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Waruock & Horsburgh, 71 Farie
St., Eutherglen
Watson, Adam, 95 Bishop street,
h Watson & Aird, 8 Colebrooke st.
Watson, David, Auchinloch
Watson, J. Balshagray
Watson & Menzies, 97 Hopehill rd
J Watt & Wilson, Petershill; office,
93 Hope sfc
Weir, Allan, 56 Bothwell st
Weir, Wm. Langside road
Wells, W. 84 Park st
Whyte, John, 57 Anderson st
White, D. & Co. Eaglesham st
Whjte, Thos. 12 Cambridge st
Wh.te, Thos. H. 96 St. James' rd
Wightman, Wra. & Co. 18 Spring-
field place
Wigbton, J. 125 Norfolk st
Wilkie, Thomas, 13 Grove st
Williamson & Brownlee, Station
pi. Cambuslang
JWilson, H. & Co. 25 John st. Govan
Wilson, Hugh, 31 Eaeberry st
Wilson, Jas. 4 Langside rd
Wilson, James, 92 Centre street
Wilson, W. 136 Wellington lane
Wishart, Geo., 52 Albert rd. Cross-
Wood, James, 85 Pitt st
h Wood, John, 230 N. Woodside rd
Wyllie, G. 54 Commercial road
SWyper, Wra. Allison st. Govanh.
Young, jn. Havelock ter. Paisley rd
j Those marked n are also
I Notaries Public.
'Addison, W. Innes (at Maclean,
Peattie & Macintyre's)
w Aiken, Jas. (of Burns, Aiken,
& Co.)
wAiken, John B. (of Burns, Aiken,
& Co.)
;Aitken & Gibb, 58 W. Regent st
Aitken, Henry, 150 St. Vine, st
wAitken, James, 92 St. Vincent st
mAitken, Jag. 58 W. Regent st
Aitken, Robt. 157 St. Vincent st
Aikman, C. B. Clark & Thomson,
208 W. George st
JiAikman, C. B. (of C. B. Aik-
man, Clark, & Thomson)
n^iton, A. H. (of Downie & Alton)
Aiton, Wm. (at Kidston, Wataon,
Turnbnll, & Co.'s)
»A.lesander, D. M. (of Kirkland &
Alexander, D. T. 179 W. George st
Ji.\lexander, Jas. (of J. & W.
I Alexander & Taylor)
Alexander, J. & AV. & Taylor,
! 194 West George st
v.lexander, T. C. 50 W. Regent st
i Alexander, W. J. 194 W, Geo. st
Allan, G. F. L.L.B. 135 Buchanan
Alston, Richard, 183 St. Vinct. st
Anderson, Jas. F. (of Anderson &
wAnderson, Jonath. (of Anderson &
Anderson &M'Kinnon, 140 Hope st
Andersons & Pattison, 137 St.
Vincent street
Anderson, T. A. 170 Hope st
wAnderson, Thomas (of Si'Grigor,
Donald, & Co.)
«Anderson, W. B. (of Andersons &
Andrew, John (at Mitchell,
Cowan, & Johnstone's)
Andrew, Wm. 145 W. George st
wAnnan, A. J. (of W. E. & A. J.
Annan, Wm. (of W. E. & A. J.
Annan, W. E. & A. J. 112 W.
Regent street
Arthur, Geo. (at Finlayson &
Ashcroft, R. 146 Buchanan street
raAuld, R. R. (of Finlayson & Auld)
Baird, Allan F. (of Duncan, Baird,
& Young)
Baird & Stirling, 154 St. Vincent
Baird, Wm. (of M'Lean & Baird)
Baird, W. D., 87 Union st
Baird, Wm. (of Baird & Stirling)
Bannatyne, A. M. (at M'Clure,
Naisraith, Brodie, & Co.'s)
Bannatynes, Kirkwood, M'Jannet,
& France, 145 West George st
Bannatyne, Mark (of Bannatynes,
Kirkwood, M'Jannet, & France)
Barclay, Thos. 21 Royal cres. W.
Barnett, Hugh (of Strain & Bar-
wBarr, David (of Moncrieff, Barr,
PatersoD, & Co.)
Barr, Patrick, 51 Bath street
Barrie, Jas. (at Guardian Society's
Barrie, Wm. 149 St. Vincent st
w Beckett, William (of Brownlie,
Watson, & Beckett)
Bell «& Paterson, 81 Bath st
Bell, Thos. (at Moncrieff, Barr,
Paterson, & Co.'s)
Bell, T. S. (of Williamson & Bell)
Bell, Walter, 81 Bath st
Bird, David, & Son, 12 St. Vinct. pi
Bird, David (of David Bird & Son)
Bird, N. (of D. Bird & Son)
Bird, Robt. (of David Bird & Sou)
Bishop, J. & J. C, 136 Welling-
ton st
Bishop, Jas., Academy st., Coat-
raBlack, A. C. (of M-Grigor,
Donald, & Co.)
Black, Geo. (of Black, Honeyman,
& Monteath)
Black, Honeyman, & Monteath, 88
West Regent st
Black, Wm. Geo., 88 W. Regent st
BIyth, D. (of Smillie & Blj'th)
Boag, John Alex. 49 Bath st
Borland, King, & Shaw, 142 St.
Vincent street
wBorland, Wm. (of Borland, King,
& Shaw)
Bowers, J. City Chambers
Bowie, W. H., 180 W. Regent st
Boyd, Jas, (of J. & J. Boyd &
Boyd, J. & J. & Miller, 95 Wel-
lington st
jiBoyd, Robert, B.L. 11 West
Regent st
Boyes, T. J. G. (of Turner & Boyes)
Breeze, J. 18 Wellfield st. Spring-
Brock, J. C. 302 Buchanan st
wBrodie, George, 139 St. Vincent st
?iBrodie, Robert (of M'Clure, Nais-
mith, Brodie, & Co.)
Brown, Alex. R. Sheriff Chambers
Brown & Allan, 135 Buchanan st
Brown & Ferguson, 138 W. Geo. st
Brown & Gilfillan, 163 St. Vin. st
Brown, J. T, T. 53 W. Regent st
Brown, Jaines (at Alexander &
Brown, J. A. 58 W. Regent st
Brown, John B. (of Brown & Gil-
MBrowne, Richard (of Brown &
Brown, R. (at Maclay, Murray, &
Brown, R. L. 135 Buchanan st
Brown, T. S. (of Hotson & Brown)
Brown, Walter E., B.L. 227 West
George street
wBrowD, Wm. L. (of R. & J. M,
Hill, Brown, & Co.)
nBrownlie, Archd. (of Brownlie,
Watson, & Beckett)
Brownlie, Archd. (at Kidston,
Watson. Turnbull& Co.'s)
wBrownlie, John (of Paul &
Brownlie, Watson, & Beckett, 225
West George st
wBrunton, T., G. & S. W. R. Co.
Brj'son, A. (of Forbes, Bryson &
Buchan & Kidd, 121 W. Regent st
nBuchan, W. M'L, 121 W. Regent
Buchan, W. R. 227 W. Geo. st
Burns, Aiken, & Co. 201 W. Geo.
Byrne, Chas. 122 Wellington st
Cairns, Michael, Neilston, near
Caldwell.W. (of Wilson, Caldwell,
& Fyfe)
Campbell, A. 109 West George st
Campbell, Archd. 113 W. Reg. st
Campbell, Jno. 95 Bath st
2 P

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