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Campbell & M'Kenzie, 96 Bath st
Campbell, Robt. 170 Hope st
Carmicbael, W. (at Brown & Fer-
Carrick & Glen, 116 St. Vinct. st
Carrick, J. S. (of Carrick & Glen)
?}Carrick, S. II. (of Forbes, Bryson
& Carrick)
Carrutbers & Gemmill, 150 Hopest
«Carruthers, H. S. 150 Hope st
Carswell, R. (at M'Grigor, Donald,
& Co.'s)
Cbristie, Andrew, 75 W. Nile st
Christie, Webster, & M'lvor, 75
W. Nile st
Clark, C. E. 208 W. George street
wClark, C. K. 208 W. George st
Clark, Jas. (of Ralston & Clark)
wClarke, John Hay, 98 Bath st
?jClark, William Towers (of M'Lel-
laad, ThomsoD, & Towers-
wCoats, Jn. J. (of A. J. &A.GrahacD)
MCochran, Wtn. 53 W. Regent st
Colledge, Smith, Jackson, & Guy,
120 W. Reg. st
Colledge, T. (of Colledge, Smith,
Jackson, & Guy)
?iColquhoua, D. T. 158 St. Vin-
cent street
ColquhouD, J. & D. T. 158 St.
Vincent street
KColquhoun, Jas. (of J. & D. T.
wCook, Wm.(of M'Clm^ejNaismith,
Brodie, & Co.)
nCowan, Lachlan (of Mitchells,
Cowan, & Johnston)
Cowan, William (of Macgeorge,
Cowan, & Galloway)
Craig, Archibald, M.A. LL.B. 156
St. Vincent street
Craig & CunniDgham, 128 Hopest
wCraig, D. (of Craig & Risk)
Craig & Risk, 176 W. George st
Craig, Wm. 338 Dumbarton road,
Crawford & Herron, 104 West
Regent street
Crawford, J. Law, 146 W. Regent st
jiCrawford & Stevenson, 146 West
Regent street
Crawford, T. 121 W. Regent st
Crawford, W. B. 104 W. Regent st
jtCross, T. (of RobertoD, Low,
RobertoD, & Cross)
Cullen & Crawford, 121 West
Regent st
Cullen, R. 139 St. Vincent street
Gumming, Jas. 65 W. Regent st
Cunningham & Henderson, 93 W.
Regent street
wCunningham, Wm. M. (of Cun-
ningham & Henderson)
wDavidson, Robt. (of Hill, David-
son, & Hoggan)
wDavidson, W. A. (of M 'Bride,
Davidson, M'Arthur, & Stevens)
Dick, A. jun. (of Dick.& Stevenson)
Dick, Quintin, & Robertson, 104
West Regent street
Dick, Stevenson & Muir, 176 W.
George st
Dixon, Erskine, & Grieve, 151 St.
Vincent street
Donald, Ales. 93 W. Regent st
Donald, C. D. jun. 172 s't. Vin. st
!iDonald, C. D. (of M'Grigor,
Donald, & Co.)
?iDonaklson, Jas (of Kirk & Don-
?iDougall, F. G. 167 Canning st
Douglas, R. 103 W. Regent street
wDouglas, Wm. 248 W. George st
Downie & Aiton, 115 St. Vine, st
Downie, Jno. (of Dowuie & Aiton)
Drnmmond, A. S., M.A. 194 St.
Vincent street
Drummond, A. S. & J. 194 St.
Vincent st
Drummond, John, jun. 194 St.
