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&c., special advantages for large
orders, specimen volumes shown
(testimonials, references, and
recommendations from authors,
editors, and the press). Esti-
mates sent on receipt of particu-
lars. Printing and publishing
offices and works, 128 Renfield
MacLehose, Jas. & Sons, 61 St.
Vincent street. — See Advert in
M'Queen, J. & W. 12 Renfield st
Main, David M. 18 Exchange sq
Malcolm, Alex. 36 Ann st. citj'
Marr, John S. & Sons, 51 Dundas
Menzies, D. H. 154 W. Regent st
Menzies, J. & Co. 21 Drury st
Miller, John, 116 Renfield street
Miller, John, Renfrewshire Inde-
pendent office, Main st. Barrhead
MorisoD, John, 11 Burnbank gar.
Morrison, Thos. D. 225 Ingram st
Murray, T. & Co. 18 Renfield st
Murray, T. & Son, 31 Buchanan st
Nisbet & Hamilton, 184 Paisley rd
Nisbet, Hay, & Co. 25 Jamaica st
Orr, F. & Sods, 131 Renfield st
Outram, Geo. & Co. Herald Office,
69 Buchanan st
Porteous Bros. 43 Renfield st
Porteous, Wm. & Co. 15 Royal
Exchange place
Rae, John J. 127 Stockwell st
Ramsay, John, 43 King street,
Rankin, Wm. 146 Renfield sfc
Sample, Jas. 7 Stirling road
Seymour, Wm. H. publisher of the
Mercantile Age and Textile
Times, 53 Waterloo st
Sharp, A. F. & Co. 14 Royal
Exchange square
Smeal, Robert, 3 Myrtle Park,
Smellie, R. & Co. fine art, 45
Montrose st
Strathearn & Freeman, 145 West
Nile street
Stuart, B. & Co. 101 St. Vinct. st
The Publishing Office, Wm. Kyle,
manager, 180 Buchanan st
Thomson, John, 107 North street
Tweed, John, 16 So. Portland st
Virtue, J. S. & Co. Ld. 58 Bath st
Walker, M. & Son (nautical works)
44, 45 Clyde pi. Glasgow, and
32 Catbcart st. Greenock
Watt, John, & Co. (fine art), 4
Bath street
Watson, Geo. 162, 164 Ingram st
White & Co. (nautical), 144
I White, E. & E. Silva, fine art, 104
I West George st
Wilson, David, 136 George st
Wilson & M'Cormick, 73 St. Vin-
cent st. — See Advt. in App.
Wright, C. L. (late Dunn &
Wright), 100, 102 W. George
St. and 100, 106 Stirling rd
Baird, Arch. & Son, 67 Robertson
st. and 46 Robertson lane
Bennett, H. & Co. patent exhaust
steam injectors and water lifters,
45 Bothwell street
Bennie, John, Star Engine Works,
149 to 155 Moncur st
Bogle, Gilbert, & Co. 137 West
Regent st
Bon-Accord Engine Works, centri-
fugal, &c. 183 Fordneuk street
Bowman, John, & Co. 19 Nichol-
son street
Boyle, R. & Son, 110 Bothwell st.
and 64 Holborn Viaduct, Lon-
don. — See Ad
Butters Brothers, 93 Hope street
Cameron, D. & Co. 80 and 88
M'Neil street
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. Calderwood
st. Parliamentary rd. — See Ad.
in App.
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Hamilton
street, Polraadie
Chaplin, Alex. & Co. Cranstonhill
Engine Works (steam), 58 to
80 Port street, Anderston
Clarke, Chapman, & Co., Vic-
toria Works, Gateshead-on-Tyne;
Clyde representative, W. A,
Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent street
Clarkson & Beckitt, sole makers
of the " Excelsior " and " New
Excelsior" steam pumps, Mary-
hill Engine Works, Maryhill
Clarkson Brothers, sole makers of
Champion and Excelsior pumps,
City Engine Works, 8, 12 Little
Hamilton st. & 95 High John st
Cochrane, John, centrifugal, Black-
fauld's place, 78 Canning st
Cochrane, John, Graham ston En-
gine Works, Barrhead
Donald, John, & Son, centrifugal
pump makers, 42 Cadogan st
Drysdale & Co. (centrifugal, &c.),
Fordneuk st. ofi" London road
Dunlop, Wm. 134 St. Vincent st
Evans, Joseph, & Sons, Culwell
Works, Wolverhampton ; repre-
senlative, W. B. Bain, 57 Hope
Friedmann's Patent Bilge Pumps,
agents, Hendry Bros. 79 and 80
Gt. Clyde st
Fowler, John, & Co. Leeds, under-
ground for mining purposes, &c.;
agents, Blackwood & Lamb, 101
St. Vincent st
Gwynne, John & Henry ; agents,
Morris, Warden, & Co. 21 West
Nile st
Henderson, John & Son, 15 Great
Wellington st
Jessop, Joseph, & Son, Leicester,
hydraulic pressure lift and force
pumps, single and double acting
steam pumps and donkey pumps;
agents, Blackwood & Lamb, 101
St. Vincent st
Kesson & Campbell, Carntyne
Engine Works, Parkhead. — See
Llewellins Machine Co. (Limited),
M'Conechy, ,J. & D. B. & Co. 90
West Regent st
M'Glashan, John, & Co. (soda
water, spirit, and beer), Albany
Works, Catherine lane, 100
Stirling rd
MacHaffie & Co. Margaret street,
High John street
Melvin, Thos. St. Rollox Ironworks,
Charles st
Morton, Alex. & Thomson (steam
and water jet pumps), 96 Bu-
chanan street — See Advt.
Mumford, A. J. Colchester, " The
Favourite Donkey" pump; agent,
Alex. Young, 47 Waterloo st
Pulsometer Engineering Co. (Ltd.),
74 Broomielaw
Royle, John J. Manchester; agency,
57 Hope st
Smith, Hugh, & Co. Possil Engine
Works, Possil rd
Smith, Wm. & Son, Argyle Engine
Works, 123 Mansion st
Sterne, L. & Co. (Limited),
Ericsson's new patent caloric
pumping engine. The Crown
Iron Works, North Woodside
Steven & Struthers, rotary, hy-
draulic, and feed pumps, 32
Elliot street. — See Ad. in App
Stone, J & Co. Deptford, London;
sole agent, Charles E. Stewart,
57 Robertson street
Tangye's (Ltd.), 1, 3, 5 Hope st
Thomson, R.B. the Lancaster silent
steam pump, 59 Osborne st
Watson, D. & Co. Hayfield Crane
and Chain Works, 72 Harmony
row, Govan. — See Ad. in Ap
Wilson, W. & A. agents for the
celebrated Rainbow Steam Water
and Liquor Raiser, a steam pump
without any working parts, giv-
ing entire satisfaction; 153
Canning st. Bridgeton cross. —
See Advt. in Ajip
Worthington Pumping Engine Co.
21 West Nile st
Collins, Wm. Sons, & Co. (Ltd.),
139 to 153 Stirling road
Kirkpatrlck, Adam, & Co. 24 Bu-
chanan st.
Marr, John S. &, Sons, 51 Dun-
das st

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