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-Dickson, D. W. (of Dickson & Eenwick), residence,
; 16 Criffel avenue, Telford park, Streatliam hill,
London, S.W.
Dickson, Douglas, manufacturer, linen and lace goods,
19 Montrose street; ho. Bishopton.
Diclcson, Geoi'ge, M.D., 2 Loudon ter., Kelvinside.
Dickson, Geo., oil and colour shop, 36 Abercrombv st.
Dickson, Geo., leather merchant and boot manufac-
turer, 449 and 451 Ai'gyle st. and branches; stores,
84 M'Alpine st..; ho. 15 North Claremont st.
Dickson, George, butcher, 28 Stevenson st,, Calton.
Dickson, George T., commercial traveller (at Stewart
& M'Donald's), lio. 18 Nithsdale rd., Pollokshiclds.
Dickson, George, 5 Wester Craigs, Dennistoun.
Dickson, George, Invermay, Nithsdale drive, Pollok-
Dicteon & Hendrie, wholesale trimming warehouse-
men, 69 Buchanan street.
Dickson, H. T., boot and shoe warehouse, 398 Argyle
street ; house, 42 Greenhill street, Anderston.
Dickson, J. & J., & Co., oil merchants, paint and
colour manufacturers, 12, 16, and 22 Dale street,
Dickson, James, boot merchant, 197, 235, and 408
New City rd., 201 Cumberland st., 707 Govan rd.,
Hamilton, and Stirling ; wholesale stores, 100, 102
Gallowgate; ho. 25 Belmont st., Hillhead.
Dickson, James (of J. & J. Dickson & Co.), ho. 15
Binnie place, Monteith row.
Dickson, James, dairyman, 36 Elderslie , street ; ho.
34a do.
Dickson, James Hunter, merchant, 7 Granby terrace,
Dickson, James L., clerk, G.P.O. ; ho. 617 Duke st.
Dickson, J. R. (of J. R. Dickson & Co.), house, 2
Lugar.p]., Kelvinside, and Priorhill, Lcsmahagow.
Dickson, J. R., & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 25
Gordon st.
Dickson, J. G., bookseller and stationer, 192 Sauchie-
hall street; ho. 14 Hill st,, Garnethill.
Dickson, John, warehouseman, 69 Buchanan street ;
house, 216 Bath street.
Dickson, John, sorting clerk, G.P.O. ; house, 133
Waterloo street.
Dickson, John, M.R.C.V.S., vetennary surgeon and
horse sheer, 14 Grant street; house, 12 do.
Dickson, John, slater and plasterer, 437 Springburn
road ; house, 375 do.
Dickson, John (of J. & J. Dickson & Co.), house, 15
Binnie place, Monteith row.
Dickson, John (of G.P.O.), ho. 36 Grove st.
Dickson, John (at Ratti-ay Bros. & Smith's, C.A.),
ho. 18 Nithsdale road, Polloksbields.
Dickson, John A., boot and shoemaker, 163 Cumber-
land St., s.s. ; ho. 181 Hospital st.
Dickson, John, groceries and provisions, 327 and 329
Govan st. ; ho. 137 Crown st,
Dickson, John, grocer, 30 Calder st., Polmadie ; ho.
32 do.
Dickson & IM'Intyre, general drapers, 309 Paisley rd.
Dickson & Mann, railway waggon builders, makers of
crucible steel castings, &c., Bathville Waggon and
Steel Works, Armadale, by Bathgate.
Dickson, Nicholas (of J. Manners, 66 Buchanan st.),
house, Ardgowan, Shawlands.
Dickson, Peter, bootmaker, 406 Parliamentary road;
. ho. 671 Sauchieball st.
Dickson & Kenwick, produce merchants, 49 Jamaica
St., and at Liverpool and London,
Dickson, Robt, (at Burns, Crawford, & Co.'s), ho. 108
Armadale st., Dennistoun.
