander Wardrop ;
secretary Walter Gray; treasurer,
Robert B. Crombie.
Old Monkland Horticultural Society
— Honorary president. Colonel
Buchanan, of Drumpellier; presi-
dent, John Baird, M.P. ; vice-
presidents, James Allan, Provost
Alexander, Bailie James Addie,
Alexander Whittlaw, Gartrhore;
John Spencer, Andrew Stewart,
John Neilson ; treasurer, T. Sea-
man ; secretary, Robert Mackay.
Female Benevolent Society —
Patron, Col. D. C. R. C. Bu-
charan, C.B. ; patrones?, Mrs.
Buchanan ; president. Miss
Fraser; treas. , Miss Wad del ;
secretary, i\Irs. Andrew.
Coatbridge Female Misson — Pat-
roness, Mrs. Captain Colt; lady
superintend., Mrs. Jonas; Presi-
dent, Mrs. Gardiner ; vice presi-
dent. Miss Fraser ; treasurer.
Mrs. Chisholm ; secy. Mis9 Gray,
Coatbridge Auxiliary to National
Bible Society of Scotland —
Presidents, Colonel Buchanan,
Drumpellier, Captain Colt of
Gartsherrie, J. Alexander, Esq.;
treasurer, James Bishop.
Coatbridge Building and Invest-
ment Society — Ordinary direct-
ors — Chairman, Thos. Phillips;
vice-chairman, J. AVilson ; Thos.
Gibb, J. M. Boyd, solicitor; Al.
Bizzet, Alexander Pettigi-ew,
J. Smith. A. V. Robertson,
John Neil, Peter Smellie, John
Hunter, Wm.Spence ; secretary,
Geo. Shaw; treas., John Couper;
law agent, W. J. Andrew ; sur-
veyor, Alex. M'G. Mitchell.
Coatbridge Equitable Building So-
ciety — Chairman, Jas. Thom-
son ; vice-chairman, James Leg-
gat ; secretary, John Brown ;
law agent, W. J. Andrew ;
surveyors, Thomas Gilchrist and
James Leggat
Adam, M. H. 23 Academy st
Adam, R. flcslier, 42 Main st
Adam, Robt. flesher. Crossbill cot.
33 St. John st
Addie, Robert, & Sons, ironmasters,
Langloan Iron Works
Addie, Wm., engineer, Souterhouse
Addie, IMiss, dressmaker and mil-
liner, Whifflet
Agnew, Thomas, grain and hay
merchant, 69 Bank st
Airdrie Advertiser Office branch,
17 Acoidemy street
Aitken, S. Robert, carriage hire;
and funeral undertaker, 60, 6i
Bank st Li,
Aitken, W. junr. mineral boreB
74 Church st
Aitken & Wallace, merchants, 13
Bank street ; res. Co-operativi
buildings, Muiryhill st
Alexander, John, ironmaster, Gart--;
sherrie Iron Works, Cairnhill'
house, Airdrie
Alger, Rev. Joseph B. Methodists
minister, St. Thomas' manse, 62i
Church street
Allan, Jas., wright, Allan's House,!
Allan, Jas., Victoria Tube Works,
Victoria House
Allan, John, joiner, &c. Station rd
Allan, Wm. manager, Gunn pi
Allanson, Sergeant-instructor, 7th
L.R.V., res. Coats house. Coat st
Alston, M. John, solicitor and
notary public, 1 Academy st.; ho.
Beechbank, Airdrie
Anderson, Adam, Cal. bdgs
Anderson, John F. wholesale wine
and spirit merchant, 21 Main st. ;
ho. Victoria place, Airdrie
Anderson, W. bam, butter, and egg
mfrchant, 86 Bank st
Andrew, Matthew M. Fairholme
Andrew, Wm. J. solicitor and bank
agent, Fairholme house
Angus, David, Langloan
Angus, John, fishmonger, 110
Main street
Arnot, William, & Co., boilermkrs.
Dundyvan ; ho. Bank street
Ai-thur, Andrew, family grocer
and spirit merchant, 125, 127,
and 129 Bank street
Baird, A. & G. farmers, Townhead
Baird, Robert, plumber, 82 Main st.;
ho. 63 North British bdgs.
Baird & Smillie, shaft manufac-
turers, Dundyvan road
Baird, Wm. & Co. iron and coal
masters, Gartsherrie Ironworks
Baird, Mrs. dairy, 15 Academy st
Baker, James, carting contractor,
Back row, Langloan
Baker, Thomas, tube manufacturer,
Caledonian Tube Works ; ho.
Beechbank, Jlount Vernon, Toll-
Bannan, Heniy, pawnbroker, JIanse
street, Langloan
Barclay, George, furnaceman, Whif-
flet ; ho. Blair Grove cottage,
Barclay, Peter, teacher, Gartsherrie
Acadeniy !

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