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Walker, A. 90 Reid st
Walker, Gavin, 10 Queen Mary st
aWalker, J. & Co. 42 W. Nile st
Walker, R. 222 Pollokshaws rd
Walker & Son, 57 and 59 Char-
lotte st
Wallace Bros. 23 Butterbiggins rd
Wallace, H. 1 Summerfield place,
Wallace, Hugh, 61 Maitland st
Wallace, John, jun. 299 Ruther-
glen road and 357 Garscnbe rd
Wallace, Joseph, 20 Reid street,
Wallace, M. & G. 52 Eglinton ter.
cAVallace, Robert, Town Buildings,
High street,- Ayr
Wallace, Wm. HO Hospital st
Wallace, AVm. 84 Parliamentary
rd. and 144 Garngad rd
flWard, D. 131 Thistle st. s.s. and
75 Main st. Bridgeton
Warnock, A. 24G Crookston st
Waterston, Mrs. John, 116 Scot-
land street
Watson, D. & R. 68 Gt. Western rd
Watson, Gavin B. 355 Duke st
Watson John D. 104 Duke st
Watson, John, 7 N. Woodside rd
Watson, Walter, 94, 98 New
City road
Webster, W.H. 32 Butterbigginsrd
Weir, Adam, & Sons, 371 South
Wellington st
Weir, James, 105 Linnhall ter.,
Weir, Mrs. A. 178 Govan st
Wetherhead, John, 153 West Scot-
land st
White, Andrew, 10 Tower st
White, Gilbert, 10 Sandyfaulds st
W T hite,Walter, 2 9 Old Dumbarton rd
Whitelaw, Jas. 3, 5 Elm st. and
524 Rutherglen rd.
Wightman, Jas. 395 New City rd.
Wilkie, Duncan, & Son, 152, 154
So. Wellington st
Wilkie, James, & Sons, 176, 180
Eglinton st
Williamson, A. 140 Paisley rd. W
Williamson, Jn. 481,483 Sauch. st
Williamson, John, 157 W. Nile st
Wilson, F. 604 Dalmarnock road
Wilson, G. 2 Kelvin st
Wilson, John, 1 Hyde Park st
Wilson, John, 55 M'Neil street
Wilson, John, 18 Kelvingrove st
Wilson, John, 39 Clyde street,
Wilson, Peter, 156 W. Regent st
Wilson, Peter, 34, 36 Orr st
Wilson, Robert, 22 Rosehall st
Wilson, Thomas, 15 Bothwell pi.
Wilson & Wylie, 39 and 41 Kent st
W T ilson,Mrs. 26 Ronald st
Wilson, Jane, 145 Hospital st
Winslow, Henry, 53 M'Aslia st
ffWishart, Mrs. A. 578 Govan rd
Withers, David, 51 Grove st
Wood, Wm. C. 86 Elderslie st
Wotherspoon, A. 96 Main street,
Anderston, and 427 Argyle st
Wright, James, 121 Houston street
aWrigbt, James, 14 Sedan place,
Paisley road, W.
Wright, W T m. W. 190 Broomielaw
Wright, Eliza, 88 Houston st
Wylie, Jas. 43 Crown street, 252
Main st., Cranstonhill, 99 Main
St. Anderston, and 169 Cumber-
land st
Wylie, Wm. 462 Gallowgate
Wylie, Agnes, 370 Mathieson st
reYoung, A. 1 Old Dumbarton rd
Young, Ales. 138 Mains street
Young, Alex. 114 Sauchiehall st
Young, Arch. 144 Duke st
Young, Gavin, 359 Eglinton st
Young, James, 50 Norfolk street
Young, Peter, 45 Merkland street,
Young, Robt. 98 Main st. Ander.
Young, Robt. 30 Dumbarton rd
Kirkpatrick, A. & Co. 24 Buchanan
street, 6 William st. Dublin
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, 14 Queen st
Allan, Arthur, 144 Trongate and
14 London st.
Blair, Ales. 28 Gordon st
Brown, Hugh, 213 Argyle street
Colt's Patent Fire Arms Co. ;
agent, W. Horton, 11 Royal
Exchange sq.- — See Adv.
Cross, Andrew, 46 Trongate
Dobbie, John, 205 Argyle street
Dougall, J. D. 23 Gordon street
Gibson, J. & Co. 122 W. Nile st
Gordon, James, & Co. 141 Ren-
field st
Horton, W. (rifle), 11 Royal
Exchange sq. — See Adv.
Ingram, Charles, 18b Eenfield st
Jamieson, Wm. L. 94 Caledonia rd
Landell, Wm. 106 Trongate, and
Silvan works, 187 Broad street
Lawson, James, 70 Argyle st
M'Pherson Bros. 134 Trongate
Martin, Ales. 20 Exchange sq
Osborne, Chas. & Co. Birmingham ;
showrooms, 16 Bothwell st
Richard, James B. 176 Argyle st
Curtis & Harvey, London ; J. Gray,
jun. agent for Scotland, 24
George square
Gray, John, jun. 24 George square
Hall, John, & Son, sporting, mili-
tary, and blasting gunpowder,
Faversham and London ; sole
agent for Scotland, Richard
M'Dougall, 82 Union st
Hay, Merricks, & Co. (Limited),
184 Buchanan street
Hunter & Fotheringbam, sole
agents in Scotland for Lowwood
Mills, Ulverstone, 66 Waterloo st
Hunter & Fotheringbam, sole
agents in Scotland for Gatebeck
Mills, Kendal, 66 Waterloo st
Hunter & Fotheringbam, sole
agents in Scotland for Chilworth
Mills, Guildford, 66 Waterloo st
Joyce, F. & Co., or ammunition;
R. M'Dougall, agent, 82 Union
Karnes Gunpowder Co. J. P.
M'Ewen, 157 W. George st
M'Dougall, Rich. 82 Union st
Pigou, Wilks,& Laurence (Limited),
Dartford and Battle Mills ; sole
agent for Scotland, R. M'Dou-
gall, 82 Union st
M'Bride, Charles, 48 Market st
Panton, G. & Son, Jiook, 34 Stock-
well street
Smith, W. (gut string and sausage
skin), Vinegar hill, Camlacbie
Turner, Janet (gut string and
sausage skin), Viaegar hill
Baird, Arch. & Son, 67 Robertson
street and 46 Robertson lane
Binney & Son, 50 W. Howard st.
Cairns, Walter, 72a Waterloo St
Campbell, Achnach, & Co. 33
Jamaica street ; wholesale ware-
house, Morrison's court, 108
Argyle st
Clydesdale Rubber Co. 58 Gordon
st. and 2 Renfield st
Currie, Thomson, & Co. (late
Thornton, Currie, & Co.), 43,
45, 47 Jamaica st.; wholesale
department, 9 Howard st
Fraser, Ales. & Co. 17 Oswald st
Goudie, Jas. T. &Co. 151 Argyle st
Grseme & Co. 101 Mitchell st
Harburg and Vienna India-rubber
Co. ; A. C. Jackson, agent, 37
St. Enoch sq
Johnson & MacBean, 4 Welling-
ton st (Argyle st)
Mackay, John C. & Co. 4 York st
M'Lean, A. & Co. 155 Canning st.
Bridgeton Cross
MLellan, George, & Co. Glasgow
Rubber Works, near Maryhill ;
warehouse, 55 Robertson st
Moseley, D. & Sons, 57 Miller st
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Reid & Cook, 4 Germiston st
Robertson & M'Gill, 21 Pitt st
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen street
The India-rubber, Guttapercha, and
Telegraph Work Co. (Limited),
20 Dixon street, manufacturers

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