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PoUok, AValter W., writer, 77 Eenfield street; house,
SO Moray j)lace, Stratlibungo.
Pollock, Wm., fruit merchant, 5 Buckingham build-
ings, Hillhead ; house, 10 Kersland street, do.
Pollok, WiUiam, manager (at John Filshill's, 420
Gallowgato), house, 332 Duke street.
PoUock, Wm. (at Hamilton, M'CuUoch, & Co.'s), ho.
Springwell, Uddingston.
Pollock, W. & J., agents, Union Bank of Scotland,
Pollock, Wm., factor for Allan G. B. Graham, and
commissioner for John Pollock of Lismanj', Union
Bank of Scotland (Limited), Barrhead.
Pollock, Mrs. Janet, printer for embroidery, 64 S.
Portland street; house, 66 do.
Pollock, Mrs. J., tobacconist, 47 Charlotte street; ho.
7 Eosslyn gardens, Dennistoun.
Pollock, Mrs., furnishings and confections, 19 Cran-
ston st.
Pollock, Mrs., 4 Kersland terrace, Hillhead.
Pollok, Miss, 8 Kingston place.
Pollock, Misses, boarding and day school, 16 Queen
Mary avenue. Crossbill.
Pollok Colliery; office, 69 Great Clyde street.
Pollok Estate Office, 120 West Regent street.
PoLLOKSiiiELDS Baths Co. (Limited), James Wilson,
accountant, secretary ; registered office, 144 West
Eegent street.
PoUokshields burgh clerk, Eobert Guy, -writer, 120
West Regent street.
PoUokshields burgh treasurer and collector, James P.
Laidlaw, 112 Renfield street.
PoUokshields (East) burgh treasurer and collector, J.
P. Laidlaw, accountant, 112 Eenfield street.
PoUokshields (East) burgh chambers, 81 Maxwell
rd. ; Geo. Anderson, inspector.
POLSON, William, commission agent, 21 and 23
Nicholson street; house, 50 Apsley place, south.
POMPHREY, Geo. G., -warehouseman (at J. & W.
Campbell & Co.'s), house, Bearsden.
PONTIFEX & Wood, white lead, paint, colour,
chemical, and varnish manufacturers, Farringdon
Works, Shoe lane, London, E.C. ; Glasgow office,
33 Hope street.
Pontifes & Wood. (London), copper manufacturers;
agents, John Cameron & Co., Oswald street.
Pontifex & Wood. 33 Hope street.
POOL, Fletcher, wine and spirit merchant, 35 and
37 Bedford st. ; ho. 146 MiU st., Eutherglun.
Poole, Jas., Verreville pottery; ho. 19 Eichmond st.
POOLSY, Henry, & Son, patentees and manu-
facturers of every description of weighing apparatus
for railways, iron works, collieries, mills, ware-
houses, &c. ; sole makers of Pooley's patent self-
indicating weighbridges and weighing machines,
polygraded weighing machines for shippers, and
weighing machines without loose weights ; con-
tractors to the chief public works in Scotland, also
to the Caledonian, North British, Highland, Glas-
gow, Barrhead, and Kihnarnock, and Glasgow and
Paisley Joint, and other chief railway companies
in England and Ireland; head office and works for
Scotland, Albion Works, M'Alpine st., Glasgow,
Jarnes Hines, manager; repairing depots in Edin-
burgh, Dundee, Dunfermline, Inverness, &o. ; chief-
office and works, Albion Foundry, Liverpool ; branch
establishments in London, Manchester, Newcastle-
on-Tyne, Birmingham, Newport (Monmouth),
Derby, &c. ; repairing depots in Bristol, Cardiff,
Chester, Darlington, Hull, Lancaster, Leeds,
Middlesbro', Norwich, Eeading, Sheffield, Widnes,
York, &c.
PooKi-iousE, City Parish, 322 Parliamentary road.
Poor-rate Office, City Parish, 122 Ingram st.; David
HaU, coUec, W. Davidson & C. D. Dobbie, clerks.
Poor Children's Dinner Table Society ; treasurer. E.
M. Murray, 29 Hamilton drive; secretary, E. M.
Mitchell, 12 Westbourne gardens.
PoET-DuNDAS Cabinet Factory; Charles Douglas &
Co., 397 Dobbie's loan.
Port-Dundas Enamelling Works ; Charles Douglas &
Co., 397 Dobbie's loan.
Port-Dundas Pottery Co., manufacturers of stone-
ware and Eockingham ware, 66 Bishop street, Port-
Port-Dundas Pottery Co., stone bottle manufac-
turers, 66 Bishop street, Port-Dundas.
Port-Dundas Saw Mill, Old Basin, off Possil road.
Port-Dundas Sugar Eefinery Stores ; office. David
Caw & Co., 175 W. George street.
Port Eglinton Paint MiUs, Crawford street, s.s. ;
J. & J Aim.
Port Glasgow and Newark Sailcloth Co., sail-
cloth and twine manufacturers. Port Glasgow ;
Mungo Gray & Co., agents, 104 Hope street.
Port Glasgow and Newark Sailcloth Co., flax spinners,
bleachers, and sailcloth manufrs., Port Glasgow.
Port Natal Packet Office, 97 West George st. ;
Geo. G. Black & Co., agents.
Poet S.\id and Glasgow Steam Packet Office ; Hen-
derson Brothers, agents, 47 Union street.
Port Said and Suez Canal agency, F. W. Allan &
Co., 15 Gordon street.
PORTEOUS, Archibald, commission agent, 33 Ann
street; house, 18 Garment drive, Shawlands.
Porteous Brothers, wholesale booksellers and pub-
Ushers, 43 Eenfield street.
Porteous & Crawford, galvanizers and tank makers,
Anderston Galvanizing Works, 94 Elliot street.
Porteous, David, Callander and Oban Railway Co.,
68 Bath st. ; ho. 19 Meadowpark st., Dennistoun.
Porteous, Hugh L., clerk (at Ker, Bolton & Co.'s), 27
West George street.
Porteous, James, & Co., merchants and agents, 8 So.
Frederick street; resid. Fairhaven, 26 Nithsdale
road, PoUokshields.
Porteous, Jas., confectioner, 283 Crookston street ; ho.
279 do.
Porteous, James, & Son, wool, oil, and commission
merchants, 5 Dixon street.
Porteous, John, agent (Thomas Tapling & Co., carpet
manufacturers, London), 19 Howard street ; ho. 13
Prince's street, PoUokshields.
Porteous, John, butcher, 49 Crown street; house, 9
Adelphi street.
Porteous, John (of James Porteous & Son), house, 1
Lome terrace, PoUokshields.
Porteous, John H. (at MUne & Co.'s, 191 West
George street) ; house, 1 Abercromby terrace.
Porteous, M., fruiterer, 210 North street.
Porteous, Eobert, grocer and provision merchant, 73
Braehead st. ; house, 77 do.
Porteous, Thomas (of Porteous Brothers, wholesale
booksellers and publishers), house, 42 Eosebank
terrace. Grant street.
Porteous, WUliam (of Porteous Brothers, wholesale
booksellers and publishers), house, 6 Park ter.,

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