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M'Symon & Potter, 26 Clyde pi
M'Vinnie, R. the trustees of the
late, 69, 71 Finnieston st
Mitchell, J. Dunlop,& Co. all kinds
of glass, china, and earthenware
goods for wine and spirit mer-
chants, also for ships', hotels',
restaurants', etc. etc. purposes,
136 Ingram street, and at Old
Trinity House, Water lane,
London, E.G.
Murray, James, 8 Brown street
Newlands, A. D. & Co. 33 Robert-
son street
PatersoD, Geo. & Co. 16 Springfi. la
Rbind, George, 109 "Hope street
Rohb, Moore, & Co. 70 to 74
Rosenvinge & Christenson, 118
Ship Chandlery and Sailwork Co.
18 Finnieston lane
Sinclair & Ell wood, Liverpool ;
agents, 5 Dixon st
Steven, John, 7 West hreast,
Stevenson, Jas. 139 Dumbarton rd
Wi'^on & Goodwin, North quay,
Wilson, Wm. & Alex, (shipbuilders'
furnishers), 151, 153 Canning
street, Bridgeton cross. — ^ee
Advt. in Appen.
Wylie & Lochhead, ship furnishers,
45 Buchanan st
Aim, W. L. & Co. oils, paints,
varnishes, &c. 91 W. Campbell
street and Bothwell lane
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. 38
M 'Alpine st. and Ruchill wharf,
Alexander & Howell, 108 St. Vin-
cent st
Balfour, Robert, cabinetmaker and
upholsterer, 9, 11 Wellington st.
off Argyle st.; works, Beith
;Bell &Co. 11, 13 St. Vincent pi
Blair, George, 38 Queen st
Brown, James L. & Co. 69 Mor-
rison st
iBrownlee, Alex. & Co. 33 and 34
Anderston quay and 110 War-
rocli st
Caulfield & Co. glass, china and
earthenware, with badge or
name, 4 Broomielaw
Christie Brothers, 188 St. Vin. st
Crystal Palace, glass, china, or
earthenware, with ship's name,
flag, or monogram, 21 Jamaica
1' iDove, James & Thomas A. ballast
hampers, plate baskets, mats
and matting, and brushes of all
kinds, buckets, water barrels, &c.
&c. 14, 15, 16, and 23 St.
Andrew's square
Dove, John, manufacturer of plate
baskets, lined and uulined, bal-
last hampers, in cane and willow
for ships' use, &c.; also travel-
lers' cases, &c.; 31 St. Andrew's
St.; workshop, 35 St. Andrew's st.
— See Advt. in App.
Grant. John, 24, 26 Union st
Hardie, Alex. & Co. 4 York st
Harris, P. & E. 17 West st. s.s.
Hendry Brothers, 79, 80 Gt. Clyde
Hunter & Collie, 19 Waterloo st.;
works, Porterfield, Renfrew
M'Gregor, D. & Co. 37, 38 Clyde
pi. Glasgow, also at Greenock,
Liverpool, and London
M'Haffie & Co. oil tanks, &c.,
Margaret st. High John st
M'Vinnie, Robert (the Trustees of
the late), 71 Finnieston st
Menzies, D. P. 106 Elliot st
Miller, James, & Co. 1 Robertson
Mitchell, J. Dunlop, & Co., all
kinds of glass,china, and earthen-
ware goods for wine and spirit
merch'ts, also for ships', hotels',
restaurants', etc. etc. purposes,
136 Ingi-am street, and at Old
Trinity House, Water lane, Lon-
don, E.G.
Muir, Jas. & Son (upholstery, car-
pets, and floorcloths), 5 Bothwell
circus, Bothwell st — See Advt.
Munro, Donald, 13, 15 Robertson
Nairn, Michael, & Co. 113 Centre
street, s.s.
Phillips, John, & Co. 17 Anderston
quay and 113 Hydepark street
Primrose, Thos. & Son, 52 and 28
York st
Robb, Moore, & Co. 70 to 74
Rutherfurd Bros, linens and sail-
cloth, 150 Ingram street and 6
John street
Sinclair & Ellwood, Liverpool;
agents, Jas. Porteous & Son, 5
Dixon street
Spiers, Alex.D. patent ship-cleaning
appliances, 14 Royal Exchange
bdgs.; stores, 8 Drury street
Smith, F. & J. Gordon street and
Union street ; works, Kent rd
Stevenson, Jas. 139 Dumbarton
Stewart, A. M'P. 48 Oswald st
Stirling, Robert M. cabinet and
upholstery work, carpets and
bedding, 89 Renfield st. and 56
Bath street ; works, Sauchiehall
Storer, James, & Co. oils, paints,
varnishes, &c. 48 French street,
Tudhope Bro?. 62 W. Howard st
Wallace, John, 43 Robertson st
Walton, John, 36 Charlotte lane,
and 71 Lanark st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 151 and 153
Canning st. Bridgeton cross. —
See Advt. in App.
Wotherspoon, James, & Sons, as-
bestos goods, 149 Hope st
Wylie & Lochhead (Limited), 45
Buchanan street
Adelaide, S.A. Shipping Office, 80
Buchanan st
Aden & Glasgow, 47 Union st
Adria Hungarian Sea Navigation
Co. (Ltd.), 54 George square
Adriatic, 47 Union st
Adriatic S. P. office, 54 George sq
Adriatic Steam Packet Office ;
Robt. Mackill & Co. 29 Water-
loo street
Alexandretta, 47 Union st
Alexandria, 47 Union st
Algiers, 47 Union st
Algiers Steam Packet Office, 62
Algoa Bay, 40 St. Enoch square
Algoa Bay, Clan Line, 109 Hope
Allan Line Steam Packet Office,
70 Great Clyde st
Almsria, 47 L^nion street
Almeria Steam Packet Office, 65
Great Clyde street; Maclaren,
Crum, & Co.
Almeria Steam Packet Office, 54
George square
American Line, 62 Buchanan st
American Line U.S. Mail Stmers.
Liverpool to Philadelphia; D.
S.Mitchell, agt. 178 Broomielaw
American Mail Steam Packet, 47
Union street
American Mail Steam Ships, 47
Union st
American Royal Mail, 30 Jamaica
American Steam Packet, 70 Great
Clyde st
American Steamship Office, 65 Gt.
Clyde st
Amsterdam and Glasgow, 69 St.
George's place
Amsterdam & Glasgow, 130 West
Nile street
Anchor Line of Oriental Steam
Packet ships, 47 Union st
Anchor Line of Transatlantic,
Peninsular, Mediterranean, and
Indian Steam Packet Ships, 47
Union street
Ancona, 30 Jamaica street
Ancona, 54 George square
Ancona, 47 Union st
Antigua, St. Kitt's, and St. Croix
Steam Packet Office, 175 West
George st
Antigua, St. Kitt's, and St. Croix
S. P. Office, 54 George sq

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