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Eadie, James (of Eadie, Ireland, & Co.), house, 75
Hill St., Garnethill.
Eadie, James, & Sons, lap welded iron tube manu-
facturers, Clydesdale Tube Works, Rutherglen.
Eadie, James (at Summerlee Iron Co.'s), house, 19
Kelvinside terrace.
Eadie, James, 187 Watt st.
Eadie, James (of James Eadie & Sons), residence,
Thomwood house, Uddingston.
Eadie, James (of John Jacob & Co.), house, 4 Rosslyn
terrace, Pollokshields.
Eadie, Robt. (at Robert Osborne & Sons'), house, 2
Willowbank cres.
Eadie, Robert, church officer, East Campbell street
U.P. Church ; house, 144 Grseme street.
Eadie, Wm., cowfeeder, 14 Stirling st., s.s.
Eadie, William, M.D., 16 Woodside place.
Eadie, Wm., measurer (of Campbell & Eadie), house,
62 Ardgowan st.
Eadie, Wm., spirit dealer, 66 Green street, Calton;
house, 58 Risk street.
Eadie, Wm., teacher of English, Buchanan Institu-
tion, 47 Greenhead street ; house, 4 Yate street,
Gt. Eastern road.
Eadie, W. Anderson, letterpress printer and litho-
grapher, 31 St. Vincent place and 24 North court,
Royal Exchange.
EAGLE, David M., manager, 36 and 38 Surrey st. ;
house, 177 Cumberland street, s.s.
Eagle Steam Gauge Co., Birmingham, pressure and
vacuum gauge manufacturers ; W. R. Arthur, agt.,
87 Union st.
EAGLESHAM, Fotheringham, & Co., warehousemen,
65 Virginia street.
Eaglesham, James (of Eaglesham, Fotheringham,
& Co.), residence, Fairlie park, Partick.
EAMES, Jas., washer and dresser, 291 St. George's rd.
EARL, Andrew, fruiterer, 268 St. George's road.
Earl, David, 149 Clyde Grove ter., Govan rd.
Earnock Collieries Office, 123 St. Vincent street.
SASDAIiE, R. M. & Co., plumbers, gas apparatus
makers, brassfounders, gasfitters, bellhangers, and
metal merchants, Albert Works, 152, 158 St. Vin-
cent lane.
Easdale, R.M. (of R. M. Easdale & Co.), house, 4
Sardinia terrace, Hillhead.
EASSON Brothers, cotton and woollen waste dealers,
paper stock merchants, oil merchants, and engi-
neers' furnishers, 47 Carrick st.
Easson, James (of Easson Brothers), house, 1 Kers-
land street, Hillhead.
Easson, John, house factor, 109 Parson street.
Easson, Robert (of Easson Brothers), house, 128 Byars'
rd., HiUhead.
EAST, Alfred, artist ; studio, 65 West Regent street ;
house, 13 Valeview terrace, Langside.
East Campbell Street Free Church ; Rev. William
Rossborough, minister; residence. Kirn.
East Coast Service, Great Northern and North-
Eastem Railway Companies, 32 West George st. ;
John Marsters, superintendent ; house, Eden bank,
East Park Cottage Home for Infirm Children, 340
Gairbraid street, Maryhill road ; William Mitchell,
treasm-er, 134 Wellington street.
Eastern Agency (Limited), London and Colonies;
Robert Knox & Co., agents, 12 St. Vincent pi.
Eastern Apothecaries' Hall, 135 London street.
Eastern Club, 273 Duke street.
Eastern District Police Office, 9, 11, and 13 To-
bago street, Calton.
Eastern Necropolis, Janefield, east end of Camlachie.
Eastern Necropolis Co. ; Alex. Waddell, secretary,
44 Canning street ; house, 37 Monteith row.
Eastern Public Baths, 105 London rd. ; Wm. Wilson,
Eastern Telegraph Co. (Limited), 69 St. Vincent st. ;
R. M. Renwick, agent.
Eastfibld Colliery Company, coalmasters, 40 St.
Vincent place.
EASTON, Ales, (of J. & R. Pritchard & Co.), ho.
Bellahouston villa.
Easton, Alex., brassfounder, plumber and gasfitter,
134 Renfield street ; ho. 249 New City road.
Easton, Alex., cotton and woollen waste dealer, 134
Renfield street; house, 249 New City road.
Easton, F. M., traffic inspector, Caledonian Railway,
18 Killermont st. ; ho. 25 do.
Easton, George, leather merchant, 74 Carrick st. ;
house, 546 Gallowgate.
Easton, James, skinner and wool merchant, 137
Drygate; house, 290 Duke street.
Easton, James, watchmaker, goldsmith, and jewel-
ler (at R. & W. Sorley's, 136 Argyle street), ho. 3
Hayfield terrace, Langside.
Easton, James (of R. & J. Easton), ho. 77 Charlotte st.
Easton, John, accountant, 115 Buchanan st. ; house,
Portland road, Kilmarnock.
Easton, Robert, C.A. (of Robt. Easton & Co.), house,
12 Albany place.
Easton, Robert, umbrella manufactm-er, 103 New
City road ; house, 100 West Graham street.
Easton, Robert, & Co., chartered accountants and
stockbrokers, 115 Buchanan st.
Easton, R. & J., metal merchants, 115 Greendyke st.
and 79 Charlotte st.
Easton, Thomas J. (of D. Macarthur & Co.), house,
2 Kelvin drive, Kelvinside.
Easton, Walter (of Browne, Easton, & Co.), house,
205 Bath street.
Easton, William (at William M'Ewen's, 17 St. Vin-
cent lane), house, 16 Buckingham ter., Hillhead.
Easton, William J., law agent, 150 West Regent st. ;
house, 15 Victoria crescent.
Easton, Wm., umbrella manufacturer, 265 Buchanan
street ; house, 41 Gardner street.
Easton, Mrs. Jas., di-aper, 38 Eglinton st. ; ho. 36 do.
Easton, G. & P., teachers, 46 Granby terrace.
Eastv^^ood Parish School Board ; clerk, Robt. Guy,
writer, 120 W. Regent street ; house, The Wern,
EATON, David Y., 17 Summerfield cot., Whiteincli.
Eaton, Geo., & Son, cabinet manufactm-ers, London,
6 Dixon street ; J. Kelly, agent.
Eaton, James (of Wright & Eaton), house, 8
Clarinda terrace, Prince's street, Pollokshields.
Eaton, R. A., commission and insurance agent, 16
Stevenson drive, Langside.
Ebenezer Independent Chapel, 141 Waterloo st.
ECHALAZ, H., & Co., iron merchants, 101 St, Vin-
cent street.
Echalaz, John George, iron merchant, 101 St.
Vincent street ; house, 4 West Garden street.
ECKFORD, William, fruiterer and confectioner,
505 Gallowgate ; house, 503 do.
ECONOMIC Life Assurance Society, W. J.
CarsweU, C. A., supt. for Scotland, 141 St. Vincent
st. — See Advertisement in Appen.

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