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Renison, Wm. 68 W. Regent st
Rennie, Geo. 38 W. George st
Renwick, R. City Chambers
Risk, J. A. D. 167 St. Vincent st
Ritchie, James, MacLean, & Co.
175 Hope st
Ritchie, R. B. 79 West Regent st
Ritchie, S. (ot Jas. Ritchie, Mac-
lean, & Co.)
Roberton, Jas. LL.D. (of Rober-
ton & Ross_)
Roberton & Ross, 176 St. Vin. st
Roberts, A. 172 St. Vincent street
Robertson, A. 108 West Regent st
Robertson, Dnn. 116 St. Vine, st
Robertson, James H. (of J. M. &
J. H. Robertson)
Robertson. John M. (of J. M. &
J. H. Robertson)
Robertson, J. M. & J. H. 44 West
Regent st
Robertson, John (of Quintin Dick
& Robertson)
Rodger, R. 103 W. Regent st
Ronald, C. A. (at Bell & Pater-
Ross, Alex. 326 Crown st
Ross, Robt. (of Balfour & Paterson)
Ross, Robert (of Roberton & Ross)
Ross, W. T. (of Ross & Gray)
Ross, W. T. & Gray, 53 West
Regent st
Rough, Robt. 108 West George st
Rutherford, Jas. 82 W. Nile st
Sawers, J. T. 116 St. Vincent st
Scott, A. M. 156 St. Vincent st
Scott, Smeaton, & Law, 156 St.
Vincent street
Scott, W. R. 16 Minerva st
Service, Jas. jun. 35 Bath street
Service, James, 35 Bath st
Shand, W. B. 151 St. Vincent st
Shaw, D. 42 Bath street
Shaughnessy, J. 170 Hope street
Sillars, P. 75 Bath street
Simpson, J. Y. of (Simpson, Kirk,
& Donaldson)
Simpson, Kirk, & Donaldson, 156
St. Vincent st
Sinclair, Jas. F. 12 Miller street
Sinclair, Robt. &Thos. 12 Miller st
Sinclair, Thos. (of R. & T. Sinclair)
Smart, Jas. 160 Hope street
Smeaton, J. C. 156 St. Vincent st
Smillie & Blyth, 175 W. Geo. st
Smillie, Thos. J. 175 W. George st
Smith, Gordon, & Lucas, 133 W.
George st
Smith, G.(of GordonSmith&Lucas)
Smith, J. B. 65 W. Regent st
Smith, J. G. 173 St. Vincent st
Smith, James, 21 Bath street
Smith, Jno. B. (at M'Grigor,
Donald, & Co.'s)
Smith, R. S. 150 W. Regent st
Smith, W. K. (at Jno. Stewart &
Speus, J. A. (of Maclay, Murray,
& Spens)
Stark, Robert, 43 W. Regent st
Stark, T. 180 W. Regent st
Stevens, Jas. C. (of Macbride,
Davidson, M'Artbur, & Stevens)
Stevenson & Fyfe, 150 St. Vin. st
Stevenson, J. M. P. 1 76 W. Geo. st
Stewart, Alex. 426 St. Vincent st
Stewart, A. W. 147 W. Regent st
Stewart, James, 4 Parliament, rd
Stewart, Jas. 357 New City road
Steuart, John, & Gillies, 128 St.
Vincent street
Stuart, John W. (of Stuart &
Stewart, Peter, 82 W. Nile st
Stuart & Phillip, 121 W. Regt. st
Stewart, Robt. 116 West Regent
Stewart, Wm. (of Murdoch &
Stout, Thomas, 178 St. Vincent st
Stout, Thos. jun. M.A. B.L. 178
St. Vincent street
Stout, T. & T. 178 St. Vincent st
Strang, Wm. 121 W. Regent st
Strathern, John, 95 Bath st
Taylor, John D. 194 W. Geo. st
Taylor, J. M. 180 St. Vincent st
Taylor, J. M. & Foulis, 180 St.
Vincent street
Tennant, A. A. 113 West Regent
Thorn & Headrick, 95 Bath st
Thorn, J. A. (of Thorn & Headrick)
Thomas, W. M.A. 65 W. Reg. st
Thomson, A. (at Moncrieff, Pater-
son, Forbes, & Barr's)
Thomson, G. A. 180 W. George st
Thomson, Laurence, & Miller, 97
Wellington st
Thomson, Laurence (of Laurence
Thomson & Miller)
Thresbie, James, City Chambers
Threshie, J. M. 72 Hutcheson st
Towers-Clark, Wm. 180 W. Geo. st
Trench,T. (at Murdoch & Stewarts')
Turnbull, John (of W., J. B., & J.
Tweedley, D. jun. 37 Bath st
Walker, M'Lelland, Thomson, &
Towers-Clark, 180 W. George st
Walker, Robert, 108 W. George st
Wallace, John, 58 W. Regent st
Wallace & King, 58 W. Regent st
Wallace, M. 92 West Nile street
Wallace & Wilson, 92 W. Nile st
Wark, Jno. 44 W. Regent st
Warren, T. (at Moncrieff, Pater-
son, Forbes, & Barr's)
Watkins, G. Y. S. 186 W. Geo. st
Watson, Jas. 63 Renfield st
Watson, Jos. (of Brownlie, Watson,
& Beckett)
Watson, Thos. 50 W. Regent st
Watt, A. (of Fisher and Watt)
Watt, David, 196 St. Vincent st
Watt & Paul, 196 St. Vincent st
Weir, Thos. Ill Brunswick street
White, Andw. 95 Bath street
Williamson & Bell, 194 West
George street
Williamson, C. M. (of William-
son & Bell)
Wilson, A. C. (of Dill, Wilson,
& Muirhead)
Wilson, Caldwell, & Fyfe, 79 West
Regent st
Wilson & Caldwell, 79 W. Reg. st
Wilson, D. (of Wallace & Wilson)
Wilson, D. M. 154a W. Regent st
Wilson, H. D. (of Grieve & Wilson)
Wilson, Wm. M. 79 W. Reg. st
Wright, Jno. S. (of Wright, John-
ston, & Mackenzie)
Wright, John (of Wright & John-
Wright & Johnston, 175 St. Vin-
cent street
Wright, Johnston, & Mackenzie,
150 St. Vincent st
York, William, 150 Hope street
Yorston, R. 157 W. George st
Young, Adam, 193 St. Vincent st
Young, Alex, (of A. & G. Young)
Young, A. & G. 97 Wellington st
Young, G. B. (at Moncrieff, Pat-
erson, Forbes, & Barr's)
Young, George (of A. & G. Young)
Young, P. T. auditor, County
buildings, Wilson st
Young, T. C. & Son, 87 Union st
Young, T. C. 87 Union st
Young, T. C. jun. M.A. B.L. 87
Union street
Adams, J. & W. Y. jute, 45 Mit-
chell street
Aitken, R. 69 Wilson street
Alexander, Jas. 26 Renfield st
Andrews, Jas. 33 Abercromby st
Bayne, R. 5 Montrose st
Beith, Stevenson, & Co. 19 W.
Nile st
Benson, R. 24 Dalmarnock rd
Berry & Vogel, 4 North court
Blackley, J. 203 Hope street
Blantyre Yarn Warehouse, 84
Ingram street
Boyd, Robert, & Co. 70 George sq
Briggs, T. 187 George street
Brown & Wingate, 12 Garthland st
Brown, W. jun. & Co. 85 Queen st
Buckley & Marsden, Huddersfield,
represented by Jas. Moon & Co.
Burnet & Thomson, 140 W. Geo. st
Clachan, J. 69 Ingram st
Couper, James, 53 Candleriggs
Craig, James, 5 Brunswick st
Crawford, Cree, & Co. 47 Ingram
street, east
Crawford, R. 10 Hope street
Creischer, P. J. Fils, 3 1 N. Fred, st
Currie, D. 25 Queen street

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