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City of Glasgow Union Eailway Co., 98 Dnnlop st.
City Hali, 90 Candleriggs and 29 Soutli Albion st. ;
Duncan Brown, keeper ; ho. 4 So. Albion place.
City Industrial Museum, Kelvingrove park ; James
Paton, F.L.S., curator.
City Iron Foundry (Wm. Borland & Co.), Frencli
street, Bridgeton ; warehouse, 9 Croy place, Max-
well street.
City Line of Sailing Ships; Geo. Smith & Sons, 45
West Nile street.
City Line of Steam Ships to India, via Suez Canal ;
Geo. Smith & Sons, 45 West Nile street.
City of London Fire Insurance Company (Limited),
81 St. George's place; Henderson & Wilson,
resident managers.
City Manure Office, 234 Parliamcntaiy road ; John
Young, superintendent.
City Orphan Home, 13 to 23 James Morrison street.
City Paper Box Works, manufacturers of all kinds
of plain and ornamental boxes ; office, Jamaica
Chambers, 49 Jamaica st. ; goods entrance, 9 Howard
street; A. B. M'llvride, jun.
City Parish Assessment Office, 122 Ingi-am st.; D. Hall,
collector ; W. Davidson and J. Howie, clerks.
City Parish Dispensary, 122 Ingram street, W.
City Parish Poorbouse, 322 Parhamcntaiy road ; C.
W. Laing, governor.
City Parish Session-Clerk's Office, 14 Main st., s.s.;
Thomas Smith, clerk.
City Parochial Board, 318 Parliamentaiy road.
City Pawnbroking Co., 2 North Coburg street,
131 Oxford street, and 50 Nicholson street, s.s.;
79 Brown street and 58 Clyde street, Anderston ;
16, 18, 20 Dale street, Bridgeton; 46 Orchard St.
and 30 Well street, Partick ; Archibald Smith,
pawnbroker — See Advertisement in Appendix.
City Public School, girls' entrance, 74 John st., N.
City Rubber Stamp Co., manufacturers of rubber
stamps, 49 Jamaica street.
City Saw ]\Iills, Port-Dundas, Brownlee & Co.
City Shirt Factory, shirt manufacturers, 82 Gallowgate
City and Suburban Servants' Institute (old established),
21 Hutcheson street; A. White, manager.
City (The) Warehouse Co., general warehousemen,
10 Cromwell street.
City Tool Works, D. Anderson & Co., 173 Grasme st.
City Tube Works and Brassfoundry, 35 Rose st., s.s.
CiviTA Vecchia and Glasgow Steam Ship Office, 47
Union st. ; Henderson Brothers, agents.
CLAASEN, Mary Walker, teacher, St. David's
School, 116 N. John st.; ho. 148 Renfrew st.
CLACHAN, John, wi-ight, 33 Carrington st. ; house,
228 Cambridge street.
Clachan, John, silk, wool, worsted, and Angola yarn
agent, 7 South Frederick st. ; ho. 1 Hillhead st,
. Hillhead.
Clachan, John, jun., measurer, 228 Cambridge st.
Clachan, J. S., confectioner, 39 New City road ; ho.
228 Cambridge street.
Clachan, E. Dunlop, clerk, 33 Carrington street;
house', 228 Cambridge street.
CLACHER, Alexander, watchcase maker and working
jeweller, 161 Trongate; ho. 52 Whitevale st.
CLANACHAN, John, teacher, Public School, John
St., Bridgeton; ho. 166 James st., Bridgeton.
CIiANCHY, T. J., Munster dairies, Cork,
maker by special machinery, without handling, of
improved Irish butter in prints, rolls, boxes, pails,
kegs, firkins, or other packages to order, also of
Clanchy's celebrated preserved butter in hermeti-
cally closed tins for foreign export and ships' use;
agents, J. R. Cunningham & Son, 106 Brunswick
CLANCY, Patrick, spirit dealer, 35 Stobcross st. ;
ho. 12 Monteith row.
Clancy, Richard C, average adjuster, 4 North court.
Royal exchange ; ho. 9 Walworth terrace.
Clan Line Steamers to India and South Africa,
109 Hope street.
CLAPPERTON, Alex., 4 Woodside ter.
Clapperton, A. B., & Co., produce merchants and
agents, 167 Holm street.
Clapperton, Charles (of Prentice, Clapperton, & Co.).
ho. 16 Liljbank gardens, Hillhead.
Clapperton, James, manager. Canal Department,
Caledonian Railway, Canal house, Port-Dundas ;
ho. 25 Queen square, Strathbungo.
Clapperton, James, o Sandyford place.
Clapperton, John, 5 Sandj'ford place.
Clapperton, John, jun. (of John Clapperton & Co., 61
Miller sti-eet).
Clapperton, John, & Co., manufacturers and
warehousemen, 61 Miller st. and 62 Queen st.
Clapperton, Robert (of John Clapperton & Co., 61
Miller street).
Clapperton, Robert, 67 Waterloo street.
Clapperton, Wm. John, organist and professor of
music, 41 Cecil street, Hillhead.
Clapperton, William, 5 Sandyford place.
CLARBOUR, F. 7 Oxford drive, Kelvinside.
CLARK, Adam (of A. Clark & Co.), house, 2 Apsley
Clark, Adam, jun., cabinetmaker, pattern maker, and
upholsterer, 121 Sword street; house, 135 do.
Clark, Albert, confectioner, SSlg- Gallowgate.
Clark, Alex., draper and remnant merchant, 171
Crown street.
Clarke, Alex., grocer, 23 West Russell street ; house,
37 Bentinck street.
Clark, Allan, (at J. & W. Campbell* Co.'s), ho. 113
Victoria rd., Crossbill.
Clark, A. & D., coppersmiths and tinsmiths, 16 Main
street, Gorbals ; cart entrance. Kirk lane.
Clark, A. & J., cartage conti-actors ; stables, 53 Craw-
ford St.; ho. 395 Eglinton street.
Clark, A. M., cloth singer, 20 John Knox st., off
Duke st. ; house, 22 Roslea drive.
Clark, Andrew, clothier and outfitter, 2 Oswald
street ; house, 32 Devon street.
Clark, A., & Co., brassfounders and chandelier manu-
facturers, Victoria Works, 35, 37, and 39 Buchan
street, Gorbals.
Clark, Andrew R., & Co., metal merchants, 143 W.
George street.
Clark, Andrew, accountant and property factor, 139
St. Vincent street ; house, 13 Kelvinside terrace, S.
Clark, Andrew R. (of Andrew R. Clark & Co.), ho.
129 Grafton ter.
Clark, Angus (of A. & D. Clark, 16 Main street, s.s.),
house, 71 Cathcart street, s.s.
Clark, Archibald, tobacconist, 653 New Dalmamock
road; house, 659 do.
Clerk, Archibald, M.B., CM., 10 Derby terrace,
Sandj'ford st.
Clark, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 661 New
Dalmarnock road ; ho. 659 do.
Clark, Archd. P., general foreman, Cowlairs, N.B.
Railway ; ho. 48 Dundas st.

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