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M'Gregor, T. manufacturer of clear
. skin for lard, putty bladders,
pickle and preserve coverers, &c.
9 Coulter's lane
M'Lellan, L. & J. 65 Pt. Diindas rd
Marks & Johnston, 145 Great
Eastern road
Miller, Ales. jr. & Co. Milaend
Oil and Paint Mills, 50 Kerr st
Paterson & Holt, importers, 25
Wellington st
Scott, Jas. & Jno. G. Crown Culour
Works, 220 Debbie's loan
Shaw, G. i& Co. 70 East Hill st
Shaw & Co. 136 Holm street
Smith, Jas. & Son, 256 Dobbie'sln
Storer, Jas. & Co. 48 French st
Wade, J. L. & Co. 23 Avenue st
Braby, F. & Co. Ld. 335 Argyle
St. and 86 York st.; wks. Peters-
hill road. — See Advt. in j{p
Brown & Co. works and office, 63
Wigton St. Port-Dundas
Brown & Co. (iron), 63 Wigton st.
Carrick, Ja». G. & Co. Calderwood
st — See Adv. in An.
Clerk, Donald, & Son, 48 Welling-
ton st
Cockburn, Dav. 72 M'Xeil st
Cockburn, M. & Co. 41 Bothw. st
Croggan & Co. 7 John street
Davidson, R. Union Boiler Works.
North street
Donald, John, & Son, 42 Cadogan
Ferguson, Thos. & Son, Parkhead
Boiler Works, 105 Westmuir st.
Glasgow Sheet Metal works, Mar-
garet st. off High John street —
See Adv.
Havelock Copper Wk-\ 71 Lance-
field st
Hudson, Thos. Sheepford Works,
Kesson & Campbell (cast-iron),
Carntj'ne Foundry, Parkhead
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Ld. cast
and malleable iron, Barrowfield
Iron Works, Fordneuk st
j M'Cormack, John, & Co. 5 Bal-
mano st
I M'Haffie & Co. Margaret st. off
High John st
[ M'Hutcheon & Finlayson, 76
Lancefield street
M'Millan, Jas. 57 Scott st. Port
Main, A. & J. & Co. Clydesdale
! Ironworks, Possil park.
j Mechan & Son, 60 Elhot st
j Miller, Jno. & Co. copper, 86
Dale st
Murdoch, T. & Co. 38 E. Howard
Nairne, A. R. & Co. 48 French st
Porteous & Crawford, 94 Elliot st
Pyle, Jas. & Co. copper, 40 Mor-
rison st
Smillie, Samuel (copper), Have-
lock Copper Works, 71 Lance-
field st
Smith, H. &, Co. Possil Engine
Works, off Possil rd
Smith & M'Lean, Mavisbank
Smith, Wm. & Son, Argyle Engine
Works, 123 Mansion street
Sutherland & Co. 44 David street
White, Brice, & Sons, 29 So. Kin-
ning place
Wilson & Nicholson, Sunnyside
Boiler Works, Coatbridge
Boag, John, 48 French street
Burt;, John, & Co. 143 Great
Hamilton street
Caldwell, Hamilton, & Sons, Bo-
den street
Cheesman, G. & Sons, 70 Miller st
Gryffe Tannery Co. Bridge of
Hatch, J. & R. drysalters, all tan-
ners' and curriers' materials, 60
Bothwell st
Lang, W. J. & W. 15 St. Andrew's st
Macintosh, P. «Ss Sons, 129 Stock.
Martin & Miller, 847 Duke st
Muirhead, And. & Co. 14 Bruns-
wick lane
Muirhead, James A. Bridge of
Muirhead, James, & Co. 23 Old
Muscott, Geo. Birmingham ; W.
R. Bogle, agent, 21 Cochrane st
Stewart & Burleigh, 11 Paisley rd
Stiell, D. & Co. 29 Montrose st
TuUis, John, & Son, John st. Bri.
Tullis, T. L. & Co. Barrowfield,
Ware Bros. Sulisbury; agent,
Wm. R. Bogle, 21 Cochrane st
Ware, Thos. & Sons, Bristol ; agt.
Wm. R. Bogle, 21 Cochrane st
Wilson, W. & A. 153 Canning st
— See Adv.
Gas (The) Residual Products Co-
Ltd. 156 St. Vincent st
Greenshields, Jas. & Co. 42 Bath
St.; works, Pulteney st
Korner, C. H. & Co. 137 West
Regent street
M'Bean, H. & Go. 56 Cook st
Miller, Geo. & Co. and naphtha, 40
West Nile street
Miller, Jas. Son, & Co. 79 West
Nile street
Neilson & Co. 116 Bishop street,
Port Dundas
Parker, John, 9 Frederick street
Ross, James, & Co. Falkirk. — See
Ad. in App.
Scottish Asphalt Co. 87 Union st
Smith, Richard, 182 West street,
S.3. and Cra'gielea, Paisley
Springbank Chemical Co. Bell-
field, Kirkintilloch; place of call,
G. JI'Farlane's, 25 Wellington st
Stanrigg Oil Co. 18 George sq
Walker, W. G. & Sons, Hawkhill
Chemical Wurks, Ayr
Walker, W. G. & Sons, Ayr
West of Scotland Chemical Co.
16 Dixon st. ; works, Daws-
holm, Maryhill
White, Walker, & Co., 138 West
George street
Blacklock & Macarthur, 171 West
street, s.s.
Gas (The) Residual Products Co,
Ltd. 156 St. Vincent st
Miller, Wm. 212 St. Vincent st
Miller & Young, 153 Queen st
Storer, James, & Co. 48 French st
Allan, Mrs. and Miss Ritchie, 26
Berkeley terrace
Allan, Misses, 141 Hillst. Garneth.
Birch, Misses, 7 Walmer crescent
Butiten, Mrs. Woodholm, Langside
Cairney, Misses, 47 Scott street
Clifford, Misses, Clifford house,
Nithsdale road
Colville, James, D.Se. principal,
14 Newton pi
Darling, Misses, 15 Rosslyn terrace,
Flint (The) Misses, 3 Dundonald
road, Kelvinside
Greenshiekls, Miss, 15 Belmont
gardens, Hillhead
Hart, Miss, Berlin pi. P'lokshields
Lauder, F. & J. 178 E. George st
Levack, Misses, 31 Westbourne ter
M'Donald, Misses, Wilson house,
87 Montrose st
M'Intosh, Thos. Copeland rd. pub.
school, Govan
Milligan, Jas. M.A. Garnethill
Morton, Miss, 87 Montrose st
Pollock, Misses, 16 Queen Mary
Rankin, Misses, 28 Belmont gard.
Sanders, Miss, 79 N. Frederick st
Seligmann, JuMus, 8 Alfred ter-
race, Hillhead
Smith, Miss, 8 Westercraigs
Smith, Mrs. Jn. 19 Sandyford pi
Stewart, Mrs. Jas. 173 Pollok st
Sturrock, Mrs. 6 Crown circus
Walker, Mrs. ^ac^ie^' seminary, 256
Bath st

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