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Macmillan, Jas., restaurateur, 224 and 226 Buchanan
street, 135 Ingram street, and 104 Miller street ;
ho. 9 Minerva street.
M'Millan, James, shoe heel and toe-plate maker, 48
Moncur street, Calton ; house, 1 Atmfield street
M'Millan, James (at G. & J. Bums'), house, 48
Pollok street.
M'Millan, James (of J. & J. M'Millan), house, 11
Buccleuch street.
M'Millan, James, dining rooms, 415 Argyle street;
house, 5 Douglas street.
M'Millan, John, confectioner, 25 Adelphi street;
house, 154 Crown street.
M'Millan, John, chemist and druggist, 17 Great
Western road, city, and 8 Buckingham buildings,
Hillhead ; house, 55 Cecil street, do.
M'Millan, J. & J., smiths and cartwrights, 57
Scott street.
Macmillan, J. P., clock manufacturer, 58 Buchanan
street ; house, 123 Shields road.
M'Millan, John (of J. & J. M'Millan), house, 27
Port Dundas road.
M'Millan, John, tailor and clothier, 263 Hope street;
house, 47 Cambridge street.
M'Millan, John, contractor, 57 Hope street ; house,
133 Waterloo street.
M'Millan, John, pawnbroker. 20 Glebe street ; house,
1 Fir Park terrace.
M'Millan, John, hatter, hosier, and glover, 71 Main
street, Gorbals ; house, 6 Norfolk street.
Macmillan, John, merchant, 70 Mitchell street ; house,
1 Holyrood place, Holyrood crescent.
M'Millan, John, commission agent, 9 Howard street ;
house, 170 London street.
M'Millan, John, spirit merchant, 1 Houston street
and 69 Shields road; house, 26 Wallacegrove pi.
M'Millan, John, rnanufr., 45 Canning st. ; ho. 51 do.
M'Millan, John, spirit merchant, 55 Camden street;
house, 8 Hutcheson sq.
M'Millan, John, officer of Customs ; ho. 238 Thistle
St., s.s.
Macmillan, Lewis H. (N. B. Railway Co.), house, 95
Thistle street, Garnethill.
M'Millan & Marshall, wholesale stationers, account
book and paper bag manufacturers, 3 and 5 Royal
Bank place and 114 Buchanan street.
M'Millan, Neil (of M'Millan & Rowe),ho. 6 Fir Park
ter., Dennistoun.
M'Millan, Neil, jun., brickbuilder and contractor, 482
Paisley road; house, 27 Airlie ter., Pollokshields.
M'Millan, N., grain merchant, 183 Rutherglen loan ;
house, 167 do.
M'Millan, Neil, & Son, brick builders and contractors,
482 Paisley road.
M'Millan, Rev. Robert, clergyman, Strathbungo
Established Church; house, 11 Regent Park ter.
M'Millan, Robert (at Chas. Tennant & Co.'s, St.
Rollox), house, Onslow drive, Dennistoun.
M'Millan, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 545
and 310 Springburn rd.; ho. 2 Centre st., do.
M'Millan, Robt.,wine and spirit merchant, 244 Gars-
cube rd.:j*ho. 326 Garbraid st., Maryhill.
M'Millan & Rowe, manufacturers of shirtings, skirt-
ings, and dress goods, 1 Ingram street.
M'Millan, Stewart, grain merchant, 28 York street;
house, 327 Argyle street.
M'Millan, S. H., & H, general drapers, 310 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick.
M'Millan, Thomas, 2 Royal terrace.
Macmillan, Thomas (of Lyall, Macdonald, Macmillan,
& Co.), ho. 4 Berlin ter., Leven st., Pollokshields.
M'Millan, Thomas, janitor, Stock Exchange; house,
107 Hospital street.
M'Millan, Thomas, druggist, 332 Nuneaton street,
M'Millan, William, shoe maker and general draper,
136 South Wellington street.
M'Millan, Wm., fruiterer and confectioner, 124
Norfolk St.; ho. 117 do.
M'Millan, William (at A. & J. Inglis'), house, 19
Elgin ter., Partick.
M'Millan, Wm., coal merchant, 15 Govanhill st.
M'Millan, Misses M. & E., hosiery and fancy goods
153 New City rd.; house, 138 do.
M'Millan, Mrs., 35 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Millan, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 123
Shields road.
M'Millan, Cath., confectioner, 300 Cumberland st.
M'MONEAGLE, Jas., American produce merchant,
39 Hope st.; house, 8 Havelock ter., Paisley road.
M'MORLAND, J. & A, iron merchants and sole
agents for Parkgate Iron Co., Rotherham, Bank of
Scotland buildings, 24 George sq.
M'Morland, Patrick (of James Nimmo & Co.), house,
49 Westbourne gardens, west.
M'Morland, Mrs., 49 Westbourne gardens.
M'MORRAN, David, 37 Belgrave street.
M'Morran, George, teacher, 69 Montrose st.; ho. 90
North Frederick st.
M'MULLAN, Thompson, cooper and bag manufac-
turer, 32 Spoutmouth ; ho. 13 Monteith row.
M'MUNN, James, letter carrier, G.P.O.; house, 90
Eglinton st.
M'Munn, John, clergyman, Congregational Church
and Mission, 50 Commercial road; house, 425
Queen's Park terrace, Eglinton street.
M'MURCHY, Ralston, & Co., Burnside Distillery,
Campbeltown ; agts., Lang Brothers, 10 and 12
Oswald street.
M'MURRAY, Boyd, & Co., cabinetmakers and uphol-
sterers, 10 Hyde Park street; works, Porterfield,
M'Murray, John, & Co., calenderers and packers, 22
North court, Royal Exchange, and 114 Buchanan
M'Murray, John (at John Orr Ewing & Co.'s), ho.
M'Murray, Quintin, cashier (at Alexander Stewart's,
158 Argyle street), house, 90 Bellgrove street.
M'Murray, Thomas, & Co., cabinetmakers and uphol-
sterers, 8 and 14 Carlton court, Bridge street;
warehouse, 247 Sauchiehall st. ; ho. 9 Oxford st.
M'Murray, William, carver and gilder, 14 Carlton court.
M'MURRICH, John, sugar sampler, sugar sample
room, Royal Exchange ; ho. 424 Parliamentary rd.
M'Murrich, Malcolm (at Marshall, Blair, & Naismith's),
house, 14 Grange terrace, Langside.
M'MURTRIE, Andrew (foreman at Washington
Mills), house, 390 St. Vincent street.
M'Murtrie, John M. (of John C. Wilson & Co), ho.
6 Grange ter., Pollokshields.
M'Murtrie & Laurie, tea merchants and family
grocers, 54 Ingram st., east.
M'Murtrie, Robt., butcher, 135 W. Graham st.; ho. 117.
M'Murtrie, Thomas, messenger, Scottish . Widows
Fund, 114 West George st. ; house, 32 Gladstone st.
M'Murtrie, Thomas (of M'Murtrie & Lawrie) ; house,
3 Firpark terrace.

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