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Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.
1 Glasgow rd
Scouler, John, jeweller, 64 Bu-
chanan st. ; ho. Stonelaw house
Scouler, Mr3. spirit dealer, 69
Glasgow road ; ho. 65 do.
Seath, T. B. & Co. shipbuilders
Seath, Thos. B. shipbuilder; ho.
Shaughnessy, Joseph, writer, 170
Hope st. city ; ho. Mossgiel cot
Shaw, Rev. J. 152 Main st
Shearer, George, grocer & dairy-
man, 150 Mill st
Shearer, Thomas, spirit dealer, 1
and 5 Chapel st
Shearer, Thomas, hill clerk, Stone-
law Colliery; ho. 222 Main st.
Shearer, Wm. farmer, Spittle farm
Simpson, Edward (of E. Simpson
& Co.), Gallowflat
Simpson, Rev. George, of Bridge-
ton, 87 Old Dalmarnock rd. ;
house, South villa
Sinclair, Archd. painter, &c. 62
Argyle street, city; house, 18
Smith terrace
Smart, John, 12 Argyle st. ; ho.
29 Cathcart st
Smart, Walter, agent for the Scot-
tish Union and National Insur-
ance Co. East Croft cottage
Smart, Mrs. 29 Cathcart st
Smith, Alex, (of W. & A. Smith),
ho. 12 Chapel street
Smith, J. manager of the Glasgow
Working Men's Building So-
ciety ; ho. Low Gallowflat
Smith, James, Pitcaim cottage
Smith, Walter, 31 Cathcart street
Smith, W. & A. blacksmiths, 8
High street
Smith, Wm. (of W. & A. Smith),
ho. 26 Glasgow road
Sommerville, John (of Sommer-
ville & Morrison), 2 Miller ter
Sommerville & Morrison, water-
proofers, brattice and oiled cloth
manufacturers, Eastfield; ware-
house, 32 Glassford st. city
Steel, Wm. grocer and provision
merchant, 11 Gallowflat place ;
house, 15 do
Stevenson, Rev. Wm. F., manse,
Main street
Stewart, Archibald, plumber, 130
Main st.; ho. 34 Glasgow rd
Stewart, D. grocer, grain, and
provision merchant, 177 Main
St.; ho. 175 do
Stewart, R. B. (of Stewart, Wil-
son, & Co.), Killermont house,
Mary hill
Stewart, R. B. Son, & Co. power-
loom manufts., Burnside Factory
Stewart, William, 175 Main st
Stonelaw Colliery office, 36 Argyle
arcade, city; works, Stonelaw
Tannahill, John, Clydesdale Tube
Works ; ho. Beechwood place,
Dalmarnock road
Thomson, John, fieshr. 204 Main st
Thomson, John, inspector of poor,
161 Main St.; ho. 104 Mill st
Thomson, W. G. (of Jn. Thomson
& Son, 49 Hope st. city), ho.
Park villa
Thornton, P. dairym. 158 Main st
Threshie, J. M. Clincarthill
Tod, John, rope and twine manu-
facturer, Farm Loan road ; ho.
Helenslee, Cambuslang
Tullis, David (of John Tullis &
Son), Glencairn, Burnside
Tullis, James (of John Tullis &
Son), The Anchorage, Burnside
Turnbull, Peter, hill clerk, ho. 18
Millar ter
Turnbull, Mrs. ladies' nurse, 24
Miller terrace
Veitch, Alex, provision and com-
mission agent, 8 Gallowflat ter
Wallace, James, agent, Na. Bank
of Scot. 86 Main st.; ho. 88 do
Wallace, James, agent for the Im-
perial Fire Insu. Co. and col. of
Statute Labour Roads Assess-
ments, 86 Main st. ; ho. 88 do
Wallace, John (of J.& W.Wallace),
ho. Stonelaw
Wardrop, John M. 26 Smith ter
Warnock, D. sen. flesher, 33 Main
street ; ho. Greenbank
Warnock, D. jun. flesher, 33 Main
street; house, 31 do
Watson, Wm. baker, 22 Main St.;
house, 13 Greenbank street
Watson, Wm. grocer and spirit
merchant, 239 Main street
WatsoD, Wm. watchmaker and
jeweller, 245 Main street
Watt, Alexander, 18a Renfield st,
city; ho. Stonelaw Tower
Weir, Archibald, wriglit, 7 Chapel
street ; house, 92 King street
White, John & James, chemical
manufacturers, Shawfield works
White, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Shawfield, and Ardarroch, Gare-
White, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Overtown, Dumbarton
White, John (at Arthur & Co.'s,
78 Queen st. city), house, Low
White, Walter, Bankhead
Wilson, John, clerk, 26 Glasgow rd
Wilson, Jno. Son, & Co. rope and
twine manufacturers, Eastfield;
house, at works
Wilson, Robert, 46 Main street
Winning, John, stationer, 13 Gal-
lowflat place
Wylie, And. grocer, 25 Cathcart
st; house, 23 do
Young, Adam D. grocer and pro-
vision merchant, 31 Mordaunt
st. Bridgeton ; ho. 18 Union pi
Adam, Alex. Carey pi
Adam, Thomas, Fyfe place
Allison, James, Altyre
Anderson, Jas. C. Rosendale road
Anderson, John, mining engineer ;
ho. Elgin villas
Biggar, Jas. East Park cottage
Binnie, Alex. H. Haggs view
Bisset, Jno. Bothwell terrace
Brown, Hugh, Lansdowne place
Brown, W. S. Briar bank
Buchanan, Neil, 3 Darnley ter
Cameron, J. W. 4 Minaville
Cameron, Wm. Glen Morven cot.
Trefoil avenue
Campbell, Mrs. East Shaw villa
Cassels, L. T. Lansdowne place
Cherry, Wm. Alma place
Chisholm, Robt. 1 Darnley ter
Clayton, Hume Wm. Rock cottage
Colquhoun, R. M. 2 Carment drive
Copland, William, Ashgrove
Cowan, John, Ashton villa
Cowan, Robert G. Ashton villa,
Crawford, Matt. L. Rose cottage
Davidson, M. C. 1 Carment pi
Dietrichsen, Fred. C. Daily Mail
office, Crookston cottage
Dietrichsen, James, Crookston cot
Dick, Robert, Darnley cottage
Dick, W. R. com. mer. Albany cot.
Pollok rd

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