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M'Lellan, P. & W. 129 Trongate;
works, Clutha Iron Works, Ver-
mont st
Martin, Wm. Dundyvan, Coatbridge
Martini & Co. 104 Hope st
Merry & Cuniiigharae, 127 St.
Vincent st
Miilen, T. & Co. 134 St. Vincent st
Mitchell, Jas. Main st. Coatbridge
Morris, Warden, & Co. 2 1 W. Nik- st
Morton, A. & Co. 35 Roberfson st
Morton, Jas. & Sons, 8 Prince's sq
Muirhead, A. E. Crossmyloof
Muirhead, Ja9. (cart forge), Cross-
Murdoch, Alex. 191 Hope st. and
77 W. Regent st
Murdoch, E. & Co. 23 Robert-
son street
Nelson, A. S. & Co. 18a Eenfield st
and at Suffolk House, Lawrence
Pountney Hill, London, E.C.
Neilson, Bros. 129 St. Vincent st
Neiison & Clelland, Main street,
Neilson, H. Mossend Works, Holy-
town station
North (The) Eastern Steel Co. Ld.
Middlesborough ; agent, C. Bell,
29 Waterloo st
Osbaldiston, Louis, & Co. Sheffield ;
agent, J. A. Davies, 75 St.
George's pi
Paul & Alexander, 39 West Camp-
bell st
Potter, Thos. 33 Canning st
Reid & Cook, 4 Germiston st
Ronnie, D. & Co. Camlachie Steel
Works, 823 Gallowgate
Rhodes, J. 46 Washington st
Riddel, John H. 49 Jamaica st
Ritchie, Jas. 131 Hope st
Ritchie, J. jun. agent for HanselFs
"special " crucible steel castings,
119 St. Vincent street
Robertson & M'Gill, 19, 21 Pitt st
Roberfson, M. W. & Co. Glenpark
St. off Duke st
Robinson, C. W. & Co. 131 West
Regent street
Ross, D. & M Kellar, 57 Hope st
Rossell, Henry, & Co, Wallace
Works, Sheffield
Schoenfeld, A. & Co. 21 Hope st
Sharp, R. Coatbridge
Smith, Henry, 153 Queen st
Smith & Wellstood (American),
11, 13, 15 Dixon st
Solid Nut and Tube Co. Manchester ;
agent, AV. R. Arthur, 60 West
Howard street
Spencer, J. & Sons, Newburn Steel
Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; agt.
W. A. Dobie, 11 Bothwell st
Spencer, John, Phoenix Iron and
Steel Works, Coatbridge
Spencer, Walter, & Co. Rotherham;
J. Mack Wilson, agent, Royal
Exchange bdgs.
Springfield Steel Co. manuf rs of
all kinds of steel and malleable
castings for land and marine
purposes, 777 London rd
Springfield Steel Co. (steel and
malleable cast founders), 777
London road
Staffordshire Steel & Ingot Iron
Co. Ltd. Bilston; J. Mack
Wilson, agent. Royal Ex. bdgs.
Stanners Closes Steel Co., sole
makers of steel castings from
Attwood's patent steel, original
makers of steel colliery wheels,
shovels, &c., Walsingham, near
Darlington ; J. Bayne, agent,
21 Grafton st
Steel Company of Scotland (Ltd.)
150 Hope street
Steel Nut & Tube Co. Manchester;
agent, W. R. Arthur, 60 West
Howard st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28, 30, 32
Oswald street
Stewart & Luckie, 84 Eglinton st
Stewart, Thos. & Co. 77 Hvdepark
Stones & Campbell, Helen st. Gov.
Strathearn, G. & Co. 113 Water-
loo street
Tennant, A. 53 Waterloo st
The Doarne & Dove Steel Casting
Co. Lid. Barnsley ; sole repre-
sentative for Scotland, James
Stewart, jun. 34 St. Enoch sq.
Todd, Jno. & Co. 62 Robertson st
Tudhope Bros. 62 W. Howard st
Turner, G. 81 St. George's place
Vickers, Son, & Co. (Limited),
Sheffield; C. Dunderdale, sole
agent, 119 St. Vincent st
Walker, Jas. & Co. 112 Warroch
Walker, T. W. & J. 12 Renfield st
Watt, C. 43 Bothwell st
Waverley Iron and Steel Co. Coat-
Willis, W. C. & Co. 91 Buchanan st
Wilson & Co. 104 W. George st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 153 Can-
ning st. Bridgeton cross. — See
Advt. in App.
Wotherspoon, D. & Co. 16 E.
Howard st
Wylie, Wm. & Co. (Limd.), Pol-
madie road
Brown, John (agent for Thomas
Mockett & Co.), 29a St. Vine, pi
Cameron & Ferguson, 88 W.Nile st
Cameron, Scott, & Co. 83 Dunlop
Collins, Wm. Sons, & Co. (Lim.)
139 to 153 Stirling rd
Macniven & Cameron, 33 Blair st.
Edinburgh — See Advt. in App)en.
Marr, J. S. & Sons, 51 Dundas
Atkinson, R. 30 Charlotte st
Boardman, J. 55 Charlotte lane.;
— See Advt. in App.
Brown, Jas. & Son, 26 Green st.
Campbell, Jno. S. 55 Charlotte la i
Carrick, James G. & Co. Calder-
wood st. Parliamentary road. —
See Ad, in App.
Fleming, David, brass and zinc
stencils, solid ink, blushes, &c.
69 Renfield st
Gorman, Robert, 13 Argyle street
Hamilton, Arch. 34 Ann st. city, —
See Advertisement in Trades
Hamilton, Wm. 34 Ann St. city
M'Glashan, John, & Co. Albany
Works, Catherine lane, 100
Stirling road
M'Gregor, Alex, brass and zinc
stencils, ink, and brushes, 401
John St. — See Advt. in App.
M'Haffie & Co. Margaret st. off
High John st
M'Laren & Meikle, 25 Gordon st.
— See Advt, in App.
Robertson, Wm. 62 Argyle st
Thomson, A. C. 113 Union st
Thomson, Jas. 79 George st. city.
—See Advt.
Aird & Coghill, 263 Argyle st
Anderson, R. 22 Ann st. city
Bell & Bain, 41 Mitchell st
Berry, Jas. H. 30 Hope st
Blackie, W. G. & Co. 17 Stanhope
St.; works, 50 St. James' rd
Collins, W. Sons, & Co. (Lim.) 79
St. James' rd
Duff & Wright, 16 Claythorn st
Dunn & Wright(now C.L. Wright),
100, 102 West George st. and
102 Stirling rd
Erskine, Jas. C. 140 Hope st
Fleming, David B. 148 Trongate
Macdougall, A. 7 Mitchell lane
Mackenzie, Wm. 43 Howard st
MacLehose, R. 153 W. Nile st
Munro, William, 80 Gordon st
Nisbet, Hay, 25 Jamaica st
Thomson, A. C. 113 Union st
Wilson, D. 136 George street
Wright, C. L.(late Dunn &Wriglit),
100, 102 West George st. and
100, 106 Stirling rd
Addison, R. 21 Claremont st
Black, John, 8 N. Coburg st
Brown, Gavin, 343 Paisley road
Campbell & Eadie, 316 Paisley rd
Cooke, Wm. 97 Jane pi. Govan rd
Craig, Alex. & Son, Queen's dock,
off Finnieston st
Davidson, Thos. 49 Ardgowan st
Dillon, A, 196 Watt st

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