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Copland, William, draper and clothier, 50 Bedford st.;
resid. Ashgrove, Shawlands.
Copland, Wm. hairdresser and wig maker, 105 Glou-
cester street, s.s.; house, 40 Rutherglen loan.
Copland, Wm. (of Copland & Lye), house, 20 Glasgow
street, Hillhead.
Copenhagen Steam Packet office, 40 St. Enoch sq.
COPESTAKE, Hughes, Crampton, & Company, lace
warehousemen, 26 Buchanan street.
Copestake, S. G. G., engineer, Glasgow Locomotive
Works; house, 61 Dixon Avenue, Govanhilt.
CORBETT, Andrew, engineer (of Hutson & Corbett),
house, 204 Dumbarton road.
Corbett, James, draper and clothier, 31 South
. Apsley place.
Corbett, J. L., watchmaker, 69 Union street.
Corbett, Rev. Joseph, minister, Camphill U.P. Church ;
: house, 39 Regent Park square.
Corbet, Robert & Son, brickmakers, builders, and con-
tractors, Newlands Brickworks, London road.
Corbet, Robert (of Robt. Corbet & Son), house, 11
Onslow drive, Dennistoun.
'Corbet, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 58 Argyle
arcade ; house, 2 Brougham terrace, Crosshill.
Corbet, Walter (of Robert Corbet & Son). 153 Garth-
land drive.
Corbet, William A, merchant, 10 Bothwell street ;
i house, Carbrook, Helensburgh.
Corbett, Mrs. D., furniture dealer, 120 Renfrew st.
CORBISIER & Co., wholesale stationers, booksellers,
and general merchants, 132a Renfrew street ; house,
28 Cambridge street.
orbisier, Louis, church and school furniture mer-
chant, altar vestment, banner, and brass goods
manufacturer, 132a Renfrew street, Garnethill;
house, 28 Cambridge street.
CORE, Jas., bookkeeper, 7 Fir Park ter. Dennistoun.
[Core, John, draper, 6 John street, Bridgeton ; house,
I 92 Main street, do.
(Core, Wm., M.D., medical superintendent, Barnhill
JCORLEY, Joseph, pawnbroker and jeweller, 17 East
I John street ; house, 17 Armadale st.
'Corfu Steam Packets, 30 Jamaica street.
jCokk Distilleries Co. (Limited), Morrison's Island,
I Cork ; agent, Duncan Walker, 223 Hope street.
(Cork Steamers Office, 2 Oswald street.
jjCORMACK, D. G. (at Allan and Manns), house, 153
I" Inglefield terrace.
Cormack, James, jun. (of Jas. Cormack & Sons),
I house, 54 Dorset street.
Cormack, James, & Sons, smiths, heating and ven-
t! tilating engineers, 142 North street.
Cormack, James, sen. (of Jas. Cormack & Sons), ho.
i 3 Dover street.
Cormack, James, provision merchant, 15 Well street.
Cormack, John B., cabinet maker, upholsterer, and
bedding manufacturer, 13 Shamrock street, west ;
house, 11 do.
Cormack, Wm. (of Jas. Cormack & Sons); house, 96
Cambridge street.
Corn Exchange, 81 Hope street.
Corn Trade Association (Glasgow), Anthony D.
Hannay, secretary, 16 Hope street.
CORNEIL, Peter, boarding house keeper, 64 York st.
CORNELLY, Edward, superintendent Lanarkshire
Constabulary, 111 Brunswick street; house, 100
North Frederick street.
CORNET, James, 67 Elliot street.
CORNIN, John, clothier, 30 Saltmarket; house, 21
Shipka pass.
Cornin, Michael, broker, 54 Saltmarket ; house, 9
Hospital street.
CORNWALL, Channon, organist of Sandyford
Church ; house, 3 Ashfield place, Hillhead.
Corporation Gas Office, 42 Virginia street ; Wm.
Foulis, manager ; Alex. Ross, treasurer.
CORRIE, James, architect, 35 Oxford street.
CORRIGAN, Matthew & Co, engineers and machine
makers, 50 Blackfaulds place.
CORRY, William, & Co., aerated water manufac-
turers, Belfast ; wholesale and export agents for
Scotland, John Mercer & Co., 28 York street.
CORSAN & Currie, fishmongers, poulterers, game
dealers, and ice merchants, 15 Howard st.
Corsan, George (of Corsan and Currie), house, 8
West Graham street.
Corson, John, family grocer, 287 Paisley road.
Corson, John, provision merchant, 191 S. Wellington
street; house, 94 Main st., s.s.
CORSAR, David, & Sons, sail cloth manufacturers,
Arbroath ; office, India court, 22 Hope street.
CORSTORPHINE, Alexander, grain merchant, Currie,
by Edinburgh ; at Whyte's hotel, 45 Candleriggs,
every Wednesday morning.
Corstorphin, John, tailor and clothier, 80 Bedford
street ; ho. 147 Alison street, Govanhill.
Corstorphine, Nathaniel, tailor and clothier, 9
Adelpbi street.
Corstorphine, Wm., tailor and clothier, 93 London st.
CORY Brothers and Co., coal masters, Cardiff and
London ; agent, F. W. Allan, 15 Gordon street.
COSGROVE, Robert, broker, 370 South York street;
house, 99 Rose street, s.s.
COSSAR & Co., printers and publishers, 71 Morrison
street, s.s.
Cossar, David, dairyman, 266 Main st., Bridgeton.
Cosser, James, flesher, 16 West Milton street ; ho.
3 Braco street.
Cossar, Jas. (of Cossar & Co.), ho. 324 Scotland st.
Cossar, John (of Cossar & Co.), house, 59 St. James'
street, Kingston.
Cossar, Thomas, dairyman, 523 St. George's road.
COSSART, Gordon, & Co., wine shippers, Madeira;
agents, John Hopkins & Co., 25 Gordon street.
COSTA & Irmao, wine growers, Regoa, Portugal;
agent, David M 'Gibbon, 3 Bath street; house, 9
Kelvingrove street.
COSTELLO, Jas. plumber, 296 Cathcart road.
COSTIGANE Brothers, wholesale and retail ware-
housemen, Granite House, 187 Trongate.
Costigane, John T. (of Costigane Brothers), residence,
Burntrigg villa, Cardross.
Costigane, Wm. (of Costigane Brothers), house, 19
Argyle place, Partick.
COSTLEY, Wm., mason and builder, 52 Elmbank
street ; house, 15 Alexander street.
COTTERELL, Wm., silverer (patent process), glass
merchant, and mirror manufacturer, 9 & 15 Paisley
road ; house, 3 Paterson street, s.s.
COTTON, W. B., bonded store-keeper, 2, 4, 6 Cadogan
st.; office, 57 W. Campbell street; resid. Roselea,
COUBROUGH, Anthony Park (of the Blanefield
Printing Co.), Blanefield, Strathblane.
Coubrough, Anthony Sykes (of the Blanefield Print-
ing Co.), 60 St. George's place ; house, 15 Berkeley
terrace, and Blanefield, Strathblane.

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