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Wilson, J. jr. 116. N. Frederick st
AVilson, Jas. (ter.) 12 S. Kinning pi
Wilson, John, 76 JoIiD Knox st
Wilson, Peter, 588 Eutlierglen rd
Wright, James, 6 Buriell's lane
Young, Wm. 60 Tobago street
Anderson, Wm. 408 Crown st
Ai'instrong, John, Robert st. Govan
Armstrong, Eobt. Helen st. Govan
Baliantyne, Peter, 16 E. Miller st
Barr, Alex. N. B. Railway, Queen
street Station
Brown & Pettigrew, 12 Renfrew la
CalJer, Wm. Sighthill Ry. Station
Cameron, Duncan, 8 and 10 Ger-
niiston street
Dick & Holmes, 147 Cumberland
st. and South Side Station
Fulton, Jas jun. 31 N. Hanover st
Gibson, Jolm, 1 Eglinton lane, 31
Hanover st. and Queen St. and
Cal. Rail. Station, s.8.
Gibson, John, jun. 1 Eglinton lane
Gibson. Thomas, 314 Garscnbe rd
Graham, W. & A. 316 Buchanan st
Gray, James, 48, 62 New wynd
Harper, Joseph, 240 Paisley road
Harvie, John, Rutherglen
Hay, John, & Son, 17^ Watt street
Jackson, Archd. 24 Eglinton st
Lyburn, J. & Sons, Buchanan st.
station, and 8 and 10 Germiston
M-Alii=ter, And. Sighthill Railway
M'Alister & Calder, SighlhiU Rail-
way Station
M'Anhur, Alex. 13 Duke street
M'Farlaue, Robt. 7 Cubie st
M'latosh, John, 84 Main street,
M'Quiggin, 45,47, 92 Stobcrossst.
and 184 New City road
Meldrura, Robt. 15 IMaitland lane
Mooney, Edwd. 11 Dalmarnock rd
Neilson & Greenlees, 308 Buchanan
Paterson, Andiew, 12 Dover st
Patterson, Arcb. 46 Stevenson st.
Paterson, James, Buchanan Street
Goods Station
Paterson, Wm. 12 Dover st
Paton, John, 65 Gt. Hamilton st
Paton, E. & S. 4 6 Hanover street
Paul & Weir, 29 Scotia st
Keid & Spence, 81 N. Hanover st
Robertson, Andrew, 12 Meadow-
park street
Rjbertson, John Curie, & Co. 24
Oswald st
Sproat, Msses J. & M. 135
Houston st
Strang, John, 32 Annette street,
Thomson, John, 326 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Wallace, John, 194 Hospital st
Whanie, Wm. 48 New st
Whyte, John, 117 Watt st
Wood,John, 20 Jackson St., Bazaar,
and Newbank, London rd
Wotherspoon & Donald, 46 North
Hanover st
Annfield Pottery, 573 Gallowgate
Balfour, A. & Co. 295 Dobbie's lo
Barrowfleld Pottery, M'Arthur st.
of!" Fielden st
Bell, J. & M. P. & Co. (Limited),
Stafford street
Blochairn Sand and Fire-clay Co,
Bodley, Edward F. & Son, Long-
port, Staffordshire ; Christie
Bros, agents, 188 St. Vincent st
Britannia Pottery, 136 Glebe st.
and 98 Kennedy street
Brown, Jds. flower-pot and brown
earthenware, Mountblue street,
off Yate st. Camlachie
Caledonian Pottery, Rutherglen
Campbelltield Pottery Co. (Lim.),
Rochester st. and Sptingburn
Christie Bros. 188 St. Vincent st
Cochran, R. & Co. 136 Glebe st
Cochran, R. & Co. Verreville, 149
Finnieston street
Craig, J. & M. fine white sanitary
plumbers' ware ; agent. Ales.
