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Murray, Thomas, & Son, 31 Bu-
chanan street
Nelson, Robert, & Son, 8 Prince's
Niven, W. G. 40 Union st
Orr, Francis, & Son, 131 Renfieldst
Paul, Robert, 97 Buchanan street
Reid, James, 141 Argyle st
Robertson, Robert, 304 and 595
Duke st
Sellar, Robert F. 39 Candleriggs
Sinclair, Arch. 62 Argyle st
Small, Alex. C. 11 Jliller st
Smith, J. Taylor, 54 St. Enoch sq
Smith, Jas. & John, 92 Union st
Stewart, A. B. 58 Ingram street
Stewart, John, 33 Glassford st
Stewart, Robert, & Sons, 241
Buchanan street
Strathearn & Freeman, 145 West
Nile street
Swan, Alex. 9 Exchange square
and 85 Queen st
Tennent, John, 250 Argvle st
The Publishing Office, "l80 Bu-
chanan st
The Second-hand Bookseller, 107
North st
Thomlinson, John, 182 Dumbarton
rd. Partick
Tulloch, Alex. 299 Dalmarnockrd
Watson, G. 162 Ingram st
Watson, John, & Co. 35 Gordon st
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 34, 36
North Frederick street
Wilson & M'Cormick, 73 St. Vin-
cent st. — See Advt.
Yorston, Jas. 102 Paisley road, W.
Agnew, Robert, 406 Argyle st
Aird & Coghill, 263 Argvle st
Aitkenhead, R. A. 10 London rd
Allan, R. L. 143 and 145 Sauchie-
hall st
Archibald, Henry, 21 Cochrane st
Baird, Alex. 255 Great Westei-n rd
Baird, John, 5 Queen's arcade
Barr, Francis, llg- Morrison st
Baxter, Daniel, 282 Sf. George's rd
Bell, Alex. 73 Paisley road, west
Bertram, Peter, 355 Argyle st
Black, Walter, 209, 211 Cam-
bridge street
Blackie & Son, 17 Stanhope street
Blair, M. 109 Victoria rd. Crossbill
Blyth, J. & M. 625 Duke st
Brown, James, & Son, nautical, 35
Mitchell st. and 54 Union st
Brown, Miss, 14 Nithsdale road,
East PoUokshields
Biownlie, AVm. 13 New City rd
Bryce, D. & Son, 129 Buchanan at
Buchanan, Robt. 1043 Dumbarton
Buchauan, William, 486 Paisley rd
Cameron & Ferg'ison, 88 West
Nile street
Campbell, Wm. 324 Argyle street
Campbell, Wm. 63 Gt. Hamilt. st
Carmicbael, Jn. 202 Dumbarton rd
Cochrane, Alex. 189 London rd
Collins, Wm. Sons, & Co. (Limtd.),
139 to 153 Stirling road.—
See Ad': in App.
Cooper, Ed. 11 Buckingham bdgs.
Cowan, Walter, Bazaar
Craig, Alex. 99 Victoria road.
Crawford, Arehd. 398 Dumbarton
rd. Parlick
Cunningham, A. 53 London street
Davidson, A. & Co. 356 Argvle st
Dickson, J. G. 192 Saachiehdl st
Dickson, Wm. W. 604 St. Geo.'s id
Donachie, John, 36 Macintyrc st
Dott, George, 28 and 382 Dum-
barton road
Downie, Robert, JuD. 223 Main
street, s.s.
Dunn & Wright (nowC. L.Wright),
100, 102 W. George St. and 102
Stirling road
Ferguson, Robt. 82 Ingram st.
Forrester, James P. 102 Argyle st
Forrester, R. 1 Royal Exchange sq.
and 91 Queen street
Forrester, Mrs. H. Bazaar
Gairns, Miss M. 231 Sauchieball st
Gardner, James, Ibrox Post Office,
324 Paisley road, w.
Gemmill, John R. 69 George st
Gibson, James H. 31 Buchanan st
Hannah, A. 166 Renfield st
Hastings, J. H. 49 Park road
Henderson, James, Bazaar, Candle-
Henderson, Jn. Bazaar, Candlergs.
