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Wilcock & Co. (enamelled bricks),
Burmantofts, Leeds ; agent,
Geo. Sample, 34 S. Kinning pi
Wilson, Jas. Burnbank, C'tbridge
Wilson, W. & Son, 45 Hope st
Wood, Wm. C. & Sons, Lambhill st
Young, Jobn, Sons & Co. 42 Batb
Benda, G, Fiu-th, Bavaria; sole
agent, Ja=. M'Glasban, 109 Hope
Bennett, Tlios. & Sons, London
(bronze powders, all shades);
agent for Scotland, James
M'Glasban, 109 Hope street
Brongbton (Tbe) Copper Co.
Ltd. Mancliester (atiii-J'riciional
metals), 28 St. Enoch square
Brown & M'Laren, 98 Stirling rd
Coates Bros. & Co., 103 Hope st
Hatch, J. & R. importers, 60
Botbwell circus
Lnsk, Harte, & Co. 15 Renfield st
M'Glasban, Jas. agent for, 1G9
Hope street
Phosphor (The) Bronze Co. Ltd.,
London ; Clj'de representative,
W. A. Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent
Steven & Struthers, 32 Elliot st
Stofr Bros. & Coles, factory, Niirn-
berg, Germany; Howard square,
9 Howard et
Store, J. & Co. Deptford, London ;
C. R. Stewart, sole agent, 57
Robertson st
Agnew, Robert H. 51 Brown street
Aim, W. L. & Co. for painters, 10
to 14 Botbwell lane, and 97
W. Campbell st
Allan, Robt. 136 Claythorn
Allan's Brush Factory, 88J Lou-
don st
American & Continental Stores,
343, 345 Argyle street and 54
York st
Asylum for the Blind, 106 Castle
Barker & Rennie, 12 Stockwell st.
and 5 Candleriggs
Barnett, Wm. 140 West Nile street
Bennati, Giovanni, Venice; agents,
Lindsay & Campbell, 118
Black, Ales. 33 Bucban street
Blackwood, Wra. 139 Sauchieh. st
Cowan & Co. 127 Stockwell st
Darling & Taylor, steel wires for
toiler tubes, 217 Ai-gyle st
Dove, James & Tbos. A. mer-
chants, 15, 23 St. Andrews sq
Dove, John, 31, 33 St. Andrew's st
Ellis, J. H. & Son, London (for
painters); agent, Jas.M'Gkshan,
109 Hope st
Ferguson, Jn. & Sons, 33 Hope st
Fraser, John, & Sons, brush drafts,
82, 83 Great Clyde st
Gavin & Buchan, 71 Hutcheson st
Gentles, Wm. & Co. (dealers in),
338 Sauchiehall st
Hatch, J. & R. painting brush and
graining tool, -60 Botbwell circus
Hunter & M'Cormick, 12, 14, 16
South Albion street
Jack, E. jetcellers' , 31 Argyle st
Kerr, Robert, 35 Paisley road, W.
King, Wm. 71 Dundas street, 7, 9
High street, and 4 Cathedral st.
Lorimer & Moyes, 56 Howard st.
and 15, 16 Ai'gyle arcade
M'Donald, D. K. 70 Brunswick st
M'Farlane, Walter, <f broom, 132
Bain st
M'Glasban, James, agent, painting
only, 109 Hope street
M'Kay & Cochrane, 175 Trongate
M'KeUar & Doyle, 11 Stockwell st
Mackie, J. F. 39 Argyle arcade
M'Lardie, R. & Co. 25 Commerce st
M'Vicar, John, 51 Brunswick st
Morier, W. 145 Argyle st.
Moyes, Jas. R. 453 Sauchiehall st
Moyes, John Y. 49 St. Vincent st
Ogden, W. & E. H. 114 Candleriggs
Page, S. D. & Son, Norwich;
sole agent for Scotland, James
M'Glasban, 109 Hope st
Panton, George, & Son, watch and
plate, 34 Stockwell st
Rattray, Chas. & Co. (dealers in),
14_, 20 Candleriggs
Rennie, T., 33 Stockwell st
Riddell, Robertson, & Boyd, 106
Brunswick st — See Advt.
Riddell, Wm. & Co. (Jor boiler
tubes andjlues), 142 Trongate
Robertson, Arthur L. dealer, 9, 11
Lambhill st
Rowat, Ales. & Co. (/or boiler
tubes), 25 Candleriggs. — See Ad.
Euddach, J. 39 aad 40 Ar-gyle
Scrivener & Melrose, 97 Gallowgate
Small & Hun-y, 9 Carlton place
Stewart, Daniel, 23 Craignes. st
Tait, Mrs. D. C08a Galluwgate
Taylor, Jas. jun. 61, 65 Mitchell st
Taylor & Miller (for boiler tubes),
261 Ai-gyle st
Thomson, R. B. uure, 59 Osborne st
Wishart, W^illiam, dealer in, 44
Wishart, Mary, dealer in, 174
Main street, Anderston
Adam, Jno. & Co. 30 Pollok st
Aitken, J. & ^V. Canal street, Port
Allan, J. 163 Cathcart rd. Govau-
Allan, John, Kirkwood st.Langloan
Allan & Mann, 48 St. Enoch sq
Anderson, A. & E. 110 North
Hanover street
Anderson & Henderson, 75 Water-
loo st. and 77 West Scotland st
Anderson, John, & Sons, 73 Byars
road, Partick
Anderson, P. & W. 84 Lilybankrd
Armour, Allan, 65 Jamaica st. and
159 Paisley road, W.
Arrol Bros, (bridge and roof),
Germiston Iron W^orks, Spring-
Bain, Andrew, 114 Cubie street
Baird, Wm. (iron bridges, roofs,
&c.), 43 Douglas st
Barclay, Andrew, Lilybank place,
Barks, Geo. & Co. Rutbven street
Barr, Geo. 31 Springburn road
Baxter, Jno. 20 Catherine st. north
Beatson, Jchn, 93 Renfrew st
Bell, Hornsby, & Co. 197 PoUok-
shaws road
Benzie, W^m. 162 Victoria street,
Bowie, Arch.&Sons,372 Scotland st
Britannia Engineering Works Co.
of iron and steel waggons, tank
locomotives, Cornish and Lanca-
shire boiler.", &c., Kilmarnock;
London address, Dick, Kerr, &
Co., 101 Leadenhall st. ; Glas-
gow address, 196 St. Vincent
street ; D. G. Hoey, agent
Broadfoot, J. C. 29 Devon street
Brook,. Joseph, Bu'terbiggiusrd. s.s.
Brown, Thomas, 193 Rottenrow
Brownlie, Thomas, 29 Cathcart st.
Paisley road
Bruce, Alex. 18 Clarendon st
Burnett, Alex. &Son, Main street,
Burns & Miller, 10 Steven street
Burns, Robert, 32 Ark lane
Calderwood, Thomas, 190 Cathcart
road, Govanhill
Cameron, H. P. 64 Douglas st
Cameron, R. 228 Paisley road, W
Campbell, P. & A. Govan
Chalmers, David, 40 Bothwell st
Clelahd, Josiah, 51 James st
Cleland & Robertson, 51 James
street, Calton
Clow, David, 189 W. Regent st
Combe, James, & Sons, hot-house,
46 Holmhead street
Connal, Henry, 68 Douglas st.
Connell, James, 1a So. Coburg st.;
works, 182 Crookston st
Connell, William, 10 Crossmyloof
buildings, Crossmyloof
Corbet, Robt. & Son, Westthoru,
London road

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