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Chisholm, Jas. 83 Pitt street
Clyde Cooperage Co. Ld. (The),
54 to 64 Port-Dundas road
Davidson, Andw. Dundas lane, s.s
Dawson, Michael, 47 King st. city
Dodd, William, 24 Dumbarton rd. ;
workshop, 17 School wynd
Drnmmond, N. & G. 171 Canal
Bank, Port-Dundas
Duncan, Allan, 71 Tureen st
Dunn, G. 4 Dunn street
Esson, Robt. 25 Hospital st. s.s
Fairservice, Geo. Dundas lane, s.s
Gibb, Alex. 74 West Regent lane
Greig, John, 82 Henrietta st
Greig, W. 126 Barrack street and
14 Wellpark st
Guthrie, Jas. 38 Morrison street,
Heatley, Jas. 63 St. Ninian st
Holt, John, 23 Cubie st
Johnston, R. 18, 22 Tureen street
Kennedy, Wm. 132 Stobcross st
Kerr, James, 130 Hunter street
King, Wm. 7, 9 High st. 71 Dun-
das st. 4 Cathedral st. ; cooperage,
223 Parliamentary rd
Lindsay, Thos. 11 Shamrock st. so.
Lochran, Owen, Malvern place,
Coinelypark st
M'Adam, James, & Co. 39 Crooks-
ton street
M'Corkindale, Arclid. & Sons, pail
bools, bin handles, and mount-
ings, 182 Broomielaw
M 'Donald, D. 27 Craignestock st
M'Farlane, C. & Co. 109 Moore st.
off Duke street
M'Farlane, J. & A. domestic, 63
Houldsworth st. Cranstonhill
M'Ghie, Henry, 44 Pitt street
MacGregor, J. W. 54 to 64 Port-
Dundas rd
Macgregor, M.C. 62,68 Waterloo st
M'Grory, Chas. 46 S. Woodside rd
M 'Hardy, David, 10 Hopehill rd
MTntyre, Patrick, 22, 26 Watson
st. and 98, 108 Graeme st.
Mackenzie, A. C. 62 and 64
Waterloo st. citv
M'Kernan, Thos. 24 Well st. Calt.
M'Leod, Duncan, 37 South Well-
ington st
M'Leod, Neil, 24 Coulter's lane,
M'Mullan, Thorn. 32 Spoutmouth
and 48 Graeme st
Macqueen, John, 33 Brown street,
Marr, Robert, 347 Great Eastern
road, Parkhead
Martin, Thos. 540 Dobbie's loan
Miller, Geo. 6 West st. Calton
Pinkerton, Wm. 88^ London st
Quillan, James, 1 to 35 Wilkie st
Richardson, John, 39 Couper st
Ross, Alexander, 31 Rose st. s.s.
Sandilands, R. Sons, & Co. 63
Brown st
Thorn & Cameron, .100 to 120
Piccadilly street; office, 93
Cheapside street
Turnbull, Wm. 116 Duke street
Turnbull, Wm. 15 Anderson st
Veitch, David Brown, 194 Ruther-
glen road
Walton, A. & Co. 107 Cathcart
st. ; office, 173 St. Vincent st
Watson, A. 171 Port Dundas road
Watson, Wm. 75 Washington st.
Whitelaw, C. S. 98 Commerce
Whyte, Brice, & Sons, Paisley
road and 39 So. Kinning pi
Cockburn, M. & Co. 41 and 43
Bothwell st
Sharp, Andrew, 57 Campbellfield st
Bibby, J. Sons, & Co. Garston,
Liverpool; agent, C. Dunder-
dale, 119 St. Vincent st
Birmingham Battery and Metal
Co. Birmingham ; sole agent, J.
Ritchie, 131 Hope st
Blair, Alex, agent fur Nevill, Druce,
&Co. 163 West George street
Bolton, Thos. & Sons, Oakamoor,
Widnes, and Birmingham ; agts.
