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The India-rubber, Gutta-percha, and Telegraph
Works Co., Ltd., manufacturers; works, Silver-
town, Essex, London, E. ; agent, Ales. Smith, 20
Dixon street.
The Indian Tea Bazaar (R. W. Graham, salesman),
Indian tea merchants, 590a Gallowgate.
The Indian Tea Growers' Company, growers and
importers of Indian tea, Virginia buildings.
The Indo-European Telegraph Co. (Limited), agent,
Robert Neill, 10 South Hanover street.
The Islay Distillery Co. (Limited), Bunnahabhain,
Islay ; registered office, 48 W. Nile st.
The Isle of Man Steam Packet Office, Henry
Lamont, agent, 93 Hope street.
The Junior Club, 474 and 500 Sauchiehall street ;
Hector Cameron, club master.
The Lever Wringer Manufactory, 361 Scotland st.;
George Milne.
The London Guarantee & Accident Co. (Limited);
Glasgow office, 6 South Hanover st. ; D. Johnston
Smith, district agent.
The London & Lisbon Cork Wood Co. (Limited), im-
porters ; Edward E. Doddrell, agent, 7 King st. s.s.
The Mercantile Agency for the United States
and Canada, R. G. Bun & Co., proprietors,
28 Renfield st. ; James Horn, manager.
The Medlock Small ware Co., manufacturers, Brook
Street Mills, Manchester ; agent, William Murray,
55 Glassford street.
The M'Leod Waxwork Galleries, 137 Argyle street.
The National Bank of New Zealand (Lim.), Jame-
son, Son, & Maclae, 149 St. Vincent street, agents.
The National Bank of Scotland, Limited, St. Rollox
branch, 181 Castle street; agent, James Stewart;
house, Edenbank, Lenzie.
The National Bank of Scotland (Limited), James
Stewart, agent, 536 Springburn road.
The National Electric Co. (Limited), D. Johnston
Smith, secy., 6 South Hanover street.
The National Telephone Co. (Limited), 13 Royal
Exchange sq. ; D. Johnston Smith, dist. manager.
The Nickel Co., 69 St. Vincent street.
The North British Canadian Investment Company
(Limited), James Muirhead, secretary ; head office,
54 West Nile street.
The North British General Merchant Co., general
merchants, 132 West Nile street.
The North Sylhet Tea Co. (Limited), tea planters,
India ; registered office, 22 West Nile street.
The Original Butterine Co., 138 Crown street.
The Original Butterine Co. (branch), 380 Garscube rd.
The Original Butterine Co., 14 West Howard st., 25
Cowcaddens st., 460 Gallowgate, and 471 Paisley
The Palais Royal, 46 Argyle arcade.
The Palmodyne Manufacturing Co. ; sole agent, A.
M'Guffie, 33 Ann st.
The Patent Automatic Knitting Machine Co. (Ltd.),
7 Howard street.
The Patent Compaetum Umbrella Co., umbrella
manufacturers, 151 Sauchiehall st.
The Patent Convex Wearing Co., corset manu-
facturers, 64 Gordon street; works, the Convex
Mills, Paisley.
The Patent Embroidery Co., fancy embroiderers, 64
Gordon street.
The Patent Heddle Co., manufacturers of heddles,
reeds, and doublers of cotton yarn, 107 High
John street.
The Patent Woollen Cloth Co., Leeds and London,
manufacturers of plain and printed felts, &c. ;
agent, Alex. M. Parker, 13 South Exchange place.
The Phoenix Heritable Investment Building Society ;
J. C. Kerr, manager, 190 West George st.
The Potentite Powder Co. ; John Boag, agent for
Scotland, 68 Bath st.
The Publishing Office, publishers, booksellers, prin-
ters, and bookbinders; Wm. Kyle, manager, 40
Sauchiehall street; ho. 9 Glasgow st., Hillhead.
The Railway and Electric Appliances Co. (Lmtd.),
Rosehill Works, Polmadie ; Glasgow office, 6 South
Hanover street ; A. Williamson, local secy.
The Railway Waggon Co., Union Waggon Works,
Chorley, Lancashire ; sole agents in Scotland, W.
G. Morrison & Co., 75 West Nile st.
The Real Estate Security Co. (Limited), Jameson,
Son, & Maclae, 149 St. Vincent st., agents.
The Robertson Memorial Church, corner of Taylor
street and Rottenrow.
The " Ross " Patent Paragon Valve Co., patentees
and manufacturers of water-waste preventing
valves, 70 York street.
The Royal Fancy Bazaar, toy and fancy goods
warehouse, 36 Argyle street.
The Russian Tea Company, Thos. Flint & Co., pro-
prietors, 457 Sauchiehall street.
The St. Andrew Club (Limited), Frank Y. Hender-
son, secretary ; registered office, 81 St. George's
place ; club rooms, 116 Renfield street.
The Saracen Pottery Co., earthenware manufacturers,
Denmark st., Possilpark.
The Scottish Dental Depot, 68 Bath street.
The Scottish National Glass and Glazing Co., Limtd. ;
Jas. Wilson, secretary ; registered office, 144 West
Regent st.
The Scottish Ontario and Manitoba Land Co. (Lim.),
Jas. Muirhead, secy. ; head office, 54 West Nile st.
The Scotch Pig-iron Trade Association ; Wm. Wilson,
80 Gordon st., secretary.
The Second-Hand Bookseller, published quarterly;
office, 372 St. Vincent st.
The Select Clydesdale Horse Society of Scotland ;
James Dunbar, secretary; registered office, 191
West George street.
The Shotts Iron Co., iron and coal masters and
ironfounders, 37 West Nile street.
The Sisters of Mercy Convent, 60 Hill street,
The South Sylhet Tea Co. (Limited), tea planters,
India; registered office, 22 West Nile street.
The Spiritual Record publishing office, 38 Stockwell
The Springburn Co-operative Society (Ltd.), groceries
and provisions, 521 Springburn road.
The Standard Marine Insurance Co. (Lrntd.^), agents,
Bennett, Brown, & Co., 17 Royal Exchange square.
The Star-Bowkett and General Fire Insurance and
Fidelity Guarantee Co. (Limited); J. W. Mon-
teith, 435 Argyle street.
The State Steamship Co., Glasgow and New York
Steamers (Limited), office, 65 Gt. Clyde st.
The Stratkendrick and Aberfoyle Railway Co., per
Jas. Keyden, secy., 186 West George st.
The Times, London, Advertising and Newspaper
agency, 15 Exchange place.
The Tramway Car and Carriage Works, David st.
The Tweed Hall, wholesale woollen cloth warehouse,
15 Hutcheson street.
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