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So are photographs, -when sent in limited numbers,
for the private use of the person to whom they are
addressed, or for distribution to relatives or friends."
It is further stated that if any books or photographs,
received in the Mails from the United Kingdom, are
found to be liable to Customs duty, they will not be
delivered to the addressees, but will be returned to
this country.
(11.) Colonial and Foreign Pattern and Sample Post.
1. There is a Pattern and -Sample Post to colonies
and foreign countries generally ; but it is restricted
to bond fide trade patterns or samples of merchandise.
Goods sent for sale, or in execution of an order (bow-
ever small the quantity may be), or any articles sent
by one private individual to another which are not
actually patterns or samples, are not admissible.
2. No article liable to Custom duties can be sent
ha a sample or pattern.
3. The rates of postage will be found in the Tables
ol Foreign Postage.
4. Patterns or samples, when practicable, must be
sent in covers open at the ends, and in such a
manner as to be easy of examination.* But samples
of seeds, drugs, and such like articles, which cannot
be sent in covers of this kind — but such articles
only — may be posted enclosed in boxes, or in bags
of linen or other material, fastened in such a manner
that they may be readily opened.
5. There must be no writing or printing upon or
in any packet except the address of the person for
whom it is intended, the address of the sender, a
trade mark or number, and the price of the
6. Samples of saleable value must not be sent to
any foreign country, to Bermuda, British Guiana,
British Honduras, Falkland Islands, Gambia, Gold
Coast, Lagos, Sierra Leone, Newfoundland, Jamaica,
Trinidad, Mauritius, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Labuan,
Straits Settlements, India, or Canada. Sam-
ples of eider down, raw or thread silk, woollen or
goats' hair thread, vanilla, saffron, carmine, or isin-
glass, are considered to fall under this rule if they
weight more than three ounces.
7. Such articles as scissors, knives, razors, forks,
steel pens, nails, keys, watch machinery, metal
tubing, pieces of metal or ore, provided that they be
packed and guarded in so secure a manner as to
afford complete protection to the contents of the
mail bags and to the Officers of the Post Office,
while at the same time they may be easily ex-
amined, may be sent as samples to places abroad,
Indigo cannot be sent to any place abroad.
8. The limit of weight is not the same to all
countries. For particulars, see foot note to Tables of
Colonial and Foreign Postage.
9. A packet of patterns or samples sent to any
place comprised in the Postal Union must not exceed
8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, or 2 inches in
depth. The size in all other cases is limited to 24
inches in length, or 12 inches in width or depth.
(12.) Indian and Ceylon Parcel Post.
In pursuance of arrangements made between the
Indian and Ceylon Post Offices on the one part and
* In order to secure the return of Pattern Packets
which cannot he delivered, the names and addresses of
the senders should he printed or written outside; thus
"From of " '
the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Com-
pany on the other, parcels may be sent to any part
of British India, Aden, British Burmah, and Ceylon,
by the Indian Parcel Post Agency, from the Office
at 122 Leadenhall Street, E.C., or the Branch Office
at 25 Cockspur Street, S.W., under the following
regulations, viz. :. —
1. The charge for parcels is Is. per lb., or fraction
of a lb. (prepayment optional), covering transit from
Loudon to destination. Insurance may be effected,
if desired, at the rate (to be prepaid) of Is. up to £3
value, 2s. 6d. up to £10 value, and 5s. up to £20
value. Indian Customs duty (if chargeable) will be
realized from the addressee.*
2. The maximum weight, size, and value of a parcel
are: — weight, 50 lbs.; size, 2 feet long by 1 foot
broad, and 1 foot deep; value, £20.
S. The following are forbidden contents : — Liquids,
or any articles of a dangerous, damaging, or fragile
4. On parcels containing jewellery, gold, silver,
watches, or precious stones, an additional charge will
be made at the following rates : — Under £5, 2s. 6d.;
£5 and under £10, 5s.; £10 and under £25, 7s. 6d.;
£25 to £50, 1J per cent. All charges on these
parcels must be prepaid.
5. Mode of packing and address: — Parcels must
be entirely closed and securely packed and fastened;
a covering of stout canvas cloth or waterproof sewn
at the edges being required if the parcel measures one
cubic foot or upwards. Any article liable to suffer
from crushing must be in a strong wooden case, not
les3 than half an inch thick. The Indian address
should be legibly written, with the superscription,
" By Indian Parcel Post."
6. A letter of advice, stating name and address on
parcel, contents and value for Custom House clear-
ance, with legible signature and address of sender,
should be sent to the Office (see Clause 1), with each
parcel, accompanied by payment, if it be desired to
prepay or insure the parcel. Kemittances from the
country must be by cheque, post office order, or penny
stamps, which must not be defaced or affixed to the
package. Stamps of a higher denomination cannot
be received.
7. A receipt will be given (by the Company) for
each parcel received from the country, and for other
parcels, if specially required.
8. Parcels from the country (including all those
not booked by the sender or their messengers or
agents in person at the London Offices) may be for-
warded to the office in London (see address below) by
railway, or any other means available ; but the parcel
with the Indian address, as in Clause 5, should in such
case be enclosed in an outer covering, bearing the
address, " Indian Parcel Post Agency, 122 Leaden-
hall Street, London, E.C." The charges for carriage
to the above address are additional to charges for
transit or insurance under Clause 2, and may be pre-
paid to the local carrying agent, or left to be paid on
delivery in London, and subsequently collected from
the addressee. The letter of advice (see Clause 6),
with any payment desired for transit or insurance
(payment by post should be by cheque or money
* Parcels containing hooks, or articles treated as hooks
under the British Inland Book Post rules, will be charged
at half rates, viz., 6d. per lb. If not specially advised as
Books, these parcels will be liable to he charged at the
Is. rate.

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