Dickson, Robert, liill clerk (at E. & J. Lynn's),
Gnshetfaulds ; ho. 227 Hospital st.
Dickson, Rev. Robert, minister, St. David's (Rams-
horn) Parish Church ; ho. Evelyn lodge, Cambridcio
drive, Kelvinside.
Dickson, R. S., warehouseman, 164 Argyle street;
ho. 8 Walmer cres.. Paisley rd.
Dickson, Thomas (at Neilson, Shaw, & M'Gregor's),
ho. 429 Parliamentary rd.
Dickson, Thos., grocer, 39 Bardowie st.; ho. 41 do.
Dickson, Wm. J. (of G.P.O.), ho. 36 Grove st.
Dickson, W. & J., tea merchants, grocers and wine
merchants, 200 to 204 and 428 Cumberland st.,
and 86 and 90 Sandyfaulds street; ho. 354
Crown street.
Dickson, Rev. Wm. P., D.D.^ Professor of Divinity, Uni-
versity ; house, 13 The College.
Dickson, Wm. W., bookseller and stationer, 504 St.
George's road; ho. 506 do.
Dickson, Wm., di-apor, 720 Gallowgate ; ho. 145
Finlay drive.
Dickson, Wm., tin-plate worker and gn slitter, 176
and 178 Rottenrow; ho. 121 N. Montrose st.
Dickson, Mrs. E. G., tailor and clothier, 89 Canning
street, Calton; ho. 17 Roslea drive.
Dickson, Mrs. Gillespie, Westfield House, Partickhill.
Dickson, Mrs., dressmaker and milliner, 216 Bath st.
Dickson, Miss, dressmaker, 42 Greenhill st., Anderston.
DIEL Brothers, braid and button manufacturers,
66 Virginia street.
Dlkppe Steam Packet Co.; John & Peter Hutchi-
son, 62 Broomielaw.
DIETRICHSEN, Fred. C, Daihj Mail office, 106
Union street ; house, Fir ClifF, Port Bannatyne,
Dietricliscn, Jas. (of Harris & Dietrichsen, 38 Noble
St., London).
DIEUTEGARD, Erst. & Emle., trimming manufac-
turers, 74 Buchanan st.
DI FP'LICE, Bernardo, ice cream merchant, 312
Paisley road.
DILGER & Barclay, watch and clock makers, jew-
ellers, &c., 135 Eglinton street; house, 109 do.
DILL, Wilson, & Muirhead, 54 West Nile street.—
See Muirhead & Guthrie Smith.
Dill, Mrs., 11 St. James' terrace, Hillhead.
DILLON, Andrew, stevedore, 196 Watt street.
DIMMOCK, Thomas, manager to J. Schweppe & Co.,
50 Marlow street; house, 356 Scotland street.
DINANT & Allcard, export butter packers, Paris and
Periers; agents, Inglis & Wulff, 33 Ann st,
DINGES, Joseph (at John Clachan's, 7 S. Frederick
street), ho. 174 Pitt street.
DINGWALL, Archd., provision merchant, 58 Rcid
street and 19 Springfield road; ho. 4 Davidson st.
Dingwall, John (at James Shaw's, 86 Gt. Hamilton
st), ho. 84 do.
Dingwall, John, decorative designer, 16 Seamour st.
Dingwall, Robert, traveller (at Alex. Whitelaw's, 87
Sydney st.), house, 2 Hampden ter., Mount Florida.
DINNING, John, daiiy, 6 Mathieson lane ; ho. 8 do.
DINSMORE, W. H., measm-er,-140 Bath .st.; ho. 2
Ethel ter., Mt. Florida. ,
DINWOODIE, John, teller. Bank of Scotland, Govan-
hill; ho. 11 Great Western road.
Dinwoodie, Robert, Union Bank of Scotland (Ltd.),
ho. 1 Queen Mary avenue. Crossbill.

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