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Murphy, James, Fleming street,
Garscube road
Murray & Co. 74 Port-Dundas rd
Murray, Dav. Eastpark, Marybill
Murray, John, Rockview house,
Mary hill
Murray, John, jun. 1 Eastpark
Mary hill
Murray, W. 31 Argyll pi. Partick
Neilsou, D. 340 Townmill rd
Neilson, Wm. & D. 340 Townm. rd
Nelson, Andw. S. & Co. (railway
plant) 18a Renfield st
Nelson, D. M. gas and loater works
apparatus, 164 St. Vincent st —
See Advt. in App.
Newlands, David, 130 Centre st
Norman & Son, electric light, 217
to 223 Argyle st
Orr, James, 1 Magdala place,
Paisley road
Osborne, J. &Son, 215, 219 Centre st
Parker, J. & T. 7 Tylefield street
Paterson, James, 144 Kennedy st.
St. Rollox
Paterson, Jn. 522 Pollokshaws rd
Phillips, Chas. Moir st. Dunoi n
Phillips, Richard, 75 Robertson st.
and 45 Robertson lane
Pooley, Henry, & Son, patentees
and manufacturers of every de-
scription of weighing apparatus
for railways, iron works, col-
lieries, mills, warehouses, &c. ;
sole makers of Pooley's patent
self-indicating weighbridges and
weighing machines, polygraded
weighing machines for shippers,
and weighing machines without
loose weights; contractors to
the chief public works in Scot-
land ; also to ths CaledoniaD,
Noith British, Highland, Great
North of Scotland, Glasgow,
Barr. and Kilmarnock and G'as.
and Paisley Joint, and other
chief railway companies in Eng-
land and Ireland ; head office
and works for Scotland, Albion
Works, 69 to 71 M'Alpine st.
(off Argyle street), Glasgow ;
James Hines, manager ; re-
pairing depots in Edinburgh,
Dundee, Dunfermline, Inverness,
Aberdeen, &c; chief office and
works, A'bion foundry,Liverpool ;
branch establishments in Lon-
don, Manchester, Newcast!e-on-
Tyne, Birmingham, Newport
(Monmouth), Derby, &c. ; re-
pairing depots in Bristol, Car-
diff, Chester, Darlington, Hull,
Lancaster, Leeds, Middlesbro',
Norwich, Reading, Widnes, York,
&c. &c
Porter, John, Janefield Brickworks.
London road
Provan, Chap. 194 Main street,
Quin, Peter, Balgray, Springburn
Rae, Alex. 33 Daisy st. Govanliill
Rae, Mr*. Andrew (carting), 365
Great Eastern road
Reid, Macfarlane, & Co. office, 116
Hydepark street
Renwick, Robt. 177 Main street,
Richmond, Wm. 93 Victoria road,
Riddell, David, 210 Kennedy st
Riddel, J. H. machinery, Jamaica
chambers, 49 Jamaica st
Ritchie, James, 2 Oswald st
Ritchie, Wm. 12 Croy pi
Ritchie,W. & J. carting, 2 Oswald st
Road Steam Engine Co. (Limited),
146 Lancefield street
Robb, Robert, 30, 32 S..ho st
Robb, Wm. carting, 236 Great
Eastern rd
Roberton, John, carting, 23 Broad
st. Camlacbie
Robertson, John, 10 Hartfield st
Robertson, John, 6 Oswald it
Ross, A. M. & Sons, building, 10,
12 Ann st. city
Ross, Geo. carting, Lenzie
Ross & Liddlelow, 139 St. Vinc.st
Russell, Wm. Porter st. Camlacbie
Schoenfeld, A. & Co. railway plant
and Belgian girders, 21 Hope st
Scott, David, Glenbank, Lenzie
Scott & Co. garden, 26, 28 Queen
Sim, Wm. & Co. 88 Gt. Clyde st
Simpson, John, 93 Sandyfaulds st
Sinclair, Wm. Virginia buildings,
off Miller street
Smellie, John, jun. Balshagray
avenue, Partick
Smith, G. B. & Co. 61 W.Regent st.
and iron and wire fencing works,
Keppochhill road
Smith, Hugh, & Co. engineering,
boilermaking, bridgebuilding, &c
Possil Engine Works, off Possil
rd. — See Adv. in App.
Smith, W.& Son, 97 Wellington st
Smith, Wm. 104 Nelson st. s.s
Steven, Wm. & Sons; office, 481
London road
Stevenson, David, 14 Cambridge st
Stewart, A. & T. 29 M'Kinlay st
Stark, Alex. & Sons, Auchinstarry
Quarries, Kilsyth
Stewart, Charles, 30 Morrison st
Stewart, H. & Co. 6 Dixon st
Stewart, John, 99 Dunchattan st
Stewart, R. B. Dunterlie villas
Stewart, Thos. 153 Shields road
Stewart, Mrs. Thos. 74 Harmony
row, Govan
Stirling, Hugh D. carting, 44, 46
Mordaunt st
Strachan, Samuel, 283 N. Wood-
side road
Strath, Jas. 109 Gt. Eastern road
Strathern, Alex. & Co. 57 Craw-
ford street, Port Eglinton
Sutherland, R. G. & Co. carting,
Oswald chambers, 5 Oswald st
Symington, Hugh, & Sons, railway,
Kipps, Coatbridge
Taylor, E. 82 Crown street
Taylor, James, 80 Millburn street
Taylor, Patrick, 346 Rutherglen rd
Thomson, A. 138 Pollokshaws rd.
Thomson, James, 67^ Great Clyde
Thomson, John, 164 Boden st
Torranc?, And. 122 Rutherglen rd.
Turnbull, John P. & Co. 50 South
Kinning place
Turton Bros. & Matthews ; agent,
W. Dunlop, 134 St. Vincent st
Vallance, Alex. Dalmarnock farm,
Springfield road
Waddell, Mrs. John, carting, 192
Great Eastern read
Waghorn, Geo. A. 6 Hope st
Waldie, John, jun. 369 London rd
Wales, James, 300 Springburn rd
Walker, James, Port-Dundas
Wallace, Jn. & Co. 30 Oak street
Ward, D. 106 Caledonia road
Watson, James, & Son, 69 St.
George's place
Watt & Wilson, railway, 93 Hope st
White, James, 18 Abingtcn street
Whyte, James, 220 Hope st
Wigham, William, 36 Robertson st
Wilkie, Gavin, 128 Boden street
Wilson, James, removal, 35 Lang-
side road, Govanhill
WilsOD, John, Rosebank buildings,
Wood, Alex. & Sons, weighing
apparatus, 8, 10 Stockwell st
Wordie & Co. 49 West Nile street
and branches
Wright, John, 32 Glenpark street
Wright, Robert, 10 Campvale.
Wright, S. I'olmadie st.
Wylie & Lochhead, 45 Buchanan
st. ; works, 35 Kent road
York, Wm. & James, Greenock ;
letters left at 150 Hope street
Young, Alex, cartage, 193 Both-
well st
Young, James (railway), 6 Dixon
Young, James, jun., railway, 6
Dixon st
Young, John, 193 Bothwell st
American and Continental Stores.
343, 345 Argyle st. and 54
York st
Bissett, John, 54 to 64 Port- Dan-
das rd
Brown, John, 80 Commerce st
Cameron, Wm. 43 Dale street,
Campbell, W. & Co. 94 Centre st

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