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Young, George (of Caldwell, Young, & Co.), house,
Mansfield, Hanailton.
Young, George B. wi-iter (of Moncriefi", Barr, Paterson,
& Co.), house, 13 Kew terrace, Kelvinside.
Young, George C. (of Brownlee & Co., City Saw
MiSs, Port-Dundas), house, 15 Holyrood crescent.
Young, G. C, printer and stationer, 71 GaUowgate ;
house, 18 Binnie place, Monteith row.
•Young, George, agent, 32 Polmadie road.
Young, George (of Campbell, Smart, & Co ) ; house,
31 Old Dumbarton road.
Young, Geo., blacksmith, 329 Saracen st.
Young, George, mason, 75 Great Western rd.; house,
44:5 Sti George's road.
Young, Gordon, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 14
Ashton pk, Byars rd. ; ho. 7 Clarendon st., Partick.
Young & Hannay, cabinetmakers and upholsterers,
360 and 362 Paisley road.
Young, Hugh, Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 8 George
St., east; ho. 1 College st., Pollokshaws.
Young, Hugh (at Wm. Mackenzie's, 43 Howard St.),
house, Palmerston place, 37 M'Aslin street.
Young, Hugh, commander, s.s. "Devonia;" house,
13 Cliftord street. Paisley road, west.
Young, Hugh (at Stevenson, Carlile, & Co.'s), house,
5 Dalmeney terrace, Pollokshields.
Young, Jas., baker and confectioner, 26 MiUroad st.
Young, James D., property and insurance agent (at
A. M 'Lean's, 132 Trongate), house, 5 Westmore-
land St., Govanhill.
Young, J. H., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 92
Union street ; works, 53 Mill street, Greenhead.
Young, James, hard and soft soap manufacturer, 23
to 27 So. Shamrock st.; ho. Ashlea, Cambuslang.
Young, James, commission merchant, 97 Union st. ;
house, 48 Albert drive, Craigmellan, Pollokshields.
Young, James, & Son, bleachers and finishers, Auld-
housefield, Polloksliaws ; letter-box at Bennett
6 Cosh's, 108 Queen street.
Young, James & John, pawnbrokers, 303 Cumberland
street and 665 GaUowgate
Young, James (of J. & J. Young, pawnbrokers),
house, 36 Darnley street, Pollokshields.
Young, James (at T. J. Bolden & Co.'s), house, 34
Darnley street, Pollokshields.
Young, James (at Govan Shipbuilding Yard), house,
Newstead house, Govan road.
Young, James, & Sons, coal and lime masters, Bal-
jaffray, New Kilpatrick ; oflSce, 6 Dixon st. ; open
on Wednesdays.
Young, James (of J. H. Young & Co., 92 Union
street), house, 11 Claremont terrace.
Young, James, produce commission agent, 49 Dunlop
street ; house, 6 CecU place, Paisley road.
Yomig, James, sculptor, 197 Dumbarton road ;
house, 297 do.
Young, James, provision merchant, 50 Norfolk st.;
house, 48 do.
Young, James, coal and limestone merchant ; office,
52 Dundas street, Kingston ; house, Abington,
Young, James, railway contractor, 6 Dixon street ;
res. Dunhome house, Skelmorlie.
Young, James, jun., railway contractor, 6 Dixon st.;
ho Caerleon, Bearsden.
Young, Jas., butcher, 368 Duke st. ; ho. 19 Armadale
Y<)ung, Jas. S., flesher, 87 Shamrock st. ; house, 37
Great Western rd.
Young, Jas. (of Barnet & Young), ho. 103 Hospi-
tal street.
Young, Jas., pavement and cement merchant, 616
Eglinton st.; ho. Low Cartcraigs, Pollokshaws.
Young, Jas., & Co., railway contractors, 6 Dixon st.
Young, Jas. D., spirit merchant, 61 Camck st.
Young, James & John, pawnbrokers, 403 and 405
Dumbarton rd. and 5 Merkland st., Partick.
Young, Jas. G. (of Thos. Edington & Sons, Phoenix
L-on Works), ho. 18 Wilson st., Hillhead.
Young, J. & D., engravers and calico printers, 33
East Howard st.
Young, J. & T., boilermakers, engineers, iron founders,
millwrights, &c., Vulcan Foundry, Ayr.
Young, John, plumber and gasfitter, 6 Balmore st.,
Young, John, spirit dealer, 37 Armour st.; ho. 468
Young, John (of Young & Strang), residence, Castle
Glen, near Busby.
Young, John (of Jas. Young & Sons, 6 Dixon st.),
ho. Cross Lynne, Bearsden, New Kilpatrick.
Young, John C. (of J. & J. Young, pawnbrokers),
house, 12 Broomhill ten-ace, west, Partick.
Young, John, teacher, F.C. Training College; house,
257 St. George's rd.
Young, John, superintendent of cleansing, 234 Parlia-
mentary road ; ho. 12 Hillsborough ter., Bruce
street, Hillhead.
Young, J. H., surgeon dentist, 42 Dundas street.
Young, John, poet and author, 3 Swan street.
Young, John, carter and contractor, 193 Bothwell st.
Young, John, glazier and glass merchant, 16 Fergu-
son street.
Young, John Maule, surgeon dentist, 1 Pollok street.
Young, John, joiner, Havelock ter., Paisley road, west;
ho. 184 M'Lean st.
Young, John, house painter, 138 Byars rd., Dowan-
Young, John (at Borland, King, & Shaw's, 142 St.
Vincent street), house, 385 New City road.
Young, John D., managing director, Scottish Boiler
Insurance and Engine Inspection Co. (Limtd.), 141
Buchanan st. ; ho. 35 Woodside quadrant.
Young, John, mason and builder, 223 Watt street,
Paisley road.
Young, John, baker, 38 Dumbarton road ; house, 30
Corunna street.
Young, John, clerk. Board of Trade and Mercantile
Marine Office, 12 James Watt St.; ho. 11 Pol-
madie St., Govanhill.
Young, John (of Miller & Young), house, 8 Athole
gardens, Hillhead.
Young, John, 42 Bath st.; ho. Easterhouse,'Baillieston.
Young, John, & Co., shipbrokers, 109 Hope street.
Young, John, Sons, & Co., coalmastors, Netherhouse
and West Drumgray Collieries ; depots, 9 Garngad
hill, and head of Glebe st. ; office, 42 Bath st.
Young, John, dairy, 134 Nelson street ; ho. 136 do.
Young, John, F.G.S., imder keeper of Hunterian
Museum, University.
Young, John, M.D. professor in University ; ho. 38
Cecil St., Hillhead.
Young, John, Sons, & Co., manufacturers of
Young's and Cardowan fire-bricks, sewerage pipes,
&c. ; works, Heathfield and Cardowan; depot,
head of Glebe st.,St. Eollox ; office, 42 Bath st.
Young, John (of Thomas Edington & Sons), house,
9 Doune terrace, North Woodside.

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