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Clyde Line of Steamers to Jamaica, Burrell & Son,
54 George square.
Clyde (The) Locomotive Co. (Limited), locomotive
builders and engineers, Clyde Locomotive Works,
Spring-burn ; Alex. Wilson, secy.
" Clyde " Masonic Lodge, No. 408, Masonic
hall, SO Hope street; John MacNaught Campbell,
secretary ; ho. Kelviogrove Museum.
Clyde Navigation Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson st.
Clyde Oil Works. Crovcnpoint rd.; office, 22 Hope st.
Clyde Paper Co., paper makers, Clyde Paper Mills,
Eastfield, Rutherglen.
Clyde Police Office, 21 and 27 M' Alpine street.
Clyde Rivet Works Co., bolt, nut, and rivet manu-
facturers, 111, 113, and 115 Dundas st., Kingston.
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co. Limited (R. B. Black,
secy. ; Wm. Jones, manager), india-rubber manu-
facturers, 2 Clyde street. Port -Dundas.
Clyde Sailing Ship Owners' Association (Limited), 12
St. Vincent place ; Neilson Bird, secretarj^
Clyde Shipbuilders' and Engineers' Association; J.
Muirhead, writer, 30 Gordou street, secy.
Clyde Shipping Co., 21 Carlton place.
Clyde Spinnmg Co. (Limited), Ai-thur st., Bridgeton.
Clyde Steamship Insurance Association (Limited),
12 St. Vincent pi.; Neilson Bird, secy.
Clyde Steamship Owners' Association (Limited), 12
St. Vincent jilaee ; Neilson Bird, secretary.
Clyde Trustees' Harbour Y\'orks, JJavisbank quay.
Clyde Tube Works, iron tube manufacturers and
iron founders, Coatbridge ; office, 41 Oswald st.,
CLYDESDALE, Charles, tobacconist, 79 Stobcross
Clydesdale Angling Club Protective Association ;
interim secy., D. B. Macgregor, 51 W. Regent st.
-Clydesdale Bank (Limd ), 30 St. Vincent place ;
. John Maxwell Cunningham, general manager.
Xlilydesdale Bank (Limited), Anderston branch, 344
Argyle st. ; Wm. Morrison, agent.
Clydesdale Bank (Limited), HutchesontoiTii & Gorbals
branch, 1 Clyde ter., Gorbals; Wm. Denham, agent.
Clydesdale Bank (Limited), Cowcaddens branch, 144
Cowcaddens st. ; John Tennent, agent.
Clydesdale Banlt (Limited), branch 331 Paisley road;
Robert M'Kimiell, agent; res. 2 St. Andrew's dr.,
Clydesdale Bank (Limited), Cranstonhill branch, 16
Dumbarton road; Wm. Morrison, agent.
Clydesdale Bank (Limited), George st. branch, 8 Geo.
street, east ; W. D. White, agent.
Clydesdale Bank (Limited),Hillhead branch, 33 Byars'
road ; Wm. Miller, agent.
.Clydesdale Bank (Limited), Laurieston branch, 2
Bridge street ; John Russell, agent.
'.Clydesdale Bank (Limited), branch, 14 Miller st. ; P.
B. Junor, agent ; ho. 8 South Park ter. Hillhead.
Clydesdale Bank (Limited), Moore place branch, 134
West George st. ; Thos. Keay, agent.
•Clydesdale Bank (Limited), South Albion st. branch,
10 South Albion st.; J. A. Ferguson, agent.
;-Clydesdale Bank (Limited), branch, 96 Trongate; A.
' R. Horn, ageut ; ho. 14 Walmer ores.. Paisley rd.
Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 229 Gallowgate; James
A. Ferguson, agent.
Clydesdale Boot and Shoe Steam Factory,
20 to 34 Elcho street; A. & W. Paterson, proprie-
tors ; city warehouse, 109 Union street.