Vincent st
Dunbar, James, 49 W. George st
wDuncan, Baird, & Young, 211
Hope street
?iDunlop, R. M. 13G Wellington st
Dunlop, Wm. 157a Hope street
Dykes, Thomas, M.A. LL.B. 958
Govan rd. Govaa
raEaston, Wm. J. 150 W. Regent st
JiErskiue, Jn. (of Dixon, Erskine,
& Grieve)
MEspie, Geo. S.S.C. (oiLockhart &
Faulds, W. B. & Gibson, 25
Bath street
?jFaulds, W. B. (of W. B. Faulds
& Gibson)
wFerguson, Archd. (of A. Ferguson
& J. T. T. Brown)
Ferguson, Arch. 139 St. Vinct. st
Ferguson, A. & J. T. T. Brown,
63 West Regent st
Ferguson, F. P. B. (at A. Fer-
guson's, 139 St. Vmcent st)
Ferguson, Geo. 51 St. Vincent st
n Ferguson, John (of Brown &
Ferguson, Wm. 160 W. George st
Findlay, Ja3. M.A. (of R. & J. M.
Hill, Brown, & Co.'s)
Finlayson & Auld, 150 W. George
wFinlavson, Wm, (of Finlayson &
re Fisher, D. (of Fisher, Watt &
Fisher, Watt, & Hayes, 183 St.
Vincent st
re Fleming, Jas. B. 241 St Vine, st
n Fleming, John, 241 St. Vincent st
Forbes, A. (of Moir & Forbes)
Forbes, Bryson & Carrick, 83 W.
Regent st
Forsyth, D. 169 W. George st
Fotheringham,T. 118 Ontlow drive
Fonlis, A. 180 St. Vincent st
kFouUs, S. 135 Sr. Vincent st
Frame & Macdonald, 88 St. Vin-'
cent st '
Frame, R. (of Frame & Macdonald)'^
France, C. (of Bannatynes, Kirk--
wood, M'Jannet, & France) '
Eraser, John T. 217 Buchanan st
Eraser, M. P. LL.B. 69 St. Vin-
cent street '
FuUerlon, W. P. 128 S-. Vinct. st
Fyfe, H. B. (of MacLean, Fyfe &
)iFyfe, T. A. 79 W. Regent st
Galbraitb, Jno. S. 69 St. Vinct. st
Galbraitb, John S. & M'Gill, 69
St. Vincent st
Galbraitb, W. A. 83 W. Regent st
re Galloway, H. H. (of Macgeorge, ,
Cowan, & Gallowav)
re Gardner, Peter, W.S. 153 St.
Vincent st
Gardner, Tlios. 221 W. George st
Geramell, J. L. 162 St. Vine, st
Gemmill, Wm. (of Carrutbers &
Gibb, John, 68 W. Regent st
Gibson, W. 107 W. Regent st
Gibson, Wm. (of W. B. Faulds &
wGilfiilan, T.(of Brown & Gilfillan)
wGillespie, Geo. 175 St. Vincent st
wGillies, Wm. 204 W. George st
reGirvan, Jas. Graham (of Keydens,
Strang, & Girvan)
Glen, Jas. 116 St. Vincent st
Graham, A. J. & A. 198 West
George st
Graham, James (of A. J. & A.
re Graham, .Jas. jun. 1 98 W. Geo. st
Graham, Tbos. 69 Bath street
Grant, A. W. S.S.C. 166 St. Vin-
cent st
71 Gray, George, ^2 Hntcheson st
Graj^, J. C. 158 George street
Grieve, W. W. (of Dixon, Er.-kine,
& Grieve)
Guy, R (of Colledge, Smith, Jack-
son & Guy)
wHall, W. D. 116 St. Vincent st
Hamilton, Gavin, 65 W. Regent st
Hamilton, J. & J. 135 St. Vine, st
reHarailton, Jas. D. 135 St. Vine, st
re Hamilton, J. A. 135 St. Vincent st
Hamilton, M. A. 50 W. Regent st
Hannay, D. 205 St. Vincent st
Hart, James N. County Buildgs.
re Hart, Thomas, 63 Renfield st
Harvie & Maclachlan, 21 St. Vin-
cent place
Harvie, W. H. (of Harvie &
Hay, John, Clyde Navigation
Hayes, Wm. 183 St. Vincent st
Hays, W. S. H5 St. Vmcent st
Headrick, J. A. (of Thorn &
reHeddenvick,W. A. 22 W. Nile st |
Henderson, Alex. 434 St. George's |

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