G. S. Rubb & Co. 115 Waterloo
Broughton Copper Co. (Limited),
Manchester, smelters ; office, 28
St. Enoch sq ; F. Broadley, agt
Cameron, John, & Co. agents for
Pontifex & Wood, 5 Oswald st
Cloncurry (The) Copper and Smelt-
ing Co. Lim. 4!) W. George st. ;
W. M. Baronsfeather, secy.
Elliott's Metal Co. Ld. Birming-
ham ; agents, R. F. WiLon, 49
W. Campbell st
Howard, Lane, & Co. 75 St.
George's place
Merton, Henry R. & Co. London ;
agent, Robt. F. Wilson, 49 West
Campbell st
Muntz's Metal Co. (Ld.), Birming-
ham, inventors and original
patentees of yellow metal s-heath-
ing, and makers of condenser
plates, pump rods, and patent
solid-drawn brass and copper
tubes; A. G. Kidston & Co.
agents, 81 Great Clyde (-treet
NettLf olds (Ltd.), Wm. M Geoch &
Co. Morrison court, 108 Argylest
Nevill, Druce, & Co. lead and
copper smelters, London and
Llanelly ; A. G. Kidston & Co.
81 Great Clyde st
Newton, Keates, & Co. ; agt. Geo.
Blair, 38 Queen st
Pascoe, Grenfell, & Sons, Swansea
and London ; agents, C. Hen-
derson & Co. 9 York street
Pontifex & Wood, 33 Hope st
R >bb, G. S. & Co. agents for Thos.
Bolton & Sons, 115 Waterloo st
Scotland Street Copper and Brass
Works, 18 Scotland st
Seville Sulphur and Copper Co.
(Limited), office, 104 W. Geo. st.
J. R. Cunningham, jun sec.
Tharsis Sulphur and Copper Co.
(Limited), office, 136 W.Geo, st.
and 53 Renfield st
The Broughton Copper Co. (Lim.),
Manchester; M'Crindell, Sehaw,
& Co. agents, 180 W. George st
Turnbull, Stewart & Co. Vermont
Works, Kinning Park
Walker, T. W. & J. of Wolver-
hampton, 12 Renfield street
Wilkes, John, & Sons, Bordesley
Mdls, Birmingham ; Hendry
Brothers, agents, 79 and 80 Gt.
Clyde street
Wilkes, Jolm, & Sons, 48 and 50
Cadogan st
Anderson Brothers, 93 Stockwell st
Bibby, John, Sons, & Co. ; agent,
C. Dunderdale, 119 St. Vin-
cent st
Birrell, Jas. 18 Scotland st
Black, J. & Co. Campbell st. Govan
Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean, 18
Scotland street, Tradeston
Blair, Jas. Scotland Street Copper
Broadfoot, Jn. & Sons, 55 Finnies-
ton st.
Broughton Copper Co. (Lim.) Man-
chester; agent, F. Broadley, 28
St. Enoch sq
Bu't Bros. Birmingham, and 266
Argyle St.; agent, R Maekay
Burt, James, 36 Robertson st
Campbell & Hattan, St. James' st.
Paisley road
Campbell, Jas. 554a and 556
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. (see also
Braziers and Tinplate Workers),
Caldervvood st. Parliamentary rd
— See Adv.
Clark, A. & D. 16 Main st. Gorb.
Clark, Wm. & Son, 44, 100 John s
Cleland & Thorburn, 107, 109
Cheapside street
Clephan, W. 19 Lancefield street
Clutha Copper Works, 40 Morrison
Crawford, Wm. & Co. 46 Muse lane
Drummond, Wm. 6i King st. city
Fairlie, Wm. 16 Wood lane
Ferguson, J. & R. & Co. 34 Trong
Findlay, John, & Co. 18 Renfield st.
and Overnewton Works
Fleming, Bennett, & M'Laren,
Elliot place, Cranstonhill

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