Clydesdale Brass Foundry, 11 and 13 Hydepark st.
Clydesdale Brewery, M. D. Dawson & Co., 44 to 50
Victoria road, and 327, 329 Pollokshaws road.
Clydesdale Building Society, 75 West Regent street ;
manager, J. Mair Davies, C.A.
Clydesdale Building Society; solicitors, J. & D. T.
Colquhoun, 158 St. Vincent street.
Clydesdale Cafe, 51 Argyle street.
Clydesdale Coal and Coke Office, 40 St. Enoch sq.
Clydesdale Colliery office, 68 Great Clyde street.
Clydesdale Fire office (Lmtd.), 75 West Regent st.;
managers, Brown, jun., Davies, & Tait, chartei'ed
Clydesdale Horse Society of Great Britain and Ireland;
Arch. M'Neil.age, jun., secy., 46 Gordon St.; ho.
38 Great Western road, Hillhead.
Clydesdale Iron and Steel Co., iron and steel manu-
facturers, Mossend.
Clydesdale Masonic Lodge 556, 20 Adelphi ter., s.s.
Clydesdale Rubber Co., waterproof and india-rubber
manufacturers, 58 Gordon street and 2 and 4
Renfield street, and 15 Fore street, London, E.C. ;
J. T. Goudie, managing partner ; res., Janefield
house, Albert road, Pollokshields.
Clydesdale Silk Manufacturing Coy., silk thread
manufacturers, 111 Union street.
Cljfdesdale Steamship Co. (Ltd.), 17 Oswald st.
Clydeview Brass Foundry, 28 to 38 West st., s.s.
Coatbridge Tin Plate Co. (Limited), Coatbridge,
manufacturers of sheet iron, &c., of all kinds.
COATS, Allan (of Coats Bros.), res. Hayfield, Paisley.
Coats Brothers, coal merchants, Grahamston, Barr-
Coates Bros. & Co., printing ink and varnish manu-
facturers, Central Arcade, 103 Hope street.
Coats Brothers, coal merchants, 40 St. Enoch square.
Coates & Co., " Original Plymouth Gin," Plymouth;
agents, A. MacLennan & Co., 212a St. Vincent st.
Coats, George (of Geo. Coats & Co., Kingston Grain
Mills), house, 4 Garthland place. Paisley.
Coats, George, & Co., grain millers, Kingston Grain
Mills, 21 and 23 West street, s.s.
Coats, George, Holmes, & Co., American produce and
commission merchants, 40 St. Enoch square.
Coats, George H. (of Coats Brothers), residence,
Ellangowan, Paisley.
Coats, J. & P., thread manufacturers, 40 Union st.
Coates, Jas., Ph.D., F.A.S. Eng., professor of
phrenology, public lecturer on mental science and
health, &c.; ho. Greta Bank, 74 Albert rd.. Crossbill.
Coats, James, 19 Norwood terrace, Hillhead.
Coats, James (of Jervis Coats & Sons), ho. 4 Regent
Park square, Strathbungo.
Coats, Jervis, & Sons, manufacturers and w.arehouse-
men, 207 Ingram street.
Coats, Jerv'is (of Jervis Coats & Sons), house, 4
Regent Park square, Strathbungo.
Coats, Jen-is, jun. (at Aithur & Co.'s, Limited),
house, Braeside, Newark drive, Pollokshields.
Coats, Rev. Jervis, M.A., Baptist minister, Govan ;
house, 8 Ibrox ter., Govan.
Coats, John, 19 Norwood terrace, Hillhead.
Coats, John J., writer (of A. J. & A. Graham, writers),
ho. 27 Woodside place.
Coats, John (at Rutherfurd Bros.', 150 Ingram st.),
house, 112 Dean place, Rottenrow.
Coats, Joseph, M.D., F.F.P.S.G., physician, 31 Lyne-
doch street.
Coates, Pullar & Co., twine manufacturers, 40
Union street.

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