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Phoenix Porter Brewery Co. Dub-
lin ; agent, Duncan Walker, 223
Hope street
Raeburn, W. & J. Edinb.; John
M'Intyre & Co. agents, 147 St.
Vincent street
Reid & Gi. London porter brew-
ers, London; agents, C. Morrison
& Sons, 110 Hope st
Ritchie, G. & Son, Edinburgh ; Dun.
Walker, agent, 223 Hope street
Robin, M'MiIlan, & Co. Edinb.;
offices, 9 East Howard st. and
212 St. Vincent street
Ross, Wra. & Co. Montrose; agt.
Wm. Milne, 219 Hope st
Salt, Thomas, & Co. Burton-on-
Trent; office, 65 Bath street;
A. Urquhart, agent for Scotland
Scott, W. 3 Duncan street, and
122 Canning street
Sharp, R. & D. Blackford Brewery,
Perthshire; agents, Alexander
Ferguson & Co. 106 and 108 W.
Regent st
Short, Thomas S. 11 Bothwell st
Simson, James, & Son, St. Mary's
Brewery; agents, D. A. M'Dou-
gall & Co. 13 Drury st
Simson, J. & Sons, Edin.; J. Gar-
ven and Co. 84 Oswald st. agts
Steel, Coulson, & Co. 80 Canning
st. Calton, and Croft-an-Righ
Brewery, Edinburgh
Stewart, R. H. 1a Carlton place
StirtoH, Wm. Wellpark Brewery
Sweetman, P. & E. Dublin; R.
Brown & Co. 41, 45 Washing-
ton st. agents
Taylor, M'Leod, & Co. Edinburgh;
agent, Jno. G. Fairley, 67 Bathst
Tennent, J. & R. Wellpark
Brewery, Duke street
Truman, Hanbury, Burton & Co.
London and Burton-on-Trent ;
agents, Sanderson & Morrison,
148 High street
Usher, James & Thos. Edinburgh;
J. Menzies, 68 Bath st. agent
Walking, Joseph, & Co., Dublin ;
agent, Wm. Watson, 79 Bath st
Watson, Jag. & Co. Ayr; agent,
Alex. Lang, 3 Janefield terrace,
Wellpark Brewery, Duke st.; J. &
R. Tennent
Whitelaw, W. & Sons, Edinb.;
agents, Sj'kes & Co. 28 Bath st
Younger, Geo. & Son, Alloa ; M.
Ferguson & Co. 64 St. Enoch
square, agents
Younger, R. St. Ann's Brewery,
Edinburgh ; Thomas Train & Co.
3 Madeira court, agents
Younger, Wm. & Co. Abbey and
Holyrood Breweries, Edinburgh;
stores, 61 North Hanover street,
Glasgow ; agents, Moses Risk &
Sons, 58 Dundas street
Younger, Wm. & Co., Abbey and
Holyrood Breweries, Edinburgh ;
agents, Moses Risk & Sons, 58
Dundas st. — See Advt.
Aitken, J. & W. Canal street, Pt.
Allan, Jas. Craighall, Pt.-Dundas
Allan & Mann, depot, Port-Eglin-
ton ; office, 48 St. Enoch sq
Allan, Wm. jun. Hamilton hill, off
Possil road
Ancell, M'Intyre, & Co. 1 6 1 Hope st
Anderson, John, & Sous, 73 Byars
rd. Partick
Anderson, Wm. 50 Whitevale street
Baird, Hugh, 231 Commercial rd.
Barr, Ales., 20 South Apsley pi
Beith, Wm. 50 Marquis st
Bell, Hornsby, & Co. 197 PoUok-
shaws road
Binnie, Jas, G9 Bath street
Bourtriehill Fire-clay Co. fire, en-
amelled and fancy bricks, P.
M'B. Stewart & Co. agents, 57
Robertion street
Buchanan, David, 331 New City rd
Cairns, Alex., 78 Reid street
Cannaa, John, 133 St. Vincent st
Church (The) Bay Fire-clay, Brick
and Terra Cotta Co. Ld, Church
bay, Rhydwyn, The Valley, An-
glesea ; registered office, 196 St.
