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Leckie, Graham, & Co. 116 Union
Strathers & M'Bean, 43 Argyle st
TuUis, Jn. & Son, John st. Bridg.
M'Bride, C. 48 Market street
Smith, Wm. Vinegar hill, Camla.
Turner, Janet, Parkhead
Alexander, Fergus 5on, & Co. Rue-
hill wharf, Forth and Clyde
Canal, near Maryhill; office, 38
M' Alpine st
Barrow, F. A. 143 Wellington st
Berger, Lewis, & Sons, Ltd. 146
St. Vincent street
Blaoklock& Macartlnir, 171 West
st. s.s. ; works, i06 Dale st. s.?.
Locke, Blackett, & Co. Newcastle-
on-Tyne ; agents, Niven & Pratt,
72 Waterloo st
M'Neiil, James, & Co. St. Enoch's
Works, Barrowfield
St. Muogo Chemical Co. Ruchill,
Scott, Jas. & John G. Crown
Colour Works, 220 Dobhie's In
Aitken, Jas. 61 Osborne st. and
75 Stockwell st
Craig, W. jun. 26 Carlton court
Donaghy & Co. 25, 27 Dunlop st
Eglinton Chemical Co. (manufs.),
27 St. Vincent place
Goatling, J. C. & Co. London ;
agent, J. Cannan, 133 St. Vin.
M'Ara, A. 65 Morrison st. ; Tele-
phone No. 1500; telegrams,
"Macara," Glasgow
Nisbet, John, & Co. 60 Dunlop st
Somerville, Jas., GO Dunlop st
Stewart, Jas. 43 Commerce st
Thomson, J. & Co. 43 Commerce
Bogle, G. & Co. for yachts, 137
W. Regent st
Clarke, Chapman, & Co. Victoria
Works, Gateshead- on -Tyne ;
Clyde representative, W. A.
Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent st
Davidson & Co.; agent, William
Nimmo, 2 Oswald st
Emerson, Walker, & Co.; agent,
A. Smith, 12 York st
Harfield & Co. London ; agents,
C. Henderson & Co. 9 York st
Jessop, Joseph & Son, Leicester ;
agents, Blackwood & L^imb, 101
St. Vincent st
T^apier Bros. 100 Hydepark st
iReid, T. & Sons, Thread st. Paisley
— See Ad. in App.
Abbott, W. 118 London st
Adam, Jas. 1 Dundas ter. Lang-
side road
Adam, R. 7 Titwood place
Adam, Thomas, 17, 19 Surrey st
Adams, D. 80 Stobcross st. 96 W.
Nile St. and 33 Pollok st
.\daras & Gall, 568 Springburn rd
Adams, Wm. 253 St. Vincent st
Aird, Wm. 29 Port-Dimdas rd
Aitkin, Barton & Wm. 18 Grnjme
Ailken, H. 319 Dumbarton road,
Aitken, Jas. 284 Dalmarnock rd
Aitken, Jas. 98 East John st
Aitken, S. 262 N. Woodside road
and 217 Duke st
Aitken, T. 447 Gallowgate
Alexander, Wm. 104 W. Camp-
bell st
Algie, Jas. 163 Cumberland st. so.
and 149 Rose street
Algie, John, 149 Oxford st
Algie, Wm. 77 Main st. Anderston
Algie, Mrs. Wm. 246 Paisley rd
Allan, L. 61 West Milton st.
and 25 King street, city
Allison, Jas. 36 Shuttle street
Allison, W. 1 N. Woodside rd
Alston, J. 163 Caledonia rd
Anderson, And. 20 King st. city,
and 11 Back wynd
Anderson, A. 4 Peel st. Partick
Anderson, Arthur, 27 Hyndland st
Anderson, David, 55 Candleriggs
Anderson, David, 26 Bedford st
Anderson & Elder, 151 Hope st
Anderson, Fred. Jas. 17, 18 Tit-
wood pi, Strathbungo
Anderson, G. 60 Queen st
Anderson, Jas. 75 Stirling road
Anderson, Nicol, & Co. 31 St.
