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Macdonald, John A., inspector of agencies, London,
and Staffordshire Fire Insurance Co. (Limited), 104
West George st.; ho. 4 Victoria ter., Mt. Florida.
Macdonald, John, cabinetmaker and joiner, 62 An-
derston st., Partick.
M'Donald, Joseph, confectioner, 63 West Milton st.
M'Donald, Joseph, licensed spirit dealer, 142 Dalmar-
nock road; ho. 60 West Milton st.
Macdonald, Lachlan (at Bell & Paterson's, writers),
ho. 255 Gallowgate.
M'Donald, M. & A., 594 New City road.
Macdonald, Malcolm, & Co., manufacturers and
embroiderers, 8 East Ingram street.
M'Donald, Michael W., commission agent, 26 Market
street, city ; ho. 18 Great Hamilton street.
M'Donald, Michael W., clothier and outfitter, 342
Gallowgate; ho. 18 Gt. Hamilton st.
M'Donald & Mitchell, slaters, 8 Melville street, s.s.
Macdonald, M., commission agent, 5 Ingram street;
house, 93 North Hanover street.
M'Donald & M'Hardie, stay and corset manufacturers,
194 Main st., Gorbals.
M'Donald, M. & J. M., bakers, 116 London rd. ; ho.
51 Whitevale st.
Macdonald & Mon-ison, tea merchants, 46 Howard st.
M'Donald, Neil, & Co., fishcurei-s and wholesale pro-
vision merchants, 29 Jackson street.
M'Donald, Neil, tobacconist, 79 Markland st., Partick.
Macdonald, Norman, teacher of music, 231 St. George's
road, also 212 Hope st.
M'Donald, Peter, wine merchant, 91 and 97 Cathcart
street, s.s., 330 and 334 Thistle street, s.s. ; house,
4 Carlton place.
M'Donald, Peter, & Co., rectifiers and wine merchants,
4 Carlton place.
M'Donald, Peter (of Peter M'Donald & Co.), house,
Carlton place.
MacDonald, Peter, saddler, 206 Main st, Maryhill.
M'Donald, Eichd. Thomson (of Marshall & M'Donald),
8 Broomhill drive, Partick.
M'Donald, Robert, wire-worker, and wire cloth manu-
facturer, 45 Union street ; ho. 14 Apsley place.
Macdonald, Robert, wine merchant, 37 ]\Iarquis st.,
656 Gallowgate, and 5 Tobago street ; house, 3
Eoslea di'ive.
M'Donald, Eobt., smith and scale beam maker, 148
Trongate and 13 Brunswick lane ; ho. 66 Euther-
glen road.
M'Donald, Robt Ross, manager (at J. & R. M'Intyre's,
Cranstonhill), house, 40 Elderslie. street.
Macdonald, Robert (at John Ure & Son's, 68 Wash-
ington street), house, 37 Darnley st., Polloksliields.
M'Donald, Robert, chemist and druggist, 150 Tron-
gate ; house, 129 Dundas street.
M'Donald, Robert, Macdonald Cafe, 306 Buchanan
street; ho. 29 Cowcaddens.
Macdonald, R., commission agent, 87 Union st. ; ho.
2 Hayburn crescent, Partick.
M'Donald, Robert (at Baillie & M'Dairmid's, 42 Hut-
cheson st.), ho. 5 Safisbury quad., Strathbungo.
Macdonald, Roderick, clerk, 30 George sq.; ho. 218
Great Western rd.
M'Donald, Roderick, clothier, 129 Ingram st. ; house,
3 Lome place. Mount Florida.
M'Donald, Roderick, letter carrier, 42 Dover street.
Macdonald, R. H., 1 Holborn ter., Kelvinside.
M'Donald, Ronald, clerk, 538 New City road.
Macdonald & Sinclair, florists, Langside valley, Cross-
myloof Nurseries ; house, do.
M'Donald, Thomas (of J. M'Donald & Son, writers),
house, 50 Gibson st., Hillhead.
Macdonald, Thomas T., clerk (at G. S. Robb & Co.'s,
115 Waterloo street), house 12 Newton street.
M'Donald, Thomas, grocer, 258 George street.
M'Donald, Thomas (of M'Murray & M'Donald) ho.
207 Broad street, Mile-end.
Macdonald, Walter (of Lyall, Macdonald, Macmillan,
& Co.), house, Gowanlea, Craigpark.
M'Donald, Walter (of M'Donald & Campbell), res.
Rowantree bank, Alexandria.
M'Donald, Wm., teacher of music, 1 Holmhead st.
Macdonald, William, major, late 93rd Highlanders ;
house, 189 Hill street, Garnethill.
Macdonald, William, writer, St. Enoch Station; house,
24 Ashfield terrace, Hillhead.
M'Donald, Wm., joiner, 30 S. Woodsideroad ; ho. 4 do.
M'Donald, William, tailor and clothier, 329 Cathcart
road ; house, 327 do.
Macdonald, William, resident secretary Scottish
Metropolitan Life Assurance Co., 134 St. Vincent
street ; res. Fernlea, Helensburgh.
Macdonald, W. A. (at MacBride, Davidson, M' Arthur,
& Steven's, writers), house, 5 Cecil street, Paisley
road. West.
Macdonald, W. H. (at M'Bride, Davidson, M'Arthur,
& Steven's, writers), house, 8 Annfield ter., west,
M'Donald, Wm., & Co., commission agents and dry-
salters, 48 and 52 East Nile street.
M'Donald, William (of M'Donald & M'Hardie), 415
Eglinton street.
M'Donald, Mrs. Alex., dairy, 670 New City road.
M'Donald, Mrs. Charles, 12 Woodside crescent.
MacDonald Mrs., teacher of English and music, 27
Carnarvon street.
M'Donald, Mrs., dressmaker, 254 St. George's road.
M'Donald, Mrs. Margaret, spirit merchant, 63 North
street; house, 401 St. Vincent street.
M'Donald, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 73 Cedar street.
M'Donald, Mrs., stationer, 156 Houston street.
M'Donald, Miss Ann, shopkeer, 594 New City road.
M'Donald, Miss, dress and mantle maker; house, 39
Dunmore street.
M'Donald, Miss Jane, dress and mantle maker, 6
Newton street.
M'Donald, Misses, dining rooms, 326 Govan st., s.s.
Macdonald, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 26 Ab-
botsford place.
M'Donald, Misses, Wilson house, 87 Montrose street.
M'Donald, Eliza, 123 Dumbarton road.
MacDonald, Agnes M., fruiterer, 140 Woodlands rd.
Macdonald, Sliss M. C, teacher, 9 BroomliiU avenue,
M'Donald, Margaret, gi-ocer, 29 M'Lean street; ho.
10 Rutland crescent.
M'Donald, Margt., grocer, 83 Cathcart street.
M'Donald, Marion, druggist, 136 London road.
Maodonald's Restaurant, 86 Glassford street;
house, 116 So. Portland street. — See Advt. in Ap.
M'Donald's Ten-itorial Church, 100 Maitland st.;
Rev. A. Murchison, minister.
MACDOUGALL, Alexander, printer, publisher, and
stereotype founder, Mitchell lane, 81 Buchanan
street; house, 100 North Frederick street.
M'Dougall, Ales , station agent. Railway Station,
JI'Dougall, Alex., merchant tailor and clothier, 7 Stob-
cross st. , and 341 Argyle st. ; house, 304 Bath st.

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