Vincent St.; D. G. Hoey, C.A.
Clark, Robert, 9 Sword street
Corbet, Robert, & Son, Westthorn,
London road
Craig, J. & M., fire and enamelled,
98 Commerce st
Crawford, James, 7 Whitevale st
Eadie, George, 405 Mathieson st
Foy, Joseph A. 28 Reid street
Fyfe, Robt. S. 10 Lily bank rd
Garnkirk Co. 243 Buchanan street
Gartcosh Fire-clay Works, 69
Bath street
Gartcraig Fire-clay Co. 275 Par-
liamentary road
Gartverrie Fire-clay Co. 62 Robert-
son street
Gilchrist, John, Portland st. Coat-
Gilchrist, Robert, 69 Bain st
Gilchrist, Wm. Woodend, Jordan-
hill, and Crow road, Partick
Gilmour, John, & Co. enamelled,
white and coloured, also facing
and brown vitrified, 10 Cook st.
— See Advt.
Glenboig Union Fire-clay Co. Ld.;
office, 4 West Regent street —
See Advt.
Goldie, James, & Son, 40 St.
Enoch square
Green & M'Cdlum, 15 Carfin st.
Hamilton, Wm. C. 197 Dumbar. rd
Hart, Benjamin, 69 Commerce st
Huelva (The) Brick & Tile Co. Ld.,
Huelva ; Wm. Simpson, secy.
145 Queen street
Hurlford Works, 71, 73 Dale st. s.s.
Lawson, Wm. 52 Barrowfield st
Lindsay, Wm. 32 M'Aslin st
Lumsden, Robert, 406 Duke st
M'Allister Bros. 15 Rutland ores.
M'Donald, James, 6 Kilmarnock
terrace, Shawlands
M'Intyre, A. & Son, 1 Titwood pi.
Stratlibungo; works, Moss-side,
M'Intyre, Hugh, 47 Victoria road
M'Naughton, Jas. Son, & Co. 11
West Regent street
Mailer, Andrew, 25^ North street
Meiklejohn & Aitken, Strathbungo
Mason, Alex. 58 Church st. Coat-
Murdoch, Alex., Coal Exchange
Buildings, 11 West Regent st
Murray, John, Rockview house,
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce st
Nicol, John, 4 Washington street
Paterson, Jn. & Son, 522 Pollok-
shaws rd.
Paterson, Samuel, 345 Gallowgate
Perceton & Hillhead Fire-clay
Works, 98 Commerce st
Porter, John, Janefield, London rd
Riddell, Wm. 7 Wellcroft street
Robertson, H. & Co., 20 Copeland
road, Govan
Robson, John, 71, 73 Dale st. s.s.
Ross, Jas., 175 W. Campbell st
Scobbie, S. H. & C. 300 Eglin-
ton street
Shaw, Wm. & Co., Havelock fer
Simpson, John, 83 Mill st
Speirs, Gibb, & Co. Canal street,
Sproul, Rt. Beulah cot. Cambuslg.
Steven, Wm. & Sons, 481 London rd
Stevenson & Bros. Millcroft and
Polmadie Brickfields, Ruther-
glen road
Stevenson, James, Clincarthill,
Stevenson, Wm. Rutherglen road
Stewart, P. M'B. & Co. 67 Robert-
son street
Strone Colliery Co. Hamilton hill,
Possil road
Symington, Hugh, & Sons, Kipps,
Telfer, Wm. & Co. 32 Possil road
Thomson, Alex. 138 PoUokshaws
Thomson, Jas. 41 Abbotsford pi
Thomson, John, 164 Boden st
Vale (The) of Neath Dinas Fire-
clay Co.; agent, William Simp-
son, 145 Queen street
Watson, John, 123 St. Vincent st
Watt & Wilson, Petershill ; office,
93 Hope street

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