Hill, James, 142 Dumbarton road
Holms, Robert L. 3 Dunlop street
Holmes, Wm. 35 St. Enoch sq
Hoed, A. & Co. 204 Argyle st
Hopkins, Arch. 229 Ingram st
Hopkins, Hugh, 85 Renfield street
Hull, Wm. 15 Bridge street
Hume, Alex. 293 Duke street
Hunter, Alex. 205 Crown st
Izett, Robert, 1 Queen arcade and
114 Renfrew street
Jack, Thof. C. 57 West Nile st
Kennedy, Jas. 425 New City rd
Kennedy, Walter, 299 Eglinton st
Kenning, G. masonic, 9 W. How-
ard st. Glasgow, and at London,
Liverpool, and Manchester
Kerr & Richardson, 89 Queen st
Lawrence, John, 20 Great Western
Learmontb, R. P. & Co. 22 Cow-
cad dens street
Lindsay, Jas. 9, 11 King st. city
Lindsay, R. 20 Renfield street
Lochhead, John A. books bought
in town and country, 105 New
City road
Logie, J. W. 36 Shields rd. P'shield.
Longmuir, Matthew, 47 Oswald tt
Love, Archibald, 3 Candleriggs
Love, George, 226 Argyle st"
Love, William, 226 Argyle street
Lyall, David, 350 Dumbarton rd.
M 'Galium, John, & Co. 177 to 181
Buchanan street
M'Cance, Andw. S. 375 Gallowgate
M'Clure, Robt. 206 Buchanan st
M'Geachy, James, 93 Union st
M'Gregor, D. & Co. nautical
booksellers, stationers, and pub-
lishers, 37 and 38 Clyde place,
36 Brymner st. Greenock, and
72 South Castle st. Liverpool
Mackay, Chas. 263 Buchanan st
M'Kemmie, Jas. 47J Adelphi st
M'Kenzle, A. 195 Sauchieball st.
and branches
M'Kenzie, Jas. 238 Buchanan st
Mackenzie, William, bookseller ^
pnblisher, 43 Howard street
M'Kim, Adam, 136 Trongate
Mackinlay, J. N. 421 Sauchie. st
M'Laren, Alex. 263 Paisley road,
and 54 Paisley road, west
Maclaren & Sons, publishers and
printers, publishing offices of
" Scottish Nights," " Scottish
Athletic Journal," "The Mer-
cantile Age and Textile Times,"
"The Young Men's Christian
Magazine," &c., &c., contractors
for the printing and publishing
of all kinds of literature ; offices
and works, 128 Renfield street
MacLehose, J. & Sons, booksellers
to the University, 61 St. Vincent
st. — See Advt. in Appen.
M'Raith, Jno. 61 Great Western
road, Hillhead
Main, David M. 18 Exchange sq
Margey, H. 14 Great Clyde st
Marr, John S. & Sons, 61 Dundas
Menzies, John, & Co. 21 Drury st
Middleton, Wm. 8 Oswald place,
Dumbarton road, Whiteinch
Miller, John, Main street, Barrhead
More, Robt. 607 Sauchieball street
and 167 G. Western rd. Hillhd.
Morrison Brothers, 99 Buchanan
street — See Advertisement
Morison, Thos. D. 225 Ingram st.
Bluir, D. S., 545 Dalmarnock rd.
Murdoch, R. Barclay, 461 Eglin-
ton st
Murray, Thomas, & Son, 31 Bu-
chanan street
Niven, Wm. 17 Bridge street
Parker, WilUam, 160 Gt. Hamilton
Perret, Wm. Ill Finlay drive
Plenderleith, Mrs. Wm. 100 Main
street, Anderston
Porteous Brothers, 43 Renfield st
Rae, .John J. 127 Stockwell st
Bevie, A. & Co. 129 Sauchieball st
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