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Barr, Francis, news-agent, bookseller, and stationer,
llj Morrison street, s.s. ; ho. 6 do.
Barr, George, builder and contractor, 31 Spaagburn
road ; house, 117 Golfhill terrace
Barr, George, draper and clothier, 85 South Port-
land street.
Barr, George, butcher, 135 Albert st., Townhead.
Barr & Higgins, coal masters, 100 Wellington st.
Barr, James (of Bell, Hornsby, & Co.), house, 16
Kelburn terrace, Govanhill.
Barr, James, C.E., surveyor and valuator, 132 West
Regent street ; ho. 53 Hamilton drive, Hillhead.
Barr, James (of Hunter, Barr, & Co.), residence,
Coldstream house, Albert road, Pollokshields.
Barr, James (of William Barr & Sons), house, 1
Clifton street.
Barr, James (of Robert Barr & Sons), house, 10
Somerville place, Monteith row.
Barr, James, slater and plasterer, 83 Nelson
street, s.s.; ho. 165 Centre street, s.s.
Barr, James, smith and chimney can manufacturer,
36 J Thistle street, s.s. ; ho. 24 Mathieson st., s.s.
Barr, James, ^yine and spirit merchant, 650 Gallovr-
gate, 182 London rd., 347 New Dalmarnock rd.,
75 Bellarove st., and 163 Ingram st.; ho. 191
Onslow drive.
Barr, James, manufacturer of improved non-conduct-
ing cement?, and land, marine, locomotive, boiler
and steam pipe coverer, for preventing radiation of
heat, condensation of steam, and economising fuel,
45 and 47 Napiershall street ; ho. 32 Windsor st.
Barr, James (of Wilson, Ronald & Co.), 22 Salisbury
place, Hillliead.
Barr, James, farm overseer. Royal Asylum, Gartnavel.
Barr, James, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Swan
street. Port Dundas; house, 30 Ronald street.
Barr, John (of John Barr & Baillie), ho. 20 Albert
drive, Crosshil).
Barr, John B., musician, 102 Montrose street.
Barr, J. M., surveyor, Royal Insurance Co., 40 Royal
Exchange square ; res. Summerlea, Kilmalcolm.
Barr, John, & Baillie, house factors and property
agents, 74 Bath street.
Barr, John M 'Queen, C.A. (of Barr & Carstairs,
C.A.), Portuguese Vice-Consul for Greenock, 85
Queen street ; house, 9 Granby terrace, Hillhead.
Barr, John M., cutler, 41 Nelson street. City; house,
10 George street.
Barr, John, commission agent, 55 Glassford street;
ho. Bank street, Irvine.
Barr, John, hydrauhc and general engineer, 77J
Main street, Anderston.
Barr, John, slater, 100 and 102 St. James' road;
ho. 80 do.
Barr, John, commercial traveller, Adelphi Biscuit
Factory ; ho. 122 South Porland street.
Barr, John, bootmaker, 68 Maxwell road, Pollok-
shields ; house, 64 do.
Barr, John, pawnbroker, 27 Maitland lane; house,
385 Sauchiehall street.
Barr, John, tobacconist, 220 Dumbarton load,
Partick; house, 228 do.
Barr, John A. (of Robert Barr & Sons), house, 10
Somerville place.
Barr, John, chandler and shoe furnisher, 12 Govan
street, s.s.; houae, 97 Shields road.
Barr, John (of A. M'Gavin & Co.), house, 2
Cambridge terrace, Albert road, Pollokshields, and
Cambus-dhu, Loch Eck, Argyleshire.
Barr, John, stationer (at N. Adshead's), and 81
High street. Paisley; ho. 39 Wellmeadow st., do.
Barr & Knox, measurers, 132 West Regent street.
Barr, Rlatthew, oilskin clothing manufacturer and
waterproofer, 68 Glassford st. ; works, Kmo- st.,
east ; house, 30 Monteith row. — See Adv. in App.
Barr, Patrick, writer, 51 Bath street; ho. 22 Salis-
bury place, Hillhead.
Barr, Patrick (of Maxton & Barr); res., Kilbarchan,
Barr, Peter, oil, colour, and smallwares, 60 Stewart
street, Cowcaddens ; house, 62 do.
Barr, Peter G. (at Farquhar Bros., 49 Hope street),
house, 45 Apsley place, s.s.
BaiT, Peter, ship and machinery inspector, 9 Avon-
dale terrace. Brand street. Paisley road, west.
Barr, Robert, marine surveyor, 71 Waterloo street ;
house, Cawder House, Pollokshields.
Barr, Robert, & Sons, tobacco and snufi manufac-
turers, 34 King St., city.
Barr, Robert, (of Robert Barr & Sons, 34 King st.,
ciiy), house, 10 Somerville place.
Barr, Robert (at Smith, Sons, & Laughlaad's),
house, 8 Sardinia terrace, Hillhead,
Barr, Robert, licensed broker, rope, canva?, paper,
and metal merchant, 39 North street; house,
M'Arthur street, Dunoon.
Barr, Robert, cork manufacturer, 137 West Nile st. ;
house, 127 Surrey street.
Barr, Thomas, coalmaster, 100 Wellington street;
residence, Harburn, Edinburgh.
Barr, Thomas, wine merchant, 117 W. Regent street,
res. Harburn, Edinburgh.
Barr, Thomas, surgeon, 7 Albany ph, Sauchiehall st.
Barr, Thomas, accountant (at Cayzer, Irvine & Co.),
house, Campsie glen.
Barr, Thomas M., civil engineer, Caledonian Eailwar,
Barr, W. B. (of W. B. Barr & Co.), residence,
4 Park terrace.
Barr, W. B., & Co., merchants and manufacturers,
107 St. Vincent street.
Barr, William, & Co., manufacturing chemists, dry-
salters, and oil merchants, 11 Miller street ; works,
Barr, Wm. (of Wm. Barr & Co.), residence, Moss-
dhu House, Bellshill.
Barr, Wm. (of Smith & Barr), 109 Ingram street ;
house. East Kilbride.
Barr, William, &; Son, warehousemen. Great
Western buildings, Govan. — See Adv. in App.
Barr, Wm., coalmaster, 75 West Nile street; ho.
19 Kelvinside terrace, south.
Barr, Wm., wine merchant (of Thos. Barr), 117
West Regent st. ; house, 3Y Garnethill st.
Barr, Wm., & Sons, coalmasters, Over Dalserf, Long-
lee, and New Marledge and Allanton collieries, 10
Bothwell street.
Barr, Wra. R , master mariner, Lochgoil and Loch-
long Steamboat Co., 5 Oswald street; house, 26
Kensington ten Ibrox.
Barr, William, & Sous, fancy muslin manufacturers,
54 Gordon street.
Barr, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 353 Pais-
ley road.
Barr, William, coalmaster (of Wm. Barr & Sons), res,,
Machan hill, Larkhall.
Barr, Wm., 22 Millbrae crescent, Langside.
Barr, William B. (of Campbell, Barr, & Peddie) ; ho.
1 Queen Mary avenue, Crosshili.

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