Murray, 98 Commerce st
Davidson, Thos. jun. & Co. 33, 41
Garngad hill
Eagle Pottery, 60 Boden st
Glasgow Pottery, Stafford street,
Canal bank
Grosvenor, F. Eagle Pottery, 60
Boden st. London road
Hillhead Pottery, Kilmarnock ;
Glasgow office, 98 Commerce st
Kennedy, Henry, Barrowfleld Pot-
tery, Avenue st. off London rd
Lockhart, David, & Co. Victoria
Pottery, Pollokshaws
Longpark Pottery, Kilmarnock,
makers of sanitary and plum-
bers' ware ; Glasgow office, 98
Commerce st,; Alex. Murray,
Miller, James, Port-Dundas Pot-
tery Co. Bishop st. Pt.-Dundas
Murray & Co. (Rockingham tea-
pots, whiteware jam pots, stone-
ware do , special rates fcr truck
loads), Caledonian Pottery,
Mur. ay & Stewart, 98 Commerce
NorthBriiiah Pottery,295 Dobbie's
Purt-Dundas Pottery Company,
stoneware, 66 Bishop St. Port-
Saracen Pottery Co. Denmark st.
Taylor, Thos. Campbellfleld Pot-
tery, Springburn
The British Anchor Pottery Co.
Ltd.; .agents, 53 Waterloo st
Thomson, J. & Sons, 573 Gallow.
and Flint Mills
Twyford, Thomas W. Hanley,
plumbers' and sanitary ware;
sole agent, W. B. Morrison, 40O
Eglinton st
Wardlaw, Johnston, jun. Wardlaw
Wellington Pottery, Wesleyan st
Williamson, A. C. Wellington Pot-
tery, 50 Wesleyan street
Alexander, Wm. 3 Hynd'and st.
Partick, and 219 Dumbarton rd
Allan, James, 160 Sauchiehall st
Allan & Son, 160 Sauchiehall st
Allan, Mrs. James, 221 N. City rd
Anderson, Thos. 58, 60 Vi. Nile st
Colquhoun, John, 119 W. Geo. st
Colquhonn, W. & R. 493 Sauchie-
hall st. and 2 Buckingham bldgs
Colquhoun, Mrs. A. 378 Duke st
Corsaa & Currie, 15 Howard st
Currie, Alex. & Co. 73 Jamaica st
Duff, Alex. 231 North st
Duff, Alex. 21 Prince of Wales ter.
Byars rd
i'airbairn, John, 57 Paisley rd. W.
Gilmoie, A. & Son, 83, 85 St.
George's place, 17 Grosvenor pL
and 5 Hamilton ph Hillhead
Graham, Jam.es, 411 Dumbarton
rd. Partiijk
Graham, James, jun. 889 Dum-
barton road, Pa"tick
Graham, John, 456 Argyle street
and 109 Norfolk st
Halliday, Jas. 682 and 700 Gal-
lowgate, and 17a Tylefield street
Henderson, Mrs. J. 5 Stockv.-ell sL
and 55, 57 Dundas st
Imrie, Ales. Bazaar, and 60
Johnstone, H. 222 Gt. Western rd,
Johnston, P. 62 Elmbank st
Kilpatrick, Andw. 87 St, Geo.'s pi
M'Callum, Miss, 105 W. George st
M'Cammond, John, 146 Norfolk st
M'Donald, H. 125 Dumbarton rd
M'Fadyen, Daniel, 235 Noith st.
M'Gregor, John, 389 Paisley road
M'Niven, Jas. & Sons, 133 Mains st
Melross, S. 33 Maxwell rd. Pollok-
shields, and 85 Victoria road,
Miller, C. Bazaar
Miller, Mrs. E. 7 Victoria place,
Mount Florida
Palmer, John, & Co. Ill Egliiitoa
Paul, J. & A. 247 G. Western rd.
and Bazaar, Candleriggs
Ralph, John, 279 New City rd.
and 158?- CoTcad.'iens st

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