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SEAGGERS, George, Prudential Assurance agent, I
113 West Graham street.
Seamen's Chapel, 11 Brown st., near Broomielaw.
Seaside Convalescent Homes, Dunoon, Robt.
Hillhouse, secretary and collector ; office in Glasgow,
58 George square.
SEATH, Thomas B., & Co., shipbuilders, Rutherglen ;
office, 42 Broomielaw.
Seath, T. B., shipbuilder, Rutherglen and 42 Broomie-
law ; residence, Sunnyoaks, Langbank.
SEATON, Andrew .(of W. & A. Seaton), house,
Ellena villa, Leslie road, Pollokshields.
Seaton, James (of J. Seaton & Co.), ho. Ardgowan
cottage, Shawlands.
Seaton, J., & Co., lithographers and engravers by
steam power, 83 Dunlop street.
Seaton, John (of J. Seaton & Co.), house, Ardgowan
cottage, Shawlands.
Seaton, John, tobacconist, 66 Abbotsford place;
house, 68.
Seaton, Peter, tailor and clothier, 237 Duke street.
Seaton, Win. (of Wm. & A. Seaton), house, 37 Winton
terrace, Crossbill.
Seaton, W. & A., wholesale grocers and tea mer-
chants, 118 Broomielaw.
SEDDEN, Wm., furnishing shop, 43 Crawford street;
house, 45 Ewing place.
SELDEN & Co., American and Continental impor-
ters, 41 and 43 St. Enoch square.
Select Reading Club, John Smith & Son, 129
West George street and 40 Ren6eld street.
SELIGMANN, Charles H. (of H. L. Seligmann &
Son, iron merchants and shipowners, 29 St. Vin-
cent place).
Seligmann, H. L. (of H. L. Seligmann & Son, 29 St.
Vincent place), ho. 1 Victoria crescent, Dowanhill.
Seligmann, H. L., & Son, iron merchants and ship-
owners, 29 St. Vincent place.
Seligmann, Julius, principal, Alfred ten-ace School, 8
Alfred ter., Hillhead ; house, 18 Holyrood cres.
Seligmann, William (of Morton & Seligmann), house,
1 Victoria crescent, Dowanhill.
SELKIRK, Ales, (of J. & A. Selkirk & Co. and Thos.
Chalmers & Co.), house, 22 Lansdowne crescent.
Selkirk, J. & A., & Co., warehousemen and manu-
facturers, 175 Trongate.
Selkirk, Isaac, wood merchant, 36 Ark lane; house,
191 Hunter street.
Selkirk, James (of J. & A. Selkirk & Co. and Thos.
Chalmers & Co.), house, 28 Buckingham terrace.
Selkirk, James L., accountant (of J. L. & T. L. Sel-
kirk), house, 5 Wilton crescent.
Selkirk, J. L. & T. L., accountants, 107 St. Vincent st.
Selkirk, John S., ironmonger, 34 Findlay street; ho.
80 New City road.
Selkirk, Nicol, plumber and gasfitter, 10 Minerva st.;
house, 12 do.
Selkirk, Robert J., accountant, 115 St. Andrew's rd.,
Selkirk, Thomas L., accountant (of J. L. & T. L.
Selkirk), res. Cuprum house, Hamilton cres.,Partick.
Selkirk, Wm., provision merchant, 121 Kent road.
SELLAR, Charles B., warehouseman, 139 West
Campbell street.
Sellar, George, sheriff-clerk of Lanarkshire, and regis-
trar of Glasgow Court of Survey, County buildings,
50 Wilson st. ; ho. Gowanlea, Battlefield, Langside.
Sellars, George W. (at A.& J. Scott's, 245 Sauehiehall
street), house, 175 Hospital street.
Sellars, George, dyer; works, 102 Port Dundas <
road; house, 137 Cambridge street; receiving;
shops, 115 Cambridge street, 3 Elderslie street, ,
151 Parliamentary road, 16 Stockwell street, and 1
363a New City road.
Sellars, James, jun., LA., architect, 266 St. Vincent ;
street; house, 91 Hamilton drive, Hillhead.
Sellars, James, house factor, insurance agent, and J.P. .
officer, 29 Kent street.
Sellars, Robert H., photographer, 85 Buchanan street; ;
house, Church cottage, Coatbridge.
Sellar, Robert F., stationer, paper ruler, and book- -
binder, 39 Candleriggs; house, 40 do.
Sellar, William (of Donald & Sellar), house, 29 Queen's I
square, Strathbungo.
Sellar, Wm., coal merchant, 189 Slatefield street.
Sellar, Mrs. A. M., 13 Hamilton ter., west, Partick.
Sellar, Mrs., draper, 37 Candleriggs; house, 34 do. [
SEMPLE & Co., tea merchants, 88 Ingram street, j
Semple, David, shirt maker and hosier, 556 Duke st. .
Semple, George, slater and plasterer, 108 Thistle
street; house, 115 do.
Semple, James, grocer, 114 Gallowgate; house, 135
Hill street, east.
Semple, James, publisher, bookseller, and bookbinder,
7 Stirling rd. ; house, 169 Hill street, Garnethill.
Semple, James, yarn merchant, 79 Bell street, city;
house, 3 Craignestock place.
Semple, John, warehouseman (at J. P. Harrington's),
house, 32 Annette st., Govanhill.
Semple, M'Lean, & Reid, tea merchts., 88 Ingram st
Semple, Robert, hay and grain merchant, 113J Dal-
marnock road; house, 113 do.
Semple, Robert, dairyman, 66 Elderslie street ; house,
Kelvinside cottage, Smith street, Hillhead.
Semple, Thomas (at John Thomson & Sons'), house,
Merkland cottage, Kirkintilloch.
Semple, Walter, goldsmith and jeweller, 145 Argyle
street ; ho. Greenfield cottage, Govan.
Semple, William, clothier and. warehouseman, 9 ■
Macfarlane street.
Semple, Mrs. David, 17 Buccleuch street.
Semple, Mrs. Wm., restaurant, 117 Virginia place;
house, 5 Victoria road, Govanhill.
SENIOR, J. E., teacher of music, organ, harmonium,
and pianoforte, 65 St. Vincent crescent.
SERVICE, Alexander (of Smellie & Service), house,,
12 West Garden street.
Service, Andrew G., metal broker and iron merchant
(of Alex. Jack & Service, 124 St. Vincent street).
Service & Bisland, measurers, 243 St. Vincent st. j
Service, David, assistant inspector of poor, Barony
parish, 38 Cochrane street; house, 381 Duke st.
Service, George B. (at George Smith & Sons'), house,
15 West Prince's street.
Service, James, writer, 35 Bath street.
Service, James, jun., writer, 35 Bath street.
Service, Rev. John, D.D., E.C. minister, Hyndland
Chapel, Hyndland road ; house, 6 Spring gardens,'
Service, John, M.D., 40 Gibson street, Hillhead.
Service, John (of D. Turner & Co., 29, 31 Oswald
street), house, Woodside, Cardross.
Service, John (of Smith, Sons, & Laughland), house,
15 West Prince's street.
Service, John, measurer, 243 St. Vincent st. ; house,
Overdale, Nithsdale road, Pollokshields.
Service, Quintin M. measurer; ho. 15 Carnarvon

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