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Newry Steamers, 69 Buchanan st
New York, 65 Great Clyde st
New York, 47 Union st
New York, Havannah, & Mexican,
28 Royal Exchange square
New York, Inman S. S. Co. Ltd.
40 St. Enoch sq
New York Roj'al JIail, 30 Jama, st
New York Steamship Office, 70
Great Clj'de st
New Zealand P. & 0. Steamers, 51
St. Vincent street
New Zealand Packet Office, 178
New Zealand Packet Office, 15 St.
Vincent place
New Zealand, 62 Buchanan st
New Zealand, 6 Dixon st
North British Shipping Co. 101
St. Vincent st
. Nprth British Shipping Co. and
(George Gordon & Co. 101 St.
, Vincent st
North and South American Steam
(Navigation Co.; T. Meadows &
Co. agents, 28 Royal Excb. sq
Nova Scotia, 70 Great Clyde st
Nova Scotia, 47 Union st
Oban, 119 Hope st
Ocean Steamship Company, Liver-
pool ; Colin Wm. Scott, agent,
30 Buchanan st
Odessa, 65 Great Clyde st
OJiessa, 5 4 George square
Oborto, 62 Broomielaw
OTporto, 47 Union st
Oporto & Glasgow via Lsith, G9
St. George's place
Oran Steam Packet Co. J. & P.
Hutchison, 62 Broomielaw
Oran Steam Packet Office, 54
George square
Orient Line iStc-amsliip Co. (Lim.),
London & Austvaiia ; D. S.
Mitchell, agt. 178 Broomielaw
Orient Line Steamship Go. (Ld.),
62 Buchanan st
Orient Line Steamship Co. (Ld.),
19 Waterloo st
Orme, Martin, 20 Robertson st
Pacific(The) Steam Navigation Co.
22 Royal Exchange sq
Palermo, 47 Union st
Palermo, 30 Jamaica st
Palermo, 54 George sq
Palermo to Clyde, H. L. Seligmann
& Son, 27 St. Vincent pi
Paris, 62 Broomielaw
Paris and Glasgow via Leith and
Dunkirk, 69 St. George's pi
Patras Steam Packets, 30 Jamaica
Peninsular & Mediterranean, 54
George square
Peninsular & Mediterranean, 47
Union st
Peninsular and Oriental Line of
Steamers to India, China, Japan,
and Australia, 51 St. Vincent st
Peninsular Steam Packet Co. J. &
P. Hutchison, 62 Broomielaw
Philadelphia, 70 Great Clyde st
Pillau, 40 St. Enoch sq
Pleasure Steam Yachting Co. 133
West George street
Plymouth Steamers Office, 21
Carlton place
Port-Elizabeth, 40 St. Enoch
Portland (U.S.) 70 Gt. Clyde st
Port Natal, 97 West George st
Port Natal, 40 St. Enoch sq
Portree, Fort-Ellen, and Portas-
kaig, 119 Hope street
Portrush, 52 Robertson st
Portrush and Milford Steamers ;
agents, John Milligan & Co. 17
Oswald st
Port Said, 47 Union st
Port Said and Suez Canal, 125
Buchanan st
Portugal, 47 Union st
Quilimane, E. Africa, 40 St. Enoch
Quebec and Slontreal, 70 Great
Clyde st
Quebec & Montreal, 165 St. Vin-
cent street
Queensland Emigration, 62 Bu-
chanan street
Queensland Government Agency,
123 Hope street
Queensland Government Emigra-
tion Agency, 12 Renfield st
Queensland and New Zealand, 123
Hope st
Kamsay (Isle of Man) and Glasgow
Royal Mail Steamers ; Henry
Lamont, 93 Hope st
Rangoon Line of Steam Packets,
15 St. Vincent place
Rio De Janeiro S.P. Office, 70 Gt.
Clyde street
Riga & Glasgow via Leith, 69 St.
George's place
River Line of Sailing Ships, James
Cornfoot & Co. 12 York st
River Plate, 70 Gt. Clyde street
River Plate, 29 Waterloo st
Robertson, Wm. 88 Gt. Clyde st
Rothesay, 119 Hope street
Rotterdam, 51 St. Vincent street
Rotterdam, 62 Broomielaw
Rotterdam, 178 Buchanan st
Rotterdam, 130 W. Nile street
Rotterdam Steamship Co. 69 St.
George's place
Rouen Steam Packet Office, 62
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.
62 Robertson st
Royal Mail Steam Packet Office,
47 Union street
St. Helena, 40 St. Enoch square
St. John's, N.B. 47 Union st
St. John's, N. B. 70 Gt. Clyde st
St. John's, N.F. 70 Gt. Clyde st
St. Kitts, 175 W. George st
St. Nazaire, 62 Broomielaw
St. Petersburg and Glasgow via
Leith, 69 St. George's place
Sardinia, 47 Union street
Santander, 54 George sq
Santander, 65 Great Clyde st
" Santos," 70 Great Clyde street
Scotia Shipping Co. (Limited); A.
C. Gow & Co. 19 Waterloo st
Seville and Glasgow via Leiih, 69
St. George's pi
Seville S. P. Office, Maolaren.Crum,
& Co. 65 Great Clyde st
Seville S. P. Office, 54 George sq
Seville Steam Packet Office; J. &
P. Hutchison, 62 Broomielaw
Shipowners and Merchants Tug-
boat Co. San Francisco ; James
Dawson, agent, 12 York st
" Shire " Line to Australia, New
Zealand, and Fiji Islands; Thos.
Law & Co. 123 Hope st
Sicily to Clyde, 27 St. Vincent pi.
Skye, 119 Hope st
Sligo, 52 Robertson st
Smyrna, 47 Union st
Smyrna, 30 Jamaica street
South African line of Steamers,
109 Hope st
South American Booking Office,
62 Buchanan st
South Australian Emigration and
Passenger Office, 62 Buchanan st
Southampton Steamers Office, 21
Carlton place
Spain, 47 Union st
Spain, H. L. Seligmann & Son,
27 St. Vincent place
Spanish, Portuguese, and Mediter-
ranean S. P. Office, Maclaren,
Cram, & Co. 65 Gt. Clyde st
Spanish, Portuguese, and Mediter-
ranean S. P. Office, 29 Water-
loo street
Spanish Steamers ; Henry Lamont
& Co. 93 Hope street
State Steamship Co. Limited, 65
Great Clyde st
State Steamship Co. (Ltd.), Book-
ing Office, 62 Buchanan st
Steam Packet Office, 30 Jamaica st
Steamship Elsa Co. Ltd. 28 Ren-
field st
Steamship Office for Brazil and
the River Plate, 70 G. Clyde st
Steamship Office for Canada and
the United States, 70 Great
Clyde street
Steamship Office for Canada and
United States, 65 Gt. Clyde st
Steamship Office for Canada and
United States, 7 Royal Bank pi
Steamship Packet Office for Val-
paraiso, 70 Great Clyde st
Stettin, 40 St. Enoch square
Stockholm (Russell & Pinkerton),
135 Buchanan st
Stockholm and Glasgow, via
Grangemouth, 69 St. George's p
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