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Euss, F. H. manufacturing furrier,
50, 52, 54 Buchanan street
Sachs, C. F. 21, 25 Stockwell pi
Samuel, Henry, 139 Trongate
Sieber, George, 49 Buchanan st
Slater & Dennison, 43 Newgate st.
London, and 42 Argyle st
Anderstou Galvanizing Works,
94 Elliot street
Arrol Bros., Germiston Ironworks,
Petershill road
Ash & Lacy, Globe Galvanising
Works, Great Bridge ; agent,
John Petrie, 73 West Nile street
Birkenhead Galvanised Iron Co.;
agent,E.Mealing,97 Buchanan st
BishtOD, Thomas, Wolverhampton ;
agent, R. G. Laing, 29 Water-
loo st
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Limited),
manufacturers of wire netting,
galvanised iron pails, scoops,
and wrought iron hollow-ware,
also metal perforators, 8 6 York
St. and Petershill road ; W. H.
Luther, manager, 335 Argyle st
Brownlie & Murray, Denmark st.
Burnell & Co. Liverpool, brand
" Sunflower; " agent, Alexander
Young, 47 Waterloo street
Clyde Galvanizing Co. ; works,
Cowie, James, & Co. 59 St. Vin. st
Croggan & Co. tank and boiler
makers, 7 John st., and Liver-
pool and London
Davies Brothers & Co. Crown
Works, Wolverhampton ; agents,
George Strathern & Co. 113
Waterloo st
Dixon, Isaac, Windsor Ironworks,
Liverpool ; agent, James Cowie
& Co. 59 St. Vincent street
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
Hatch, J. & R. 83 Pitt street
Helliwell, T. W., Brighouse, York-
shire ("patent corrugated iron
roofing); Cbristie Bros, 188
St. Vincent st
Hill & Smith, Tividale Galvaniz-
ing Works, and 73 Elmbank st
Hydepark Galvanizing Works,
Hydepark st
Johnstone & Morrison, agents, 28
Royal Exchange square
Laing, R. G. (agt.) 29 Waterloo st
Lancefield Galvanizing Works,
76 Lancefield street
M'Haffie & Co. Margaret st. High
John st
M'Hutcheon & Finlayson, 76
Lancefield street
Mackay, Richard, bright tinned
and galvanised goods for all
markets, 266 Argyle street
Main, A. & J. & Co. Clydesdale
Ironworks, Possilpark
Mavisbank Galvanizing Co. S. Side
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot street
Morewood & Co. Lion Galvanizing
Works, Birmingham ; Jas. Rit-
chie, 134 St. Vincent st. agent
Musselburgh Wire Mill Co. James
Tod, agent, 16 Hope street
Porteous & Crawford, tank makers,
94 Elliot street
Smith, G. B. & Co. 61 W. Regt. st
Smith, Hugh, & Co. Possil Engine
Works, off Possil road. — See
Adv. in Ap.
Smith &M'Lean, Mavisbank
Spence, John, & Sons, Airdrie and
Young, J. Arthur, & Co. London ;
agents, Christie Brothers, 188
St. Vincent street
Campbell, D. 3 Ruthven street,
Byars' road
Campbell, John, 151 W. Graham st
Campbell, J. 2 Ruthven pi. Kelvin.
Caughie, James, Muirpark, Partick
Logan, John, Hillhead Bowling
Green, Hillhead
M'Ewan, Duncan, 7 Bankhall st.
M'Farlane, A. J., Yorkhill
M'Indoe, 6 Nelson ter. Hillhead
M'Lellan, P. 9 Grovebank place,
Woodside road
M'Lellan, Robt. Kelvingrove park
Ormiston, J. 342 Scotland st. s.s.
Rae, Alex. 33 Daisy st. Govanhill
Scott & Co. 26, 28 Queen street
Scott, David, 19 Albert rd. Cross-
hill ; nursery, Glenbank, Lenzie
Simpson, D. 70 Langside road,
Walker, John, 91 St. Andrew's rd.
Walker, Richard, Dowanhill
Wood, John, 20 Jackson st
Anderson, Fred. 94 Miller st
Brown, Alex. & Co. 24 Gordon st.
and 64 Cromwell street
Clark, A. & Co. Victoria works,
Buchan street
Cockburn, M. & Co. 41 and 43
Bothwell st
Easdale, R. M. & Co. 152, 158
St. Vincent lane
Finlay, John, & Co. 18 Renfield st
and Ovemewton works
Gas and Water Appliances Co. 9
Bothwell st. — See Adv. in App.
Glover, Thos. & Co. 56 Robertson st
Johnston, Park, & Co. 78 Gordon
Laidlaw, R. & Son, 147 East
Milton street
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Barrow-
field Iron Works, Fordneuk st.
M'Haffie & Co. Margaret st. High
John street
M'Leod, W. & Co. 56 Robertson st
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot street
Millar, Richd. (air gas apparatus),
54 St. Enoch square
Nelson, D. M. 164 St. Vincent st.
— See Advt. in Appen.
Pintsch's patent railway carriage.
ship, and buoy gas lighting
system ; sole agent for Scotland,
Wm. Lester, 11 W. Regent st
Richmond, David, City Tubeworks,
35 Rose street, Hutchesontown
Taylor & Miller, gas stove agents,
261 Argyle st
The Birmingham Lamp Co. gasa-
liers; agent, Richard Mackay,
266 Argyle street
Trueman, E. & W. 54 Henrietta st
Wright John & Co., cookiDg and
heating, 10 Waterloo st
Cameron, Jas. 76 Lancefield st
Gas & Water Appliances Co. 9
Bothwell street. — See Advt. in
Gilchrist, A. 25 Eglinton st
M'Fadyen, Peter, 104 Dale st.
M'Leod, Wm. & Co. 56 Robertson
Taylor, James, jun. 61, 63, and Go
Mitchell st
Carlaw, David, engines supplied,
fitted up, and repaired, 52, 54,
56 Ropework lane
Sterne, L. &Co. Limited (sole mak-
ers of Clerk's patent self-starting)
Crown Ironworks, North Wood-
side road
Aitken, William, 24 Renfrew st
Allan, Robt. 18 Douglas st
Anderson Brothers, 93 Stockwell
Anderson, J. & Sod, 154 Bothwell st
Anderson, Thos. 26 John Knox st
Anderson, Wm. 284 Buchanan st.,
and 52 Greenside st. s.s.
Archibald, Wm. 4 Kennedy st
Arnot, Jas. L. 183 W. Campbell
Auld, Samuel, & Co. 240 Gallowg.
Austin, Wm. 77 Carrick street
Bain, John, & Son, 20 and 22
Royal arcade
Bain, W. 61 William street,
Barbour, G. 9 Rosevale st. Partk.

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