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Bruce & Co. 59 Charlotte lane
Bruce, John L. LA. 95 Bath st
Buchan, W. P. sanitary and venti-
lating, patentee of Buchan's s-.lf-
acting, induced current, fixed
ventilators, ventilating trap for
drains, the " Carmichael" wash-
down prize m^dal water closet,
and other sanitary appliances, 21
Renfrew st. — See Adv. in App.
Bulloch, Andw. 16 Graham sq
Burley, B. B. 9 Watson street, off
Burnett, Lindsay & Co. Helen st.
Burns, And. 33 Carrick st
Burns, G. & J. 85 Clyde street,
Butters Brothers, contractors, 93
Hope street
Butterfield, F. J. & Co. Keighley,
Yorkshire; agent, Peter Smith,
58 Renfield street
Cameron, D. & Co. Springfield
Ironworks, 80 & 88 M'Neil st
Cameron, John B. consulting, 160
Hope st. — See Advt. in Appen.
Campbell, Duncan (of Kesson &
Campbell), Carntyne Engine
Works, Parkhead
Campbell, Jas. 554a, 556 Gallowg.
Campbell, J. consulting electrical,
41 York st
Campbell, Smart, & Co. 212
Dumbarton road
Campbell, Wm. W. The Crown
Iron Works, North Woodside rd
Cant, David, 88 Bath street
Carlaw, David, type, lithographic,
and book-binding machinery ;
steam, gas, and water engines
supplied, fitted up, and repaired,
52, 54, 56 Ropework lane, off Gt.
Clyde st
Carrick & Co. telegraph, 58 Ren-
field st
Carrick, Jas. heating and venti-
lating, patentee of the air warm-
ing and ventilating stove grate,
43 Bothwell st
Carruthers, J. H. Glasgow Hydra
Forge Co. Polmadie
Carruthers, J. H. Craigmore,
Queen Mary avenue, Crosshill
Castel & Latta, 138 West George
Cawood, Reuben, telegraph, The
Bar, Royal Exchange
Chaplin, A. & Co. Cranstonhill
Engine Works, 58 to 80 Port st.
Anderston, and 63 Queen Vic-
toria street, London, E.C. — See
Adv. in App.
Chapman, Thomas, civil, 154 W.
George st
Christie, W. W. heating, 66 North
Hanover st
Clark Bros, electrical, 124, 126
Waterloo st
Clark & Co. electric, 17 Tureen
st. off Gallowgate
Clark, Dugald, The Crown Iron
Clark, Wm. & Son, heating and
ventilating, 100 and 44 John st
Clarke, Chapman, & Co. Vic-
toria Wks. Gateshead-on-Tyne ;
Clyde represen.W. A. Kinghorn,
81 St. Vincent st
Clarkson Bros, makers of engines,
gearing, hydraulic and screw
presses, pumps, lifts, hoists,
cranes, and accumulators ;
machinery for pressing tobacco,
lard, oil, tallow, paraffin, but-
terine, pulp, rags, hay, cotton,
gunpowder &c, &c. ; tobacco,
confectioners', and packing-box
makers' plant ; printers', litho-
graphers', and bookbinders'
steam, gas, and water engines
supplied, fitted up, and repaired ;
sole makers of Champion and
Excelsior double acting steam-
pumps, and Murray's pulley
block", City Eng. Works, 8 and
12 Little Hamilton st. and 95
High John street
Clarkson & Beckitt, mach. makers
and sole makers of the " Excel-
sior" patent steam pump, Mary-
hill Engine Works, Maryhill
Clarkson, Peter, 8, 12 Little Ham-
ilton street
Clarkson, T. 8, 12 L.Hamilton st
Clarkson, W. 8, 12 L. Hamilton st
Clinkskill, Alfred A. B. 1 Holland
Clinkskill, James, consulting, 1
Holland place
Cloky, Samuel, 9 Springfield rd
Clyde (The) Locomotive Co. Lim.
Locomotive Works, Springburn
Cochrane,J. steam hammer makers,
Grahamston Engine Works,
Cochrane, John, Blackfaulds place,
78, 80 Canning st.— See Advt.
Cockburn, D. 72 M'Neil st. s.s.
Cockburn, Geo. & Co. 24 Sussex st
Cockburn, M. & Co. sanitary,
heating, and ventilating, 41 and
43 Bothwell st
Coleman, J. J. chemical, 45 West
Nile st
CrJledge, F. S. 109 Bath street
Collins, J. M. 39, 45 Bartholomew
Combe, J. & Sons, heating, venti-
lating, and horticultural, 46
Holmhead street
Comrie, John S. civil, 175 St.
Vincent st
Connell, C. Scotstoun, Whiteinch
Cook, W. & Sons, 24 Elliot street,
and 42 Havelock street
Copeland & Foulis, gas, 146 West
Regent street
Copeland, James, mechanical,
Pulteney st
Copeland, J. & Co. Pulteney st. off
Dobbie's Loan. — See Advt.
Copland, W. R. (civil), 146 West
Regent street
Copestake, S. G. G. 61 Dixon
avenue, Govanhill
Cormack, Jas. & Sons, healing and
ventilating, 36 Abercorn street
Corrigan, M. 147 and 151 Clay-
thorn st
Costelle, James, sanitary, 296
Cathcart road
Coubrough, Alex. 51 Cecil st
Coulborn, E. Rushton, Kinning
Park Foundry
Cowan, D. (civil), 125 Buchanan sfc
Cowan, Henry, & Son, 11 to 29
Sword st
Cowan, M'Taggart, civil, 109 Bath
Craig, A. F. & Co. Caledonia
Engine Works, Paisley
Craig, A. Thornbank, P'shields
Craig & Donald, William street,
Craig, Jas. J. 175 St. Vincent st
Craig, John P. Westthorn and St.
Helens, London road, Tollcross
Craig, W. 48 French street
Craig, Wm. 46 Main st. Bridgeton.
Crawford, W. & Co. 1 2, 14 Ruby st
Crompton, R. E. & Co. electric
light; agents, Muir & Mavor,
140 Douglas st
Cross, James, 44 King street, s.s.
Crossley Bros, the Otto silent gas
engine ; manager, D. W. Watt,
19 Renfield street
Crossley, W. consulting, 153
Queen st
Crouch & Hogg, 175 Hope st
Cruden & M'Ewan, 159 Finnie-
ston st
Cruikshank, G. Macaulay, con-
sulting and patent agent, Fellow
of the Institute of Patent Agents,
135 Buchanan st. and 10 St.
Andrew square, Edinburgh. —
See Advt. in App.
Cunliffe & Dunlop, Inch Works,
Port- Glasgow
Cuthbert, David W. consulting, 58
Renfield street
Cuthbertson, James, sanitary, 1
Doon ter. and 30 Shields rd
Dalglish, John, & Sons, Avenue
Ironworks, Cogan st. Pollok-
Dalziel, John, 230, 232 Stobcross
Davidson, Robert, Union Boiler
Works, 19 Union pi. North st
Day, St. John Vincent, civil, 115
St. Vincent street
Deas, Jas. civil, 208 St. Vinc't st
Deas, Jas. juc. civil, 208 St. Vin-
cent street

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