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Gibson, W. 69 M'lntosh st
GillaD, Samuel, 46 Bluevale st
Gilmour, Allan, South Aithurlie,
Glasgow Weighing Machine Manu-
factory, makers of every de-
scription of weighing apparatus,
specially adapted to the require-
ments of every trade ; contracts
entered into for keeping weigh-
ing apparatus in repair ; Alex.
Wood & Sons; works, 4 9 William
st. Anderston ; warehouse 8 &
10 Stockwell street
Glasgow Working Men's Invest-
ment and Building Society,
1 Nicholson st
Goldie, J. & Son, 40 st. Enoch sq
Gordon, Wm. 168 Raeberry st
Govan, Robert, 18 Bedford st
Gray & Co. 77 Renfield street
Gray, James, carting, 45 Dumbar-
ton rd-
Gray, Jas., carting, 49 Douglas st
Gray, Robt. 27 M'Intyre st
Gray, Wm. 71 King street, city,
and 25 Osborne street
Grierson, R. & Co. 13 Wellington st
Grosart, Jas. & Son, carting, 114
Holm street
Grosart, John, 16 Hydepark st
Hamilton, A, 27 and 29 Geo. st.
Mile- end
Hamilton, J. & G. 41 Fountain-
well road
Hamilton, Robt. 16 M'Intyre st
Hamilton, Samuel, 145 Albert st
Hamilton, Wm. 35 Mordaunt st
Hamilton, Mrs. 29 East John st
Hart, Alex, carting, 33 Ravel row,
Hay, James, 9 S. Shamrock street
Hay, Robert, 146 Barrack street
Hayman, T. & Son, 31 Argyle st.
and Centre st. Tradeston
Helliwell, T. W. Brighouse, York-
shire ; agents, Christie Bios.
188 St. Vincent st
Headrig, Andw. 13 S. Portland st
Henderson & Co. 33 S. Shamrock
Henry, Wm. 84 Camden st
Hodge, Alex. 4 Great Eastern road
Homan & Rogers, fire-proof build-
ings, London and Manchester ;
Christie Bros, agents, 188 St.
Vincent st
Hope, Henry, Old Mosesfield,
Hortcn, Joshua, engineering,
electric and gas light, 12
Waterloo street
Imrie, George, & Co. carting, 9
Salisbury st
Imrie, George (carting), 262 Main
st. s.s.
Inglis, John, & Co. (for ships,
yachts, &c), 44 St. Enoch sq
Jack, Jas. 40 Springfield id
Jack, T. 42 Portman st. Paisley rd
Jenkins, James (engineering), 33
Renfield st
Johnson, J. & Co. military, 30
Glassford street
Johnston, J. & Z. Gartcraig,
Keir, James, 95 Elcho street
Kennedy, H.& Son, railway; offices,
1 Gray st.Radnorter. Dumbarton
rd. and 14 Merkland st. Partick
Kennedy, Jas. gardening, Mosside,
Kenning, George, army, navy, and
volunteer equipments, 9 West
Howard st. Glasgow, Little Bri-
tain, London, Monument place,
Liverpool, Bridge st. Manchester
Kerr, Jas. 499 Crown st
Kerr, Stewart & Co. 17 R'^yal
Exchange sq
Kesson & Campbell, iron work;
works, Parkhead.
King, R. A. engineer, 130 Water-
loo street
Kirkwood, Gilbert, & Sons, 67 E.
Rose st
Kyle, Mrs. 43 Deanside lane
Laidlaw, R. & Son, 147 East
Milton street
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, Barrow-
field Ironworks, Fordneuk street
Laing, R. G. 29 Waterloo st
Laird, George, & Son, Ann s f .
Bridgeton ; telephone No. 547
Lamb, Thos. 220 Parliamentary rd
Lang, Mrs. G. 50 Bank street
Law son & Best, railway, dock,
&c, 95 Bath st
Leckie, Graham & Co. (army and
police), 116, 120 Union St.—
See Advt. in Append.
Lennox, P. caning, 70, 74, and
76 M'Alpine Bt.
Leslie, John, army and navy, 125,
133 Argyle st
Lester, Wm. Coal Exchange, en-
gineering, 11 W. Regent st
Lindblad, T. A. 109 Hope st
Lindsay, Wm. biickbuilders', 32
M'Aslin st
Lush & Co. 11 Both well st
MAlpine, Robert, 161 Hope st
M'Artkur, Don. General Terminus
MAuley, B. carting, 195 Garngadh.
M'Culloch, W. 6 Laurieston place,
Govan road
M'Donald, Buchanan, & Co. 100
Brunswick st
M'Farlane, D. 19 Black street
MFsrlane, Strang, & Co.; office,
145 St. Vincent street
M'Gregor, John, & Co. 140 Lance-
field street
M'Harg, Wm. 108 to 118 St.
Vincent lane
M'llwraith, Jas. 400 So. Yoik st
M'lntosh, John, & Son, 84 Main
st. Anderston
M'Kay,Dug. &Sons, 15 Wellington
Mackay, Robt. builder, 116 Wood-
lands rd
M'Kechnie, Alex. 128 Stobcross st
M'Kechnie, John, 316 Stohcross
M'Kinnon, David, 75 Port st
M'Lean, James, 76 Ingram st
M'Lean, William, 26 Garngad rd
M'Lean, Wm. 20 Hartfield st
M'Lellan, A. carting, 44 Oswald st
M'Lellan, P. 9 Grovebank place,
Woodside road
M'Leod, Wm. & Co. 56 Robertson
M'Millan, James, Vulcan Ironwks
57 Scott st. Port-Dundas
M'Millan, John, 57 Hope street
M'Neil, Malcolm, 40 Elgin st
MacNicoll & Smith, 6 Dixon st.
and at Greenock
M'Phee, Alex, carting, 16 Sandy-
ford st
M'Pherson, M. carting, 165 St.
Vincent lane
M'Turk, Alex, furniture removal,
87 Allison street, Govanhill
Main, A & J. & Co. i oi bridge,
fence and roof, Clydesdale iron
works, Possilpark
Mair, Wm. 127 Fiimieston st
Mair, Wm. advertising, 263 Argyle
Malcolm, John, 11 Moore st
Manwell, David, Balshagray
avenue, Partick
Manwell, Ja. 4 Albert rd. P'shields
Manwell, Thomas, 6 St. Andrew's
drive, Pollokshields
Marshall, Alex. G. 35 Pitt st
Marshal], Geo. carting, 514
Dobbie's loan
Mason Bros. & Co. Telegraphic
and Telephonic Private Line?,
17 Hope st
Maxwell, J. 6 Maxwell st. Partick
Meikle, J. & D. Govan Parish
Church ; head office, Ayr
Menzies, D. P. electric light, 106
Eliiot street
Millan, F. causewayer, 14 Reidvale
Mitchell, Allan, 15 Harvey st
Monteith, Mrs. 21 Ruby st
Montgomery, Alex. Hunter street
Morrison, Jas. Smith st. Hillhead
Morrison, Jas. & Co. colliery, 66
Wilson st. and 60 Glassford st
Morrison, John, 36 Cadogan st
Morrison^& Mason, 21 Clyde pi
Muir, R. S. & Co. for railway, police.
and volunteer unifonns, 146,
150 Ingram st. and 19 Coch-
rane st
Muirhead, James, cai ting, 4 Wood-
side place, Cro;smylcof
Munro, Robt. 52 Bishop st
Munro, R. S. 36 Greenhill st

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