Enoch sq
Anderson, Robert, 6 College st
Anderson, Robt. 18 S. Woodside rd
Anderson, R. 166 Rutherglen rd
Anderson & Shaw, 6, 10,"l2 West
Campbell st
Anderson, Wm. 298 Buchanan st
Anderson, Wm. 151 Hope st
Anderson, Wm. 20 John st. lane
Anderson, Wm. 317 London rd
Anderson, Wm. 2 Seamour street,
N. City road
Anderson, Mrs. James, 1 and 3
Cathcart street
Annan, Wm. 1 Broomhill st
Arbuckle, D. 1 Port-Dundas road
Arbuckle, Wra. 119 Canning st
Armour, Wm. 47 Main st. Bridge-
ton, and 130 Broad st
Armour, Mrs. Wm. 68 Stevenson
St. and 43 King st. Calton
Armstrong, Robt. 86 Dalhousie st
Arnott, Jas. 16 So. Wellington st
Arnott, Mrs. A. H. 82 Dundas st
Arrol, Arch. & Sons, 16 Dixon st
Arthur, Alex. 260 High st
Arthur, W. & J. 127 W. Regent
Auchincloss, J. 233 Main st.Bridg.
Auchterlonie,Wm. 209 Main st. s.s.
and 222 Dalmarnock rd
Aylmer, H. 380 Gallowgate and
158 Main st. Bridgeton
Aylmer, M. 24 Kerr st
Aylmer, 0. 474 Gallowgate
Babes, R. 11 Carrick st
Bain, Duncan C. 106 G. Hamil. st
Baird, C. J. & Co. brokers, 33
Hope St.
Baird, John, & Co. Irohers, 146
West Regent st
Baird, John, 14 Waterloo st. east
Baird, Robt. 478 Duke st
Balfour, P. 116 Castlebank street
Ballantyne, David, 151 Hosptl. st.
75 Caledonia rd. 62 Nelson st.
s.s. & 17 Norfolk st
Ballantine, G. & Son, 100 Un. st
Bannerman, R. 155 Queen st
Barker, T. 332 Scotland st
Ban-, F. 5 Springhill ter. Cross-
Barr, Jas. 650 G.allowgate and 182
London rd
Barr, T. 117 W. Regent st
Barr, Wm. 117 W. Regent st
Barrie, J. 32 Orchard st. Partick
Barrie, J. 404 New City road
Barton, Jas. 443 Rutherglen rd
Beaton, R. 74 William st. Anderst.
Bell, Rannie, & Co. 116 St. Vin. st
Bell, Mrs. Ann Jane, 220 Castle st
Bennett, A. 98 Dundas st. city
Bennett & Co.84 Yorkst. wholesale
Bennett, F. A. P. 62 Gt. Western
Bennett, John, 480 Paisley rd
Bennett, Thos. 1 Paxton terrace,
and 13 Mallsmire ter. Polmadie
Bennett, Wm. 77 Langlands road,
and 68 Hamilton st. Govan
Best, Wm. 16 Pollokshaws road
Bignell, G. 14 Kelvinhavigh st
Binnie, Alex. 1 King street, Mile-
Bishop, A. 740 Garscube road
Black, John, 2 Pollokshaws road
Black, Wm. 35 Candleriggs
Blackadder, Wm. 20 Canning st.
and 183 Hope st
Blackstock, Sam. 77 Finnieston st
Blyth, R. 62 Marlborough st
Boag, James, 79 Main st. Bridget.
Borland, Wm. 214 St. George's rd
Bowie, D. 198 Eglinton st.and 385
St. Vincent st
Bowie, James, 362 London rd
Bowie, James, 220 Buchanan st
Bowie, Thomas, 35 Clyde street,

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