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Portland Bolt and Rivet Co. (Ld.)
Birraingbam ; agent, Thomas
Hannay, 95 Bath street
Provan, David, & Co. 30 North
Woodside road
Provan, David, jr. 68 Bishop st
Reid, John, 31 King st. Tradeston
Robb, G. S. & Co. copper, 115
Waterloo st
Rollason & Slater, 66 Queen st
Rose, Jas. & Sons, Govan Bolt and
Rivet Works, Helen st. Govan
Schoenfeld, A. & Co. 21 Hope st
Staflfordshire Bolt, Nut, and Fenc-
ing Co. Lim. Darlaston ; agent,
Alex. Young, 47 Waterloo st
Stobcros3 Rivet Works, James
Miller & Co. 204 Stobcross st
Stone, J. & Co. copper, Deptford,
London; agent, Chas. R. Stewart,
57 Robertson street
The Bolt and Rivet Co. Limited,
Gateshead-on-Tyne; agent, Jas.
Mitchell, 45 Union street
Victoria Bolt and Rivet Works, 37
Elliot St. Anderston. — See Ad.
Wilson & Baird, 80 Mains st. and
97 West Campbell st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 151, 153
Bridge ton cross. — See Ad. inAp.
Ziegler, John H. Clyde Rivet
Works, Dundas st. Kingston
Anderston Foundry Co. (Limited),
100 Cheapside street
Baird, Arclid. & Son, 67 Robert-
son st. and 46 Robertson lane
Bennett, Hy. & Co. 45 Bothwell
Britannia Engineering Works Co.
tank locomotives, iron and steel
waggons, &c.; London address,
Dick, Kerr, & Co. 101 Leaden-
hall St. E.G.; Glasgow address,
196 St. Vincent street; D. G.
Hoey, agent
Butters Bros. 93 Hope street
Cowan, John, 7 Commerce st. s.s.
Fowler, John, & Co. Leeds ; agents,
Blackwood & Lamb, 101 St.
Vincent street
Kerr, Stuart, & Co. 15, 17 Royal
Exchange sq
Laing, K. G. railway waggons,
rails, tyres, springs, &c. 29
Waterloo st
Lester, Wm. 11 W. Regent street
Nelson, And. S. & Co. 18a Renfield
st. and at SutfolkHouse, Lawrence
Pountney Hill, London, E.C.
Riddel, John H. 49 Jamaica street
Ritchie, James, 131 Hope st
Schoenfeld, A. & Co. 21 Hope st
Anderson, D. & Son (Lim.) Belfast,
wood and felt, 118 Broomielaw
—See Advt.
Arrol Brothers, Gerraiston Iron
Works, Springburn
Brab}', F. & Co. (Limited), 335
Argyle street, 86 York st. and
Petershill road
Clyde Felt and Composition Co.
2 and 3 Darnley st. PoUokshields
Croggon & Co. Liverpool and
London ; manager, H. Mogg, 12
Eoyal ter
Drummond's unrivalled and ex-
celsior systems of roof glazing,
wood or metal, without putty ;
sole agents, Drummond &
Lindsay, 35 Montrose street
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
Graves' Patent Roofing Co. 227
Main st. s.s.
Helliwell's Patent Glass Roofing,
T. W. Helliwell, London, and
Brighouse, Yorkshire ; Christie
Bros, agents, 188 St. Vincent st
Helliwell's Patent Zinc Roofing,
T. W. Helliwell, London, and
Brighouse, Yorkshire; Chriatie
Bros. 188 St. Vincent st
Hill & Smith, 73 Elmbank st
Homan & Rogers, London, Man-
chester, and Belgium (iron and
fireproof) ; Christie Bros. 188
St. Vincent st
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine (Limited),
Barrowfield Iron Works, Ford-
neuk st. Mile-end
M'llwraith, Jas. & Co. office, 92
W. Regent st. ; works Kinning
park, and Broomloan Govan
M'Millan, James, iron, 57 Scott
street, Vulcan Iron Works,
M'Tear & Co. Limited Belfast,
circular wood felted roofs ; R. G.
Laing, agent, 29 Waterloo btreet
Main, A. & J. & Co. Clydesdale
Iron Work', Pussilpark ; to^vn
office, 54 Gordon street
Morewood & Co. Birmingham, iron
and steel of all descriptions ;
agent, Jas. Ritchie, 131 Hope st
Neilson, James, & Son, 824 Gallow-
Pennycook, The, Patent Glazing
and Engineering Co. (Limited)
11 W. Regent street
Rendle, W. Edgecumbe, & Co. 45
Bothwell st
Smith, G. B. & Co. 61 W. Regent
Smith & M'Lean, Mavisbank
Somerville & Morrison, 205 Bu-
chanan street ; Clyde Factory,
Eastfield, Rutherglen
The Gas Residual Products Co.
Limited (asphalte), 166 St.
Vincent street
Young, J. Arthur, & Co. London,
galvanized iron ; agf s. Christie
Bros. 188 St. Vincent st
Alexander, Logans, & Co. 78
Miller street
Anderston Ropsworks, 2 13 S i obc.st
Asylum for the Blind, 106 Castle st
Barnet, Hvv & Co. 4 National
Bank buildings, 47 Queen street
Barton, William, & Co. 55 Clyde
pi.; work?, Scotland st. s.s.
Bayne, Robfc. 5 Montrose st
Black, John, & Co. 204 Elliot sfc
Black, Renton,& Co. 204 Elliot st
Blackshaw, T. 103 Main st. Bridge
Blair, A. agent, 163 W. George st
Briggs, Thomas, 187 E. George st.
and 42 Montrose st
Brown, And. 52 Bellfield st
Brown, David (manufacturer of
rope and twine makers' utensils),
21 John street lane, Bridgetou
Brown, P. & Co. 21 Nuneaton st
Clark, Robt. Albert Rope Works,
Fraser st
Coates, Pullar, & Co. 40 Union st
Cousar, John, &Co. 63 Waterloo st
Craven & Speeding Bros. Sunder-
land ; agents, W. G. Morrison
& Co. 75 West Nile street
Dalrj'mple, Wm. G. 20 Stirling rd
Dalziel, J. P. 49 Dunlop st
Dennistoun Ropework, Patoa st.
off Duke street; office, 56
Broomielaw, and 3 and 5 Oswald
Dickie & Inglis, 58 and 60 Ren-
frew street
Douglas, Rob. & Son, Plantation
Sail Works, Eaglesham st. s.s.
Dowie, G. & Son, 72 W. Howard st
Dumbarton Ropework Co. 108 and
114 Broomielaw
Edinburgh Roperie and Sailcloth
Co. 56 Broomielaw, and 3 and
5 Oswald st
Fleming, J. W. & Co. 109 Ingram
Forrest, Thos. & Co. 6 Wilson st
Gait, D. & Son, 19 Anderston
Glasgow Rope Works, Shettleston ;
office and warehouse, 58 West
Howard st. ; Archd. Thomson
Gourlay, P. 20 West street, s.s.
Gourock Ropework Co. 11 West st
Haggle Brothers, 134 St. Vincent
Haggle, D. H. & G. 157 West
George street
Haggle, R. Hood, & Son, Newcastle
(hemp and wire), agent, James
Mitchell, 45 Union st
Hanson, Scott & Co. Stockport, 12
Princes square
Hain, James, & Co. Hamiltonliill,
Possil road
Hedderwiok, John, & Co. 16, 18
Stirling st. city

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