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Royal Arch Lodge, No. 153,
Cogan street
Russell, John, 90 King st
Russell, Mrs. draper, 57 King st
Sewell, Wm. schoolmaster and
session clerk, Pollok academy ;
house, Cartcraigs
Shaw, Jas. plasterer, 3 College st
Sir John Maxwell Lodge of Odd-
fellows Friendly Society
Smeaton, J. grocer, 37 Herriot St.;
ho. 58 King street
Smith, Robt. spirit merchant, 17
Herriot St.; ho. High Cartcraigs
Sproul, Robert, baker, 14 Main
Sproul, Wm. grass bleacher, and
family washing and dressing
establishment, Govan hall
Steel, James, boot and shoe ware-
house, Maxwell cross
Stevenson, Jas. letter carrier ; ho.
11 King street
Stewart, John, & Gillies, writers
and notaries public, agents for
the Standard Life Office, City
Bank buildings
Stewart & M'Kenzie, engineers,
ironfounders, & machine makers,
Stewart, Robt. mason and builder;
ho. Rosendale road
Stewart, Thos. sergeant instructor,
4thR.R.V. Corps, 33 Maxwell st
Stewart, Walter, agent for North
British and Mercantile Insur-
ance Co. sub - distributor of
stamps, and sub-collector of
taxes and licences, 29 King st.;
ho. 12 Pollok road, Shawlands
Stewart, Wm. (of Stewart &
M'Kenzie), house, Heath bank,
Rossendale road
Stirling, Wm. J.; ho. 29 Herriot st
Strang, David, Pollokshaws and
Glasgow carrier
Strang, William, grocer and wine
merchant, 55 Main st. ; ho 59 do
Syme, Mrs. Agnes, wine and spirit
merchant, 70 Pollok street; ho.
4 Maxwell street
Tassie, Jas. bank agent, 70 King
st. ; ho. Millbrae, Langside
Tassie, James, Coustonhill
Taylor, Jos. D. Rossendale road
Taylor, Wm. grocer and provision
merchant, 4 Main street; house,
11 Maxwell street
Turnbull, Mrs. John, 74 King st
Tracy, Henry, pawnbroker and
general dealer, 54 King St.;
house, 56 do.
United Presby. Ch. Matilda street
Urie, John, cartwright and joiner,
glazier and funeral undertaker,
Shawhill street; ho. King st
Walker, Wm. surgeon, Main st. ;
bouse, Kirklaud villa
Wark, R. joiner, 18 Pleasance st
Watt, Walter, spirit merchant, 84
Main st. ; house, 58 King st
Watson, Duncan, grocer, 29 Main
street ; ho. Alderwood, Rossen-
dale road
Watson, Joseph, grain and potato
merchant ; ho. Auldfield cottage
Watson, Wm. (of Jas. Young &
Son), Auldhousefield ; house,
29 Herriot street
Weatherly, Jas. market gardener,
Weir, Wm. Riverbank house
Welsh, Matthew, hosier, 81 Geo.
street; house, 67 King street
Whitehead, Jas. slater, 69 Herriot st
Wilson, Alex. 59 Pollok street
Wilson, Alexander, & Co. drapers,
90 King street
Wilson & Gall, omnibus proprie-
tors, cab and carriage hirers;
office and stables, Greenbank St.;
funeral office, Maxwell cross
Wilson, John, grocer, 19 Main st.;
ho. Laurel Bank pi. Shawlands
Wilson, John, eoalmaster, Pollok
colliery, by Polloksbaws ; house,
Roselea, Pollokshields
Winning, Jas.; ho. Low Cartcraigs
Wren, William, grocer and wine
merchant, 76 Pollok street ; ho.
40 Pollok street
Wright, C. H. Mxwell cross
Young, Jas. & Son, bleachers and
finishers, Auldhousefield; letter
box at Thos. Donald's, 108
Queen st. Glasgow
Young, Robert, inspector of way,
G. B. and J. R. Rail. ; house,
Haggs road
Young, Wm. & Co. power-loom
muslin manufs. Avenue WeaviDg
Young, Mrs. Mansion house, Auld-
Burgh of Pollokshields, created
1876. Estimated population,
2000. Rental, £23,600.
Robert Harvey, provost ; James
M'Aulay and Wm. Gray, magis-
trates; Nathapiel Ramsay, Wm.
L. E. M'Lean, Thomas Meikle,
John Burns, John Robertson,
and Jn. Graham, commissioners;
John Grey, clerk; James P.
Laidlaw, treasurer
(For List of Names, see General
Directory; also Street Lists
and Trades under their re-
spective headings.)

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