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Chisholm, J. & Co. 61 Jamaica st
Clark & Bell, 212 St. Vincent st
Clinkskill, James, 1 Holland place
Clow, David, 189 W. Regent'st
Craig, Wm. 46 Main st. Bridgeton
Dalglish, R. 178 St. Vincent st
Dansken, A. B. & Co, 179 West
George st
Dansken, John, 121 W. Regent st
Davidson, J. & Co. 22 Argyle st
Dick, D. 98 Sauchiehall street
Dick, Thos. & Sod, 43 Renfield st
— See Advt.
Donald, Thos. 83 Renfield st
Douglas, Campbell, & Sellars,
266 St. Vincent st
Dow, Duncan, 91 Gallowgate
Drjsdale, Wm. 65 Bath st
Eadie, Geo. 405 Mathieson st
Edmiston, J. & R. 41 W. Nile st
Findlay, James, jun. 87 Union st
Findlay, John, 24 Grant street
Fleming, G. 116 St. Vincent st
Forrest, Wm. 66 Bath si.—See
Advt. in Appen.
Frew, T. 6 Windsor terrace
Gemmell, M. 75 Bath street— ^ee
Advt. in Appen.
Gossman, A. & Son, 79 Robertson st
Gracie, R. 11 Both well st
Gray, Andrew, 30 Bath st
Gray, D. 58 W. Regent st
Guliiland, J. C. (of R. M'Tear &
Hendry & Steel, 502 St Vincent st
Henry, Francis, 132 Trongate
Herbertson, J. 85 Bedford street
Hodgson, John, 57 W. Nile st
Hutchison & Dixon, 7 W. Nile st
Inglis, Jas. drapery, 168 Castle st
Kay, Thomas, 12, 14 Hopeton pi.
and 21 Cathedral st
Keith, Duncan, & M'Cloy, 157
Hope st
King, Robert A. of plant and ma-
chinery, 130 Waterloo st
Laing, Jn. & Son, 20 Bridge st
Laird, Geo. (property) Ann street,
Laird, James, 19 Gordon st
Laird, John (of Robert M'Tear &
Co.), Royal Exchange Sale
rooms, N. Court, St. Vin. place
Laird, Wm. 19 Gordon st
Laird, Wm. 58 Bath street
Lamb, George, 153 Queen st
Lamb, James, 74 Hutcbeson st
Laminie, G. 144 Hope street
Landless, William, LA. 227 West
George street
Lightbody, Thos. 42 Sydney st
Logan, W. 196 St. Vincent street
M'Call, S. M. 54 John Knox st
M' Galium, R. 69 Union st
M'Cheyne, Jas. & Co. 85 Candle-
M'Cloy, J. H. 157 Hope st
JI'Coll, D. R. 7 West Nile st
M'Cormack, J. 5 Balmano st
Macfie, A. 11 Drury st
Mackinlay, G. 97 W. George st
M'Kittrick, W. L. 63 Waterloo st
M'Leod, D. Russell 63 Renfield st
M'Leod, J. & Sod, 63 Renfield st
M'Leod, John, 63 Renfield st
M'Leod, John, Mount Royal,
Aucbamore road, Dunoon
M'Michael, Jas. 30 Argyle arcade
M'Nicoll & Co. shipping and ma-
chinery, 6 Dixon street
M'Tear, R. & Co. 6 North court,
Royal Exchange Sale Rooms,
St. Vincent pi
Mair, John, 108 Argyle st
Metcalfe, W. 20 Charlotte st
Miller, A. (at J. & R. Edmiston's)
Miller, A. L. 121 W. Regent st
Miller, Jas. 158 Parliamentary rd
Miller, W. (drapery), 141 High st
Moore, Thomas, 44 W. Regent st
Morrison, Dick, & M'Cullocb, 98
Sauchiehall street and 220 St.
George's road
Morrison, .Jas. & Co. machinery,
66 Wilson st. and 60 Glassford st
Morton, A. F. 505 Springburn rd
Muir, A. P. 60 Sauchiehall st
Munro, D. 39 Hope st
Nairn, A. (of J. Nairn & Son)
Nairn, John, 59 and 63 North
Frederick st
Nelson, D. M. Gas Works, 164
St. Vincent st
Nicol & Halliday, 12 Trongate
Norman, John, 475 New Keppoch-
hill road
Peat, W. S. 65 Crown street
Phillips, John, Manse rd. Dunoon
Pryde, J. 17 West Regent st
Reid, R. 203 W. George st
Riddell, John H. (machinery), 49
Jamaica street
Robertson, James (drapery), 24
George square
Robb, James, sen. 8 Carlton pi
Robson, H. R. 14 Royal cre^. W.
Rogers, Wade, & Co. 41 Robert-
son street
Salmon, Jas. F.R.LB.A. and LA.
197 St. Vincent street
Scott, R. 115 Wellington st
Sellars, James, LA. 266 St. Vin-
cent st
Service & Bisland, 213 St. Vin-
cent st
Shaw, R. B. 44 Wallace st
Simpson, Alex. 49 Bath st
Smellie, Thos. D. 209 St. Vin. st
Stevenson, J. 16 Burnbank ter
Stewart, Arch. 29 M'Kinlay st
Stewart, Jas. 209 St. Vincent st.
Stewart, M. 85 Holland st
Stewart, P. 39 Cumberland st. W.
Stobo, R. 26 Bellgrove st
Tait, Duncan, 106 Abercromby st
Taylor, Robt. 70 Bath street
Thomson, A. G. I.A. 223 West
George st
Thomson, Jas. I.A. 179 West
George st
Turnbull, Jno. jun. 255 Bath st
Turnbull, R. LA. 122 Wellington
Whitesmith, I. 16 Victoria st. s.s.
Wills, J. B. 509 Gallowgate
Woodrow, A. & Co. machinery, 67
and 69 Cubic st
Young,?. 11 MiWetst— See Advt.
in Appendix
Young, Wm. 278| St. Vincent st
Alley & Maclellan, Sentinel Work?
Auld, D. & Sons, 91 Rochester st
Baird, Allan W. 24 Sussex street,
Kinning park
Campbell, Achnach, & Co. (india-
rubber), 33 Jamaica St.; ware-
hou3e,Morrison's ct. 1 8 Argyle st
Clyde (The) Rubber Co. (Ltd.), 2
Clyde St. Port-Dundas
Clydesdale (The) Rubber Co. 58
Gordon st. and 2, 4 Renfield st
Cockburn, David, patent safety,
72 M'Neil street
Cockburn G. & Co. (patent safety),
Sussex street, Kinning park
Currie, Thomson, & Co. 43, 45, 47
Jamaica st. ; wholesale depot, 9
Howard street
Dennis & Co. (patent fullway
valves); agents, H. Bennett &
Co. 45 Bothwell st
Donald, John, & Son, 42 Cadogan
Goudie, Jas. T. & Co. india-rubber,
151 Argjle st
Johnson & Macbean, india-rubber,
4 Wellington st
Kesson & Campbell, Carntyne
Engine Works, Parkhead
Laidlaw, R. & Son (for water, gas,
steam, and sewage), Alliance
Foundry, 147 E. Milton street
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
M'Lellan, G. & Co. (india-rubber),
Glasgow Rubber Works, Mary-
hill rd.; warehouse, 55 Robert-
son street
Metallic Valve Co. Liverpool ; sole
agent, W. A. Kinghorn, 81 St.
Vincent street
Murray, Jas. agent for Combination
Metallic Valve Co. to replace
india-rubber, 8 Brown st
Nelson, D. M. (for water, gas, and
sewage), 164 St. Vincent st
Paterson, Robb, & Co. 183 Ruth-
erglen road
Robertson, Peter, india-rubber, 32
Queen st
Royle, John J. Manchester, Royle's
patent reducing valve; agent,
W. Bain, 57 Hope street
Smith, Wm. & Son, Argyle Engiud
Works, 123 Mansion 'st

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