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Baird, Arch. & Son, 67 Robertson
st. and 46 Robertson lane
Donald, John, & Son, 4.2 Cadogan
Llewellins Machine Co. Bristol
Mills, George, 40 Union street
Paterson,Robb, & Co. 183 EiUher-
glen rd
Poltfr, Robert (malleable iron),
179 Great Hamilton st
Pulsometer Engineering Co. Ltd.
" Siren" and fog-signal makers,
74 Broomielaw
Steven & Strutbers, 32 Elliot st
Thomson, R. B. 59 Osborne st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 151, 153
Canning st. Bridgeton Cross. —
See Advt. in Ap.
Acme Steel Foundry Co.; works,
Garngad road ; Coal Exchange
Buildings, 11 W. Regent st
Allen, Edgar, & Go. Sheffield ; C.
R. Stewart, sole agnt., 57 Robert-
eon st
Andrew, J. H. & Co. Toledo Steel
Works, Sheffield, makers of the
" Toledo " carriage, van, and
lorry springs and axles ; James
Stewart, jun. representative for
Scotland, 34 St. Enoch sq
Ashforth, Jos. & Co. Bruce Steel
Works, Sheffield. — See Adv. in
Askhana Bro?. & Wilson, Sheffield,
agent, Edwin Mealing, 95 Ba\h
Baird, A. & Son 67 Robertson st
Baird's Crucible Steel Co. Clyde
Steel Works, 4S Washington st
Beardmore, I. & W. Parkhead
ship and boiler plates, bars,
forgings, and rivets
Beardshaw, J. & Son, Sheffield;
agent, T. Laurie, 183 West
George st
Beckett, A. & Sons; agent, J.
Rhodes, 46 Washington st
Bell, C. agent, 29 Waterloo st
Bennie, D. & Sons, 98 Dunlopst
Binney & Son, 50 W. Howard st
Bogle, G, & Co. 137 W. Regent st
Britannia Engineering Works Co.
Kilmarnock, makers of tank
locomotives, Cornish and Lan-
cashire boilers, iron and steel
waggons, &c. ; London address,
Dick, Kerr, & Co. 101 Leaden-
hall St. ; 196 St. Vincent street,
Brown, Hugh, & Co. 213 Argyle st
Brown, James L. & Co. 69 Mor-
rison street
Brown, John, & Co. (Lim.), Atlas
Steel Works ; Sheffield, Bessemer,
Siemens, and crucible steel for
shipbuilding, boilermakiog, &c.
and every descripl^ion of casting
and forging ; sole agent, James
Ritchie, 131 Hope street
Burks, H. 48 Old Dumbarton rd
Bm-ley, B. B. 9 Watson st. off
Cammell, Chas. & Co. (Limited),
Sheffield, manufacturers of ship
and boiler plates, rails, forgings,
&c. ; sole agent for Scotland,
W. Lester, 1 1 W. Regent street
Carntyne L-on Co., tuba strips,
boiler and ship plates, sheets,
&c. ; Carntyne Rolling Mills,
Christie Bros. 188 St. Vincent st
Clark, Wm. & Co. 45 Hope st
Coats Iron and Steel Co. Coat-
Cocker Bros. (Lmtd.), Sheffield;
agent, Peter Smith, 58 Renfield
Colville, David, & Sons, Dalzell
Steel and IronWks. Motherwell,
iron manufacturers, mild steel
by Siemens' process for boilers,
ships, bridges, &c.
Colville, John, Motherwell
Cooke, Wm. & Co. (Lmtd.), 12
Renfield st
Cooke, Wm. & Co. 12 Renfield st
Cook, Wm. & Sons, Sheffield, and
24: Elliot st, Cranstonhill
Cowan, John, 7 Commerce tt
Crossley, Wra. 153 Queen st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Ro-
bertson st.
Dickson & Mann, Bathville Cru-
cible Cast Steel Works, Arma-
dale Station, Linlithgowshire
Donald, John, & Son, 42 Cadogan
Donald, T. Allan, 25 Wellington st
Dorman, Long, & Co. ; H. Echalaz,
& Co. 11 Bothwell st
Dunderdale, C. 119 St. Vincent st
Diinlop, C. D. 146 W. Regent st
Dun'.op, E. D. 68 St. Vincent st
Ebbw Vale Steel, Iron, and Coal
Co. (Lmtd.), Monmouthshire;
G. Bell, agent, 29 Waterloo st
Echalaz & Co. 11 Bothwell st
Fergus, Jas. & Go. 58 York st
Fisher, Geo. & Co. Sheffield ; Geo.
Mylne, agent, 128 Woodlands rd
Flookton, Tompkin,& Co. Newhall
Steel Wks. Atterchffe, Sheffield
Galbraithj S. 37 Charles st
Garside, Wm. 77^ Main st. Anders
Gilmour Bros. 183 W. George st
Glasgow Iron & Brass Wire Co. 9
York bdgs. York st
Hadfields' Steel Foundry Co. Shef-
field. Steel castings of every
description and highest quality,
for locomotives (such as wheel
centres, axle-boxes, horn-blocks.
motion plates, roof bars), for
dredgers (backs, links, pins, &c.),
for tramways (wheels, points,
crossings), for hydraulic work
(cylinders up to 20 feet long,
rams, glands, &c.), for ship-
building (propeller blades and
general marine castings), glar-
ing (machine moulded, straight
faced or helical teeth), general
engineers' and other castings
of every description. Gold
Medals — Paris, Melbourne, Mad-
rid, &c. ; .J. Banks, Blantyre, ag^.
Hall, G. & J. Sheffield ; agent G.
Buchanan, 19 Wellington st
Hansen & Co. Sheffield; J. Ritchie,
jun. agent, 119 St. Vincent st
Henderson, C. & Co. 9 York bdgs.
York st
Henderson, Robt. (steel and malle-
able castfounder), 777 London rd
HetheringtoD, J. B. & Co. 18
Centre street
Hetherington, R. & Son, 138 Corn-
wall street
Hill & Smith, steel :forgings, -Steel
wire, &c., Brierly Hill Iron
Works, Staffordshire, and 73
Elmbank st
Huntsman. B. Attercliffii, Sheffield ;
agents, Geo. Strathearn & Co.
113 Waterloo street
Jacks, Wm. 7 Royal Bank pi
Jamieson, And. railway carriage
and waggon builder, Stonefield
Engine Wks. Blantyre. — See
Jardine, Wm. Coatbridge
Jenkins, James, 33 Renfield st
Johnstone & Morrison, 28 Ex-
change square
Jowitt, T. & Son, Sheffield.— ^ee
Advertisement in Appendix
Kelly, John, 261 W. George st
Kerr, Stuart & Co. 15, 17 Royal
Exchange square
Kid^ton, A. G. & Co. 81 Great
Clyde street
Kirk Bros, agents, J. R, Wa'son,
& Co. 124 St. Vincent st
Kirkaldy, W. 16 Derby street
Kirsop, A. B. & Co. 53 M'Alpine st
Laing, R, G. hoops, bars, &c. 29
Waterloo st
Law, H. B. Sheffield
Leeds Forge Co. Ltd. 30 Bu-
chanan st
Lester, Wm. 11 W. Regent st
Lindsay, Thos. 8 East Clyde st
Lloyd, F. H. & Co. James Bridge
Steel Works, near Wedntsbury,
castings of all descriptions ; sole
agents, Blackley, Young, & Co.
103 Holm street
Macecharn, J. J. 122 Wellington st
M'Geoch, Wm.& Co. 108 Argyle st
M'Lean, A. & Co. 155 Canning

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