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Instituted 25tli August, 1885.
For tlie encouragement of the study of Natural History
in all its branches, and the promotion of such study
on a popular basis, so as to diffuse more widely a
knowledge of the natural sciences. Eegular lectures
and discussions take place on subjects connected
with geology, zoology, or phytology ; and excursions
are made to various localities during the summer.
Candidates for membership are admitted at any
meeting. The Society meets in Anderson's College,
2 04 George street, on the second Tuesday of each month
throughout the year, at 8 p.m. Annual subscription,
gentlemen, 2s.6d; ladies, free.
Oflice-bearers for 1886-87.— President, Professor
A. S. Wilson, M.A., B.Sc. ; vice-presidents, Mr. J.
Campbell Christie, F.G.S. and Mr. John Torrance ;
directors, Messrs. Daniel M'Gregor, Wm. iloir, John
Donochy, and John E. Lee ; secretary, ]\Ii-. Wm.
Gumming, West-End cottage, Chryston ; treasui-er,
Mr. W. A. Stevenson, jun., 75 St. George's Place.
This mission was instituted in October, 1884, in
connection with the Northern Evangelistic work in
a most popirlous and destitute district of the city. Dis-
pensary Mission Hall, Cowcaddens Free Chmxh, open
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 2 p.m. Free
advice and medicine given to the deserving poor : visits
made where necessary.
President, Eev. William Eoss, 163 Hill street,
Gamethill ; secretary, Mr. P. M'B. Stewart, 7 Cathe-
dral street ; ti-easurer, James Cairns, 124 Sauchie-
hall street ; Medical officer. Dr. Alexander Muir Smith,
M.D., Govan,
Instituted 1852.
Office-bearers for 1886— President, Ales.Buchanan,
Milngavie ; vice-president, Arch. Bulloch, Millichen ;
directors. Captain Anderson, W. An-ol, Geo. Barlas,
David Buchanan, Samuel Cameron, Arch. Coubrough,
John Craig, Wm. Craig, D. C. Dick, Thos. Garland,
Gavin Goi-don, John L. Imrie, Geo. J. Ingram, Dr. Hay,
David Hamilton, James Henderson, Wm. Henderson,
James Johnston, Allan Kirkwood, E. W. Langlands,
Alex. Mam, Jas. Slartin, Dr. Marwick, D. Murray,
Jas. M'Aulay, Eobert M'Kean, Alex. M-Lachlan, E.
M'LacLlan, John M'Lachlan, Wm. M'Leod, Eobert
M'Naii-, Wm. Neilson, Andrew Eenwick, James
Eobertson, Eobt. Eussell, A. Sommerville, John
Wallace, Eobert Wallace, G. C.Waller, W. Young ; hon.
secretary and treasurer, George E. Hoggan, Bank of
Scotland, East Park, MaryhiU.
President, Eev. W. H. Dallinger, LL.D.,F.E..S.
Wesley College, Sheffield.
For the purpose of popularising the use of the
microscope as a recreation, of affording incentives
to students of natm-e to engage in original research,
and to give opportunities for mutual aid by means
of meetings at which papers are read, demonstrations
given, and objects of interest exhibited. Annual sub-
scription, 2s. 6d.
The Society meets in Anderson's College, George
street. Fm-ther particulars as to meetings, rules, &c.
from secretary, Eobert Gill, 117 West George street.

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