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BeAuly, Bk. of Scotland, A. M'Kenzie,
" Commercial Bank, A.M'Pherson
Beith, Clydesdale Bank, M. Gilmour
" Com. Bank, A. Stewart
" Union Bank, W. F. Love
Bellshill, Bank of Scotland, W. Neilson
Beevie, Aberdeen & County, J. Glegg
" North of Scot., A. Legg
BERWiCK-on-Tvveed, British Linen Co., W. & E.
" National, S. Sanderson
BiGGAR, Commercial Bank, J. Paul
" National Bank, A. Pairman
" Eoyal Bank, D. Thomson
Blackford, Bank of Scot., D. & J. Lawson
Blair-Athole, Union Bank, James Stewart
Blairgowrie, Bk. of Scot., E. Eobertson
" Eoyal Bank, J. Panton
" Com. Bank, Isaac H. Anderson
« North of Scot., J. B. Miller
" Union Bank, W. S. Soutar
BlAntyre, Clydesdale Bank, G. Campbell
BoNHiLL, Commercial Bank, J. M'Murray
Bo'ness, Clydesdale, E. J. Jamieson
" Eoyal Bank, Thos. Hope
BoNAR Bridge, Caledonian Bank, D. Shaw
BoTHWELL, Clydesdale Bank, W. M'Nab
Braemar, Union Bank, James Aitken
Brechin, British Lin. Co.iW.M.Vallentine
" Clydesdale Bank, J. Black
" National Bank, John Shiel &
[James Don
" Eoyal Bank, D. Guthrie & Sons
" Union Bank, Gordon & Lamb
" Bank of Scotland, James Will
Bridge of Allan,. .Union Bank, E. Jenkins
Bridge of Weir,... Clydesdale, J. M'N. Porteous
[Sub to Kilbarchan, open Tues., Thur., & Sat.
Brora, Aberdeen & County, G. & G. E.
Brotjghty Ferry,. .Eoval Bank, T. Lillie
" North of Scot., Wm. Miller
Broxburn, British Linen, W. Gilkison
Buckhaven, Eoyal Bank, F. T. Wallace &
[S. Youden
Buckie, North of Scotland, J. Shearer
" Town & County Bank, John
" Union Bank, John Anton
Bucklyvie, Bank of Scot, E. J. Hill
Bueghead, Caledonian Bank, A. Marshall
B URNTISLAND Commercial, T. A. Wallace
" Nat. Bank, J. S. Farquharson
Callander, Bank of Scot., A. M'Naughton;
[D. Stewart
" Commercial, Wm. M'Michael
Cambuslang, Commercial Bk., Geo. Campbell
Campbeltown, Clydesdale, D. M'Dougall
" Commercial, D. M'Taggart &
[A. Duncan
" Eoyal Bank, Duncan Hamilton
" Bank of Scotland, John Murray
Campsie, Eoyal Bank of Scot., W. White
Carlisle, Clydesdale, Jas. M'Cracken
Carluke, British Linen Co., J. Martin
" National Bank, T. Matthews
Carnoustie, Bank of Scotland, D. A. Mac-
" N. of Scot. Bk. Co., E. Summers
C arnwath, Commercial Bank, J. Gray
Castle-Douglas,. ..British Linen Co., J. Moffat
" Bank of Scotland, H. M'Lellan
" National, W. H. Lidderdale
" Union Bank, E. Hewat
Castletown, Caithness, Com. Bank, S. S. Goudie
Cateine, Eoyal Bank, J. & A. M'Master
Cellaedyke, National Bank, H. B. M'Intosh
Chirnside, Commercial Bank, J.Greenfield
Clydebank, British Linen, C. P. Leiper
Coatbridge, Clydesdale Bank, J. Lamb
" Eoyal Bank, James Bishop
" National Bank, W. J. Andrew
" Union Bank, J. H. Bowie
Coldstream, Bank of Scot., J. Porteous and
[J. Melrose
" British Linen Co., W. Douglas
CoLiNSBUEGH, Commercial Bank, Flockhart &
CoMRiE, Commercial, John Eobertson
Grail, Commercial Bk., D. Mathewson
Crawfordjohn,.... Eoyal Bank, J. Paterson
Coupar- Angus, Bank of Scotland, G. Robertson
" National, C. Boyd
" Union Bank, T. Saunders
Crieff Bank of Scotland, A. W. Logan
'» British Linen Co., J. M'Rosty
" Clydesdale, W. E. M'Gregor
" Commercial Bank, W. France
" Union Bank, J. & A. Gibson
" North of Scotland, E. Clement
Ceomaety, Commercial Bank, J. Williams
" Caledonian Bank, John Taylor
CuLLEN, North of Scotland, A. Sim
" Union Bank, W. L. Taylor
Cumbernauld, Eoyal Bank, J. Longwill
CuMiNESTOWN, Aberdeen & County, A. Porter
Cumnock, Bk. of Scotland, H. B. M'Lellan
" Clydesdale Bank, W. S. Ogilvie
" Eoyal Bank, A. Brakenridge
Cupar (Fife) British Linen Co., D. Osborne
" Clydesdale, A. Brakenridge
" Commercial Bank, G. Hogarth
" National Bk., W. M. Johnston
" Royal Bk. of Scot., A. Eussell
[and G. Wallace
Dalbeattie, Union Bank, E. W. MacNab
Dalkeith,.., Commercial Bank, J. Gray
" Clydesdale Bank, John Craig
" National Bank, Wm. Millar
" Eo. Bk., R. Paterson ; W. Main
Dalmellington, ...Eoyal Bank, John Walker
Dalry (Ayrshire),... Clydesdale, J. & D. M'Cosh
" British Linen Co., E. Fulton
[and G. Ku-khope
" Union Bank, W. F. Love
Daley (Kirkcudb.), Union Bank, D. Morrine
Daevel, Union Bank, T. Fleming
Denny Clydesdale Bk., J. F. M'Queen
" Bank of Scotland, W. Auld
Dingwall, Bank of Scotland, J. Binning
" Caledonian, David Eoss
" National, G. H. Duncan
Dollar, Clydesdale, J. & J. A. Gibson
Dornoch...... Caledonian Bank, W. S. Eraser
Douglas, Commercial Bank, T. M'Crie
" Royal Bank, J. Paterson
DouNE, Royal Bank of Scot., R. Main
" Union Bank, T. M. Graham

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