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Donaldson, Jas. 156 St. Vincent st
Douglas, R. 176£ Hope street
Douglas, R. D. Ill Brunswick st
Douie, Robt. 37 Bath st
Downie & Aiton, 115 St. Vine, st
Downie, Jno. (of Downie & Aiton)
Drumniond, A. S., M.A. 194 St
Vincent street
Dunbar & Baird, 107 St. Vine, st
Dunbar, James (Dunbar & Baird)
Duncan, J. D. 223 W. George st
Dunlop, Robt. M. 136 Welling-
ton street
Dunlop, R. (of Brown, Dunlop, &
Dunn, Hugh, 59 St. Vincent st
Easton, Wm.J. 150 W. Regent st
Elder, A. 3 Govan st
Erskine, Jn. (of Dixon & Erskine)
Espie, Geo. S.S.C. (of Lockhart &
Esson, C. 172 W. George street
Faulds, W. B. & Lindsay, 25
Bath street
Faulds, W. B. (of W. B. Faulds
& Lindsay)
Ferguson, Archd. (of A. Ferguson
& J. T. T. Btowd)
Ferguson, Arch. 98 W. George st
Ferguson, A. & J. T. T. Brown,
58 West Regent st
Ferguson, John (of Brown &
Findlay, Jas. M.A. (at R. & J. M.
Finlayson & Auld, 150 W. George
street; temporary office till Sept.
89 Bath street
Finlayson, Wm. (of Finlayson &
Fisher, D. (of Fisher & Watt)
Fisher & Watt, 183 St. Vincent st
Fleming, Jas. B. (of Montgomerie
& Flemings)
Fleming, John (of Montgomerie &
Forbes, Ales. 68 W. Regent st
Forbes, A. (of Moir & Forbes)
Forbes, Daniel (of Moncrieff, Pa-
terson, Forbes, & Barr)
Fotheringham,T. 118 Onflow drive
Fonlis, A. (of J. M. Taylor &
Foulis, S. (of Galbraith & M'Pher-
Frame, Jas. 175 St. Vincent st
Frame, R. 98 Bath street
France, C. (of Bannatynes, Kirk-
Wood, & M'Jannet)
Fraser, John T. 124 Bothwell st
Fyfe, H. B. (of Stevenson & Fyfe)
Fyfe, T. A. (of Wilson, Caldwell,
& Fyfe)
Galbraith, James, M.A. LL.B. 30
Hope street
Galbraith & M'Pherson, 135 St.
Vincent street
Galbraith, W. A. (of Galbraith &
Galloway, H. H. (of Macgeorge,
Cowan, & Gallowav)
Gardner, Peter, W.S. 153 St.
Vincent st
Gemmill, Andrew, & Maclachlan,
183 W. George street
Gemmill, Wm. (of Carruthers &
Gettins, D. 93 W. Regent st
Gibb, John (at Thos. J. Smillie's)
Gibb, Thos. (at Smillie & Blyth's)
Gibson & Cook, 113 W. Regent st
Gibson, W. 113 W. Regent st
Gillies, Wm. (of John Steuart &
Girvan, Jas. Graham (of Keydens,
Strang, & Girvan)
Graham, Andrew L. (of A. J. &
A. Graham)
Graham, A. J. & A. 198 West
George st
Graham, James (of A. J. & A.
Graham, T. 75 Bath street
Gray, George, 72 Hutcheson st
Gray, George, & Threshie, 72
Hutcheson street
Gray, John (W. T. Ross & Gray)
Grieve, W. W. (of Grieve &
Grieve & Wilson, 208 W. Geo. st
Griffin, G. A. S. 176£ Hope st
Guy, J. 120 West Regent st
Hall, W. D. 116 St. Vincent, st
Hally, George, 51 St. Vincent st
Hamilton, J. & J. 60 George sq
Hamilton, Jas. D. 60 George sq
Hamilton, J. A. 60 George sq
Hart, James N. County Buildgs.
Hart, Thomas, 63 Renfield st
Harvie, W. H. (at Hill, Davidson,
& Hoggan's)
Hay, John, Clyde Navigation
Hay, Wm. T. (at Borland & King's)
Hayes, Wm. 183 St. Vincent st
Headrick, J. A. (of Thorn &
Henderson, Alex. 434 St. Geo.'srd
Hendry, J. 246 Dumbarton rd.
Herou, H. (of Crawford & Heron)
Hill, Daniel (of D. & J. Hill)
Hill, D. & J. 107 W. Regent st
Hill, Davidson, & Hoggan, 106
Ingram st
Hill, James (of D. & J. Hill)
Hill, Jn. M. (of R. & J. M. Hill)
Hill, R. & J. M. 41 W. George st
Hill, W. H. (of Hill, Davidson, &
Hislop, Jas. 248 West George st
Hodge & Stewart (in liquidation),
116 West Regent st
Hoggan, A. (of Hill, Davidson, &
Hoggan, Geo. B. 106 Ingram st
Honeyman, Jas. (of Ploneyman,
Starke, & Scoular) ]
Honeyman, P. S. (of Black, Honey-
man, & Monteith)
Honeyman, Starke, & Scoular, 43
West Regent street
Hotson, Jas. 154a W. Regent st
Hotson & Wilson, 154a West
Regent street
Howie, Wm. 186 W. George st
Hurll, John, jun. 121 W. Regent st
Hutcheson, Jas. 89 W. Regent st
Jackson, G. 302 Buchanan st
Jamieson, Robert (of Jamieson,
Son, & Maclae)
Jamieson, Son, & Maclae, 149 St.
Vincent st
Jeans, A. (at Keyden, Strang &
Johnston, Alexander (of Wright,
Johnston, & Mackenzie)
Johnston, D. (of Mitchells, Cowan,
& Johnston) «
Johnston, W. C. (of Wright &
Kay, C. (of M'Clure, Naismith,
Brodie, & M'Farlane)
Kelman, J. & A. & Phyn, 139 St.
Vincent street
Kelman, Jas. A. 139 St. Vine, st
Kennedy, Alex. 179 W. George st
Kennedy, G. 109 W. George st
Kerr & Fleming, 98 Bath street
Kerr, James, 302 Buchanan st
Kerr, John, 98 Bath street
Keyden, Jas. (of Keydens, Strang,
& Girvan)
Keyden, Jas. jun. (of Keydens,
Strang, & Girvan)
Keydens, Strang, & Girvan, 186
West George st
Kidston, John (of W., J. B., & J.
Kidston, J. B. (of W., J. B., & J.
Kidston, W., J. B., & J., 50
West Regent st
King, J. B. (of Wallace & King)
King, Jn. Y. (of Borland & King)
Kirk, T. H. 156 St. Vincent st
Kirkland & Alexander, 117 Wel-
lington street
Kirkland, W. F. (of Kirkland &
Kirkwood, Anderson, L.L.D. (of
Bannatynes, Kirkwood, &
Knox, James W. 132 W. Regent st
Lamond, H. & R. 93 W. Regent st
Lamond, H. (of H. & R. Lamond)
Lamond, R.P. (of H. & R. Lamond)
Law, F. (of Scott, Smeaton, &
Leitch, W. 44 Hutcheson street
Leslie, P. W. 145 West George st
Lindsay, A. M. M.A. 87 West
Regent st
Lindsay, James (of W. B. Faulds
& Lindsay)
Lockhart, David, 162 St. Vine, st
Lockhart & Espie, 162 St. Vin. st

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