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Robertson, J. W. farmer, Lower
Robertson, P. F., M.D. Holly bank
Robertson, R. station-master
Ross, Jas. glazier, Bank-end of
Mugdoek; ho. Mugdock
Russell, A. Fletcher, Buchanan pi
Russell, M. S. flesher, West-end
Scott, James, farmer, Langbank
Sim, J. inspector of works, Craig-
Smellie, William, Clober
Smith, Felix, boot and shoemaker,
Main street
Smith, H. G. insurance manager;
ho. Underwood
Smith, John G. insurance broker,
Smith, Matthew, saddler, West-end
Stewart, J. spirit merchant, Main st
Strang, John, farmer, Cross Vegott
Strathdee, John, general merchant,
Sutherland, D. sen. draper, Main
Thomas, James, Rockbank
Thomson, James, schoolmaster,
Tweed, John, farmer, Kayston
Watt, J. miller, grain mill
Weir, Matthew, wine and spirit
merchant, West-end
Weir, Matthew, jun. joiner and
cartwright, Bridge pi. West-en d
Weir. Robert, Railway Inn
Weir, Walter, grocer and post-
master, West-end
Wilson, John, slater and plasterer
Woodburn, John, builder, Wood-
burn place
Young, Rev. W., M.A. Free Church,
manse Baldernock
Abernethy, Peter, & Sons, manu-
facturers, 54 Dalmarnock st
Alexander, George, & Co. iron-
founders, Mountblue Foundry.
Camlacbie ; house, Woodville,
Alexander, John S. stationer, 381
Great Eastern rd.; ho. 379 do.
Allan, James W. M.B., physician
superintendent, Fever Hospital,
Allan, John, family grocer, 12
Westmuir street ; ho. 32 East
Wellington st
Angus, James, cartwright, spring
van and lorry builder, Dalmar.
st.; ho. Braidfaulds, Tollcross
Arbuckle, Geo. confecr. 78 New rd
Arnott, John, sculptor, 439 Great
Eastern rd. ; ho. 265 do.
Baird, Alexander, baker, 276 Gt.
Eastern rd
Barr, Alex. S. traveller (W. R.
W. Smith & Son, 6 So. Hanover
St.), ho. 134 Westmuir street
Barras, Win. clergyman, Bellgrove
street; house, Riddrie vale.
Baxter, Joseph, spirit mercht. 91
Westmuir st.; ho. Backcauseway
Beardmore, Isaac (of I. & W.
Beardmore), house, Lymington
lodge, Bothwell
Beardmore, I. & W. iron and
steel manufacturers and marine
engineers, Parkhead Forge
Beardmore, William (of I. & W.
Beardmore), house, Montgomery
house, Kelvinside
Black, John, provision merchant,
Bazaar ; house, 134 Westmuir
Belvidere Bowling Green, Elba
lane, Gt. Eastern rd
Bowie, James, wine and spirit
merchant, 209 Great Eastern rd ;
ho. 8 Buchanan gardens, Mount
Bowie, John, commission and
insurance agent ; ho. E. Kenny-
Boyle, Francis, confectioner, 748
London road ; ho. 750 do.
Brooks, Mrs. grocer, 242 Great
Eastern road; ho. 23 Westmuir
Brown, Daniel, 412 New road
Brown, James, brown earthenware
manufacturer, Mountblue Pot-
tery; ho. Mountblue, Camlachie
Brown, Lucas, watchmaker and
jeweller, 597 Great Eastern rd.;
ho. 599 do.
Brown, Matthew B. manufacturing
chemist, Carntyne Chemical
Works; ho. Gallowflat, Ruther-
Browne, Rev. P. Salamanca st
Brown, Robert, clothier, 83 West-
muir st. ; ho. 124 Salamanca
Brown, Thos. grocer, 115 West-
muir st. ; house, Shettleston.
Brown, Wm. L. (of R, & J. M.
Hill, Brown, & Co), ho. Haghill
Buchanan, J. K. 233 Gt. Eastern
rd.; ho. 53 Abbotsford pi
Cameron, Chas. tobacco pipe manu-
facturer, 7 Yate st
Cameron & Campbell, manu-
facturing chemists, Parkhead
Chemical Works
Cameron, Robert (of Cameron &
Campbell), ho. Priory Lodge,
Campbell, Duncan (of Kesson &
Campbell), engineer and iron
founder; ho. 14 Whitehill st.
Campbell, Jas., distillery manager,
Camlachie Distillery ; ho. 2
Garfield ter., Roslea drive
Carntyne Iron Co. iron and steel
plate and sheet rollers, Carntyne
Rolling Mills
Cassells, Thos. grocer, 197 Great
Eastern road
Cassells, Thos. grocer, 21 West-
muir street
Chalmers, Wm. cloth mercht. 256
Great Eastern road ; house,
356 do.
Cherrie, Jas. M. (at I. & W. Beard-
more's), house, Clutha cottage,
Clyde, James, draper, 535 Great
Eastern rd
Clydesdale, Hugh, postman, Toll-
cross, Dalmarnock st
Cochrane, James, postman, Great
Eastern road
Cochrane, Wm., writer, Garrow-
bank, Riddrie, Cumbernauld rd
Congregational Church, Westmuir
Corbet, Robt. & Son, brickmakers,
builders, and contractors, New-
lands Brick Works, Westthorn,
London rd.
Corbet, Walter, 13 Onslow drive,
Coulter, Wm , 758 London rd
Cousin, And. (of Cousin, Robert-
sons, & Smith, 45 Cochrane St.),
house, Hawthomden, Cumber-
nauld road
Cowan, Ales, stationer, 225 Great
Eastern rd
Craig, John P. superintendent,
Westthorn Waterworks, London
road ; ho. St. Helen's, Tollcross
Craig, Robt. flesher, 25 Westmuir
Craig, Robert, grocer, 53 West-
muir street
Crichton, George, well sinker, 229
Westmuir street
Cross, Peter, butcher, 24 Westmuir
st.; house, 19 do.
Cumming, David, Blackhill house
Gumming, David, boat builder,
Cunningham, Malcolm, Springbank
Dalrymple, Geo. brewer; office,
469 Great Eastern road
Dalrymple, Geo. & Co. brewers,
Burn road
Dalrymple, George,wholesale spi-
rit dealer, 461 and 463 Great
Eastern rd. ; ho. 459 do
Dalrymple, James, wine and spirit
merchant, 48 New road

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