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Dawson, James, joiner and builder,
77 Dawson st; ho. 37 do.
Deans, James, F. E.I.S. postmaster
and stationer, 260 Gt. Eastern
road; ho. 599 do.
Devlio, James, general merchant,
32 East Hope sr. Camlachie
Dickie, Matthew, clerk, Parkhead
Forge; ho. 8 Whitehall street,
Docherty, William, spirit mer-
chant, 481 Great Eastern road;
house, 6 Burn road
Downie, Robert, jun. (at Wra.
Turner & Co 's), ho. Ill Fin-
lay drive, Dennistoun
Dunn, E. restaurant, 583 Great
Eastern rd. ; ho. 4 Ewing pi
Dunn, John, restaurant, 221 Gt.
Eastern rd. ; ho. 219 do.
Eastern Necropolis, Janefield, east
end of Camlachie
Established Church, Gt. Eastern rd
Evans, Jas. W. & Co. candle, oil,
and soap manufacturers, 440
Great Eastern road ; house, 5
Regent crescent, Battlefield
Farmer, George Honeyman, wine
and spirit merchant, 615 Great
Eastern rd.; ho. 599 do.
Farmer, Elizabeth, dining rooms,
692 Springfield rd.; ho. 690 do.
Ferguson, Duncan, house factor,
property and insurance agent, 7a
Westmuir St.; ho. 23 do.
Ferguson, Joseph, clerk, 69 White-
vale st. ; ho. 448 New road
Ferguson, Matthew (of Thomas
Ferguson & Son), house, 124
Salamanca street
Ferguson, Thos. (of Thos. Ferguson
& Son), ho. 124 Salamanca st
Ferguson, Thomas, & Son, boiler-
makers, smiths, and engineers,
105 Westmuir street
Flynn, Francis, spirit merchant,
743 and 749 London road
Forsyth, Thomas, skirting manfr.
ho. 389 New road
Fraser, James, wholesale & retail
wine and spirit mercht. 92 Gt.
Eastern rd.; ho. 365 Duke st
Fulton, Jn. (at Paul's, Camlachie),
ho. 714 Springfield road
Gallagher, Charles, pawnbroker,
735 Great Eastern road ; house,
28 Westmuir st
Gallagher, Mrs. Peter, dressmaker,
189 Great Eastern road
Gardner, Andrew, flesker, 94 Gt.
Eastern road; ho. 218 do.
Gardner, James, janitor, Public
School, Great Eastern rd
Gardner, M. fruiterer, 4 New rd
Garroway, J ohn (of R. & J. Garro-
way), house, Ro.-emount
Garroway, Robt. chemist, Nether-
field Chemical Works ; house,
Rosemouut, Riddrie
Garroway, William, Netherfield
Chemical Works ; ho. Rosemount
Gilchrist, Win, grocer, 346 Great
Eastern road
Glen, David, bookkeeper, 671
London rd
Glen, John, broker, 259 Great
Eastern road; ho. 265 do.
Glen, J. sale-room, 277 Great
Eastern road; ho. 265 do
Glen, Mrs. R. spirit mercht. 679
Great Eastern rd. ; ho. 681 do.
Gordon, George D. char merchant,
Parkhead forge; house, Egypt,
Gorman, S. F. milliner, 601 Gt.
Eastern road
Gourlay, John, wine and spirit
merchant, 364 Great Eastern
road ; ho. 368 do.
Gourlay, John, saddler and harness
maker, 366 Gt. Eastern road ;
house, 368 do.
Gowans, J. hardware, 51 Westmuir
Graham, Robt. dairyman, 120 Gt.
Eastern rd
Grant, Andw. station-master, N.B.
railway; house, 405 New road
Gray, James, brickbuilder ; house,
86 Westmuir street
Hamilton, Jas. fish and egg mer.
30 E. Wellington st. ; ho. 32 do.
Hamilton, Mrs. John, grocer, 356
Great Eastern road
Hannah, Mrs. Mary, spirit mercht.
434 Great Eastern rd; house,
430 do.
Harper, Samuel, hall keeper, 65
New road
Hart, Alex, carting contractor, 33
Ravel row
Hart, John, contractor, 149 West-
muir st
Hart, John, teller, Royal Bank ;
house, 33 Ravel row
Hart, Mrs. James, contractor, 163
Westmuir st
Henderson, David, grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 24 Nisbet st.;
ho. 124 Salamanca st
Henderson, Robert, iron and steel
founder, 777 London rd. ; ho.
599 Gt. Eastern rd
Henderson, Wm. baker, 663 Gt.
Eastern rd. ; ho. 669 do.
Henderson, Wm. sheriff officer,
831 Gt. Eastern rd
Hepburn, James, potato merchant ;
house, Whinney Park place
Hill, Alex, spirit mercht. 17 West-
muir St.; ho. 19 do.
Hill, Bernard, grocer, 60 Great
Eastern road
Hirl, John, commission agent, 104
Great Eastern road, Camlachie
Hodge, Jn. rope and twine manu-
facturer, 307 Gt. Eastern rd. ;
house, Cambensauld rd
Howat, Archd. F. grocer and
general furnisher; ho. 38 and
42 New road
Hunter, Alex, wine and spirit mer.
117 Gt. Eastern road and 79
Sandyfaulds street ; ho. Astarte
villa, Crossbill
Hunter, Thomas F. sculptor in
granite, freestone, and marble,
433 Great Eastern road, directly
opposite Janefield Cemetery gate;
ho. 58 Whiteva'e st
Inglis, William, grocer and wine
merchant, 63 Whitevale street;
house, 424 New road
Jack, Joseph, oil refiner, Cam-
lachie; ho. 377 Whitehill ter.
Jarvie, Thos. grocer and provision
merchant, 491 Great Eastern
road ; ho. 124 Salamanca st
Johnstone, James (of Marks &
Johnstone), ho. Weir street,
Jones, John, surgeoD, 27a West-
muir st ; ho. 62 New road
Jones, Robt. grocer and prov. mer.
593 Gt. Eastern rd. ; bouse, 35
Mordaunt st. Bridgeton
Judge, Robert, basket manufactr.
10 Ravel row
Kelly, Robert, draper, 255 Great
Eastern road
Kennedy, Alex, oil refiner (of Ken-
nedy & Reid), Academy st.
Kennedy & Reid, oil refiners and
manufacturing chemists
Kennedy, Wm. shoemaker, 1 West-
muir st ; ho. 2 New rd
Kennedy, Agnes, milliner, 685
Duke st; ho. 397 New rd
Kent, John, hay and grain mer-
chant, 16 Westmuir street ; ho.
306 Great Eastern road
Kerr, John, provision merchant,
house, 767 Great Eastern road
Kerr, R. provision merchant, 719
Great Eastern road
Kerr, Thomas, R.C. clergyman,
Salamanca street
Kerr, William, 657 Great Eastern
Kesson, Andrew (of Kesson &
Campbell), engineer and iron
founder; ho. 42 Roslea drive
Kesson & Campbell, engineers and
iron founders, Camtyne Foundry
and Engine Works •
Killorn, James, confectioner, 212
Great Eastern rd
Lamb, Pet. tailor, Riddrie, Cum-
bernauld rd
Lees, Wm. manager (at Bulloch,
Lade, & Co.'s), ho. Burcpoint
house, Cam'aehie
Lindsay, John, boot and shoe
maker, 761 Gallow gate; ho.
424 New road
Little, Alexander, 1 M'Ewen street

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