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The Medlock Small ware Co., Brook street Mills,
Manchester; agent, W. Murray, 55 Glassford st.,
and 81 Wilson street.
The Mercantile Marine Office, 12 James Watt st.
The Merchant Club, 17 Cochrane street; W. N.
MacCartney, hon. secretary and treasurer.
The National Bank of Scotland, St. Eollox branch,
181 Castle street ; James Stewart, agent ; house,
Eden villa, Lenzie.
The National Bank of New Zealand (Limited), Jamie-
son, Son, & Maclae, 149 St. Vincent street, agents.
The National Property Investment Co. (Limited),
head office, 31 Princes' street, Edinburgh; P. C.
Hart, agent, 80 Eenfield street.'
The North British Canadian Investment Co.
(Limited), Archibald C. Wilson, secretary. Head
office, 54 West Nile street. — See Adv. in App.
The North of England Railway Carriage and Iron Co.
(Limited), of Preston ; office, 175 W. George st.
The Northern Club, 137 Bath st.
The Patent Shaft and Axletree Co. (Limited),
Brunswick, Oldpark and Monway iron and steel
works, Wednesbury, coal and ironmasters, en-
gineers and iron founders, manufacturers of rail-
way wheels and axles, tumables, wrought and cast
iron bridges, roofs, tanks, boilers, switches, and
crossings, cranes and other railway material,
mallets, buckled plates, forge and furnace castings,
rolls, &c, Bessemer steel and iron railway tyres,
axles, rails, forgings and uses, bar, boiler-plate,
chequered plate, angle, tee, and all kinds of rolled
and hammered iron and steel ; sole agent for Scot-
land, Wm. Lester, Coal Exchange, 58 Eenfield st.
The Patent Convex Weaving Co., wove stay manu-
facturers, 64 Gordon street; works, the Convex
Mills, Paisley.
The Patent Granaline Marble and Enamelling Co.
(Limited), works, 10 Granville pi., St. George's rd.
The Patent Embroidery Co., silk embroiderers, 64
Gordon street.
The Patent Heddle Co., manufacturers of heddles
and reeds, also doublers of cotton yarn, 107 High
John street.
The Patent Woollen Cloth Co., Leeds and London ;
agent, Alex. M. Parker, 62 Buchanan st
The Ph<enix Porter Brewery Co., Watling street,
Dublin ; agent, D. Walker, 223 Hope street.
The Regent Club. 146 West Regent street.
The Robertson Memorial Church, corner of Taylor
and Rottenrow streets.
The Royal Naval Reserve office, 12 James Watt st.
The Royal Savings Investment & Buildings Society,
Jas. M'Meeken, manager ; office, 57 Bath street.
The Russian Tea Company, 457 Sauchiehall street.
The Savile Street Foundry and Engineering Co.
(Limited), engineers, machinists, and founders, 75
West Nile st., and Savile st. Foundry, Sheffield.
The Scottish Football Association committee rooms,
11 Dundas street.
The Scottish General Dwellings Co. (Limited),
Spears & Jack, managers, 150 Hope street.
The Scottish Musical Circulating Library, 28 Great
Western road, Hillhead.
The Singer Manufacturing Co. of New York, sole
proprietors and manufacturers of Singer's lock-
stitch sewing machines; European factory, 116
James street, Bridgeton.
The Sisters of Mercy Convent, 60 Hill street,
The State Steam Ship Co. (Limited), Allan C. Gow
& Co. managers; office, 65 Gt. Clyde st.
The Steel Company of Canada (Limited), iron-
masters, Laurence H. Watson, secy., 115 St. Vin-
cent street.
The Steel Company of Scotland (Limited), J. M'Crie,
secretary; office, 150 Hope street; works, Hallside
Steel Works, Newton.
The Swanstonhill Hydropathic Co. (Limited), 150
Hope street; Spears & Jack, secretaries.
The Tramway Car and Carriage Works, David st.,
The Tweed Hall, wholesale woollen cloth warehouse,
15 Hutcheson street.
The Tyne Bolt and Rivet Co., Gateshead.
The Vale of Clyde Tramways Co. ; Robert A. Mair,
secretary, 40 St. Vincent place.
The West of Ireland Steamship Co. (Limited),
Registered Office, 42 Broomielaw.
The West of Scotland Hydropathic Co. (Limited),
Jas. Parnie, secy., Registered office, 27 Union st.
The Waverley Oil and Chemical Co. railway,
colliery, and mill stores, Glasgow and Leeds ;
offices, 44 South Portland street. Tct9H ,
The West of England and South Wales varnish and
japan manufacturers, Bristol; sole agent, P. B.
Walker, 231 Buchanan street.
The Western Baths Co. (Limited), 150 Hope st.
D. Hill Jack, secretary.
The Western Cachar Co. (Limited), 108 West Regent
The Western Heritable Property Co. (Limited),
registered office, 151 St. Vincent street; manager,
A M. Waddell, 55 Glassford street.
The Western Servants' Institution, Registry for
Domestic Servants; Geo. Wright, secy., 128 Ren-
frew st. ; ho. 126 do.
THIRSK, Richard, blacksmith and engineer, 95
Hopehill road; house, 90 North Watson street
THOM, Alex. M'Nee (of James Muirhead & Co., 23
Old wynd), house, 9 Ure place.
Thorn, Archibald, F.E.I.S. teacher of mathematics,
Mechanics' Institution, 38 Bath street ; house, 34
Macfarlane street.
Thorn, Archibald H., 34 Henderson street.
Thorn & Cameron, rectifiers and merchants ; bonded
warehouses, 89 to 105 Cheapside street.
Thorn & Cameron, coopers, hoop and stave merchants,
100 to 120 Piccadilly st. ; office, 93 Cheapside st.
Thorn, Frederick, wine and spirit merchant, 796, 798
Garscube road ; ho. 6 Wilton terrace, New City rd.
Thorn & Headrick, writers, 95 Bath street.
Thom, J. A., writer (of Thom & Headrick), house, 16
Dalhousie street.
Thom, James, & Co., manufacturers power- loom
cloth, 20 Commercial road.
Thom, James, jun. (of James Thom & Son), house, 11
Holborn terrace, Kelvinside.
Thom, James (of James Thom & Son), house, 11
Holborn terrace, Kelvinside.
Thom, James, & Son, manufacturers, 7 S. Frederick st.
Thorns, James H., sewing machine maker, 22 Argyle
street; house, 31 Edmond street.
Thom, Jasper, S.A.E.I.S., teacher, St, John's school, 40
Macfarlane street ; house, 34 do.
Thom, John, storekeeper, 73 East Howard st.; ho. 16
Dalhousie street.
Thom, John, joiner, 95 St. James road; house, 4
Killermont street.

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