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Sim, T. B. 214 Cambridge street
Simons, Wm. & Co. London
Works, Renfrew
Simpson, A. 175 Hope st
Simpson, Edward, & Co. spindle
and flyer maker, Heriot street,
Simpson & Wilson, civil and min-
ing, 175 Hope street
Sinclair, Nisbet, 54 Lacrosse place,
Slimon, Wm. 46 Shamrock st
Smith, A. & W. & Co. Eglinton
Engine Works, 57 Cook st
Smith Brothers & Co. 71 Park st.
Kinning park
Smith, G. & Co. Sun Foundry,
sanitary, Kennedy st. Parlia-
mentary road, and at Birming-
ham, Manchester, Liverpool, and
Smith, Hugh (of Possil Engine
Smith, Hugh, & Co. Possil Engine
Works, off Possil rd. — See Advt.
Smith & Johnston, 46 Stanley st.
Paisley road.
Smith & Pinkney's patent atmo-
spheric pendulum marine gover-
nors, Sunderland; agents, James
Cowie & Co. 59 St Vincent st
Smith, Peter, engineering agent,
58 Renfield st
Smith, Wm. & Son, Argyle Engine
Works, 123 Mansion street
Somerville, D. & Co. 35 King st.
Speirs, John, sanitary, 39 and 41
Great Western road, Hillhead
Spence, John, & Sons, hot water,
Airdrie and Coatbridge
Spence, R. B. consulting, 65 West
Regent st
Stephen, Ales. & Sons, Linthouse,
Sterne, L. & Company (Limited),
Crown Iron Works, N. Wood-
side road, and the Crown Iron
Works, Hollinwood, Manchest. ;
London office, 10 Victoria Cham-
bers, Westminster, S.W.
Steven, A. & P. Provanside, 115
Stirling road
Stevenson, Jn. mining, 95 Bath st
Stevenson, John, consulting, 16
Burnbank terrace
Stewart, A. & C. 14 Victoria st
Stewart, A. M'P. 48 Oswald st
Stewart, D. Y. & Co. 79 Charles
st. St. Rollos
Stewart, D. & Co. London Road
Iron Works, 47 Summer street
Stewart, James, 84 Norfolk st
Stewart, James, civil, 208 St.
Vincent st
Stewart & Mackenzie, Govan-
haugh works, Pollokshaws
Stewart, Peter, at Tharsis Sulphur
and Copper Works
Stone, J. & Co. hydraulic, Dept-
ford, London ; agent, C. R.
Stewart, 57 Robertson st
Strain, Jno. (civil) 154 W. Geo. st
Strathern, Robert, mining, 122
Wellington st
Struthers & Co. colonial, 96 Bu-
chanan st
Sugg & Co. lighting, 164 St.
Vincent st
Summers, John, sanitary, 174 W.
Nile st
Syme, James, 8 Glenavon terrace,
Par tick
Tangye Brothers (hydraulic and
general), 1, 3, 5 Hope st
Tansley, Edward, superintending,
Post, Office Telegraphs
Taylor, J. & A. Townhead Works,
Templeton, T. & Son, 467 Dobbie's
Templeton, Wm. 467 Dobbie's loan
The Acme Machine Co. 231 Ar-
gyle st
The Clyde Loco. Co. (Ld.), Clyde
Loco, works, Springburn
The National Electric Co. 6 South
Hanover st
The Pearson & Knowles Coal and
Iron Co. (Limited), Thos. Han-
nay, agent, 166 Buchanan st
The Railway and Electric Appli-
ances Co. (Limited), 6 South
Haaover st
Thomson, A. G. 223 W. George st
Thomson, George C. F.C.S. 39
Kersland ter. Hillhead
Thomson, James, LL.D. civil, pro-
fessor, University
Thomson, Jas. & Geo. Clydebank
Shipbuilding Yard, Clydebank,
Thomson, Jas. I. A. 179 W. George
Thomson, John & James, 36 Fin-
nieston street
Thomson, John, Alliance Foundry,
147 East Milton st
Thomson, W. R. M. & Co. 96 Bu-
chanan st. — See Advt. in Appen.
Thomson, Wm. 67 Smith street,
Kinning park
Thomson, Wm. & Co. Smith st.
Kinning park
Tilburn, Wm. 5 Bellahouston ter.
Tudhope Brothers, 62 Howard st
Turnbull, Alex. & Co. mechanical,
St. Mungo Works, 139, 141
Brook st. Mile-end — See Advt.
Turnbull, Grant, & Jack, Canal
Basin Foundry, 2 Charlotte st.
and 438 Dobbie's loan, Pt. Dun.
Turnbull, John (late of Turnbull,
Grant, & Jack), Canal Basin
Turnbull, John, jr. consulting and
mechanical, 255 Bath street
Turton Brothers & Matthews, Steel
File Spring Works, Sheffield,
sole maker of Timmis' patent
unequal section springs, and
every description of contractors'
tools; agent, Wm. Dunlop, 134
St. Vincent st
Tweddell, R. H. hydraulic, 38
Queen st
Ure, Thos. sanitary, 288 New City
Waghorn, G. A. (civil) 6 Hope
street. — See Advt. in App.
Waldie, Wm. Ker, 45 Bank street,
Walker, Henderson, & Co. Bishop
St. Engine Works, Anderston
Walker, Robert J. 40 Dumbarton
Wallace, John, & Sons, 7, 9, 13,
and 28 to 38 Graham square
Wallace, E. C, & Co., Queen's
Watson, D. & Co. Hayfield Works,
Harmony row,Govan — See Advt.
Watson, Laidlaw, & Co., 98 Dun-
das st. Kingston
Watt, Chas. sanitary, heating, and
ventilating, 43 Bothwell street
Waygood, R. & Co. Lond. makers
of Waygood's patent hydraulic
balance hoist ; agents, H. Ben-
nett & Co. 45 Bothwell st
Weddell, Jas. 208 St. Vincent st
Weems, J. & W. (gas, heating,
bydraulic,and general engineers),
Perseverance Ironworks, John-
stone, near Glasgow
Weir, Allan, sanitary, 56 Bothwell
Weir, G. & J. 2 Commerce street
Weir, Thos. D. civil and mining.
97 West Regent street
Welsh, T. M. (at A. & J. Inglis')
Westwater, Peter, 5 Tillie st. west
Wharrie, Colledge, & Brand, 109
Bath st
Whitesmith, I. consulting, 16 Vic-
toria st. Port Eglinton
Whitesmith, I. & Sons, 16 Victoria
st. Port Eglinton
Wight, E. J. (at Henry Bennett &
Co.'s) 45 Bothwell street
Wilkie, John, & Co. 92 West Nile
Wilkinson, Joseph (telegraphic),
69 Anderston quay
Williams, Henry, Rosehill Works,
Wilson & Baird, tool makers, 5
York street
Wilson, Gavin, civil, 208 St. Vin-
cent street
Wilson, J. E. 4 Cecil pi. Paisley rd
Wilson, J. Nasmyth, 27 St. Vin-
cent place
Wilson, John, 372 Argyle street
Wilson, Thos. 28 Devon st
Wilson, W. S. 175 Hope st

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