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Bank of Scotland, 2 St. Vincent Place. — J. A.
Wenley, manager: R. Gourlay, sub-manager; W.
Nielson, accountant. Draw on Coutts & Co., and
Smith, Payne, & Co., London ; on the bank of Eng-
land and branches ; on the Manchester and Liverpool
District Bank ; Carlisle City and District Bank ;
Provincial Bank of Ireland; Bank of Ireland; S.
Smith & Co.; Bradford Old Bank; Huddersfield
Banking Company ; National Provincial Bank of
England ; London and County Bank ; Woods & Co. ;
Burton, Uttoxeter, and Ashburn Union Bank ; Shef-
field Union Bank; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire
Banking Co. ; Bank of Australasia ; Chartered Mer-
cantile Bank of India, London, and China; Bank of
British North America ; Canadian Bank of Com-
merce; Standard Bank of British South Africa: Bank
of New Zealand, and National Bank of New Zealand.
London Branch, Lotbbury, E.C. — Robert Davidson,
manager; Thomas H. Smith, assistant manager.
British Linen Company Bank, Queen Street.
— A. L. Fowler and T. Balmain, agents; J. Banner-
man, cashier; R. A. Scott, acct. ; T. S. J. Johnstone,
J. Lillie, and J. Richard, tellers. Draw and issue
letters of credit on their branch, 10 King William
Street, London, and Messrs. Smith, Payne, and
Smiths, London ; Bank of England and branches ;
Branches of the National Provincial Bank of Eng-
land; Branches of London and County Bank; S.
Smith & Co., Nottingham, Derby, and Mansfield ;
Carlisle and Cumberland Bank and branches ; Sheffield
and Rotherham Bank, Sheffield, Rotherham, Bake well,
Buxton, Dronfield ; J. Backhouse and Co., Darlington,
Durham, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Barnard Castle,
Bishop Auckland, Middlesbro', Northallerton, Stock-
ton-on-Tees, West Hartlepool, Stanhope, Houghton
le Spring ; Bradford Banking Co., Bradford, York-
shire ; Huddersfield Banking Co., at Huddersfield,
Batley, Dewsbury, and Heckmondwike ; Bank of
Whitehaven, Whitehaven, Workington, and Cleator
Moor; the Halifax Joint Stock Bank, Halifax, Sowerby
Bridge; Yorkshire Banking Co. and branches; Lan-
caHter Banking Co. and branches; Bank of Ireland
and branches; Messrs. J. G. King's Sons, New York;
Bank of Montreal and branches ; Bank of British
Columbia, Portland, San Francisco, and Victoria,Van-
couver's Island; English, Scottish, and Australian
Chartered Bank ; Bank of New Zealand, branches
in New Zealand and at Levuka, Fiji; Bank of Aus-
tralasia, National Bank of New Zealand, Limited,
Standard Bank of British South Africa, Limd., Oriental
Bank Corporation and branches. Bills negotiated on
all towns in Great Britain and Ireland, and abroad
where there is a bank. Circular letters of credit issued
for the use of travellers on the continent.
Clydesdale Banking Co., St. Vincent Place. —
G. Read nan, general manager; John M. Cunningham,
assistant-manager; David Wilson and F. Johnston,
cashiers; J. Harvie, secretary ; D. Dewar, accountant;
G. Morton, assistant-secretary; branch department,
Robert Carruth, superintendent of branches; Peter
Clark, Alexander Binny, James M'Cracken, David
Kyle, and Robert Orr, inspectors of branches ; D. Mac-
Millan, D. Nicol, W. H. Smith, W. M'Kissock, and W.
Shanks, tellers. Correspondents, Barnetts, Hoares, &
Co., London ; London and Westminster Bank, London-
Liverpool Union Bank, Liverpool ; Manchester Union
Bank, (Limited) and branches ; Manchester and
Liverpool District Bank and Branches; W. W.
Brown & Co., bankers, Leeds ; Birmingham and
Midland Bank; Sheffield Banking Company and
branches ; W. H. Lambton & Co., Newcastle and
branches; Huddersfield Banking Co. and branches;
Hull Banking Co. and branches ; Halifax Joint Stock
Bank ; Carlisle City and District Bank and branches ;
National Provincial Bank of England and branches;
Moore & Robinson, bankers, Nottingham ; Coventry
Union Bank; Yorkshire Bank, Leeds, and branches;
Lancaster Banking Companv and branches; Bank of
Whitehaven (Limited); Whitehaven Joint Stock
Bank; Barnsley Bank; County of Gloucester Bank,
Cheltenham, and branches; Derby and Derbyshire
Bank and branches; Messrs Gurney & Co., Nor-
wich, and branches ; Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin ;
National Bank and branches ; Ulster Bank and
branches; Belfast Bank and branches; North of
Scotland Bank, Aberdeen, and branches ; certain
branches of the Bank of Scotland, National, Royal,
and Union Banks ; Bank of British North America
and branches ; National Bank of New Zealand ; Union
Bank of Australia and branches; and Merchants',
Bank of Canada and branches.
London Office, 30 Lombard Street — Hugh Muir,)
manager; J. Cragg, secretary; E. West, accountant.)
Commercial Bank of Scotland, 10 Gordon
Street. — Agents, Stuart and Sloane ; accountant, Wm.;
Laidlaw; tellers, S. Peploe, G. Halliday. J. M'Laren,
T. S. Simpson, and Wra. Shiel. Draw on and are
agents for the following establishments: — viz., Lon-
don and Westminster Bank, London; Coutts &i
Co., London; Beckett & Co., Leeds; Birmingham)
Joint Stock Bank; Boyle, Low, Murray, & Co.,
Dublin; Bradford Banking Company; Bank ofi
Whitehaven ; Bank of Westmoreland ; Carlisle City !
and District Bank and branches; Cumberland Union | *a:
Bank and branches; Halifax Joint Stock Banking
Company; Hibernian Bank : Hull Banking Compan;
and branches ; Lambton & Co., Newcastle ; Cunliffes
Brooks, & Co., Manchester and Blackburn; Leedi
and County Bank and branches; Leicestershire B ink-
ing Company, Leicester, and branches; Liverpool Com-
mercial Bank; Lloyd's Banking Company (Limited)! tens
and branches ; Manchester and Salford Bank; Man- j ^ flor.ii
Chester and Liverpool District Bank and branches;
Munster Bank (Limited); National and Provincial [Hi
Bank of England and branches; The National BanijJm
(Ireland) and branches; branches of the Bank oil Kit
Scotland; branches of the British Linea Company P<
Bank; North of Scotland Banking Conpany amfBi-^
branches ; Northern Banking Company, Belfast, an'j iH)|„j
branches; Parr's Banking Company, Warrington Eb.j.
and branches; Preston Banking Co. and branches j a^.
Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin ; Sheffield Bankin tn 5 v.
», mi
toim m

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