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rpHIS Machine by its peculiar construction combines all the properties of a perfect
_L bread dougher, and possesses the following important advantages over every
other machine in the market : —
The dough is thoroughly mixed and kneaded without being felled, requires no after treading,
and readily acquires in moulding a superior skin.
The Machine empties itself without requiring to be reversed.
The friction is about one- half, and the power required to drive about thirty per cent, less than
in other machines. One of the Simplex Machines with only 4 in. belt and 9 ft. drive is doughing
3 batches — 6^ sacks of 280 lbs. — in 8 minutes.
The Machine is simple, very strong, and not liable to get out of repair. The casing and
knives are made of the best steel.
The price is extremely moderate.
These Machines are made in three sizes, 5 and 2^ sack for power, and one sack
(280 lbs.) for power or hand — a man and boy being sufficient for working by hand.
Full particulars, together with estimates for every description of Bakers' Plant,
including Biscuit Machines, Brakes, Gas and Steam Engines, Ovens, &c, to be
had from
The English Baking Co.,
Lambhill Street, Glasgow.
Messrs. Menzies & Johnston,
Sirs — We have now had your new Doughing Machine at work for fully six weeks, and find
it makes the dough a great deal better and quicker than our other machines. We consider it
the best at present made, so please let us have another one at your earliest convenience, and
oblige, yours truly.— K. CRUIKSHANK.

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