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Bruce, John W. (of Brown, jun., Davies, & Tait),
house, 60 Buccleuch street.
Bruce, Robert (of Bruce & Co., papermakers), house,
. 39 North Park terrace, Hillhead.
Bruce, Robert, commission agent, 8 Ingram street.
Bruce, Robert, contractors plant and machinery mer-
chant, 16 St. Enoch square, and 45 Cubie street,
Bruce, Robert, naturalist, 277 Thistle street, s.s.
Bruce, R. Wilson, surgeon, 27lA New City road;
house, 60 Buccleuch street.
Bruce, Walter, superintendent, Eglinton street Goods
Station; house, 6 Prince Edward st, Govanhill.
Bruce & Wilson, flour and grain merchants, 21 Hope st.
Brace, William, colliery salesman, 209 New City rd.
Bruce, W. (of Bruce, Jarvis, & Co.), 58 Buchanan st.
Bruce, Mrs. Wm., late of Victoria buildings, Mount
Florida, Newhouse, East Kilbride.
BRUFF, Isaac, brush manufacturer, 5 Gibson street,
Calton, house, 4 do.
BRUNSDON, J. B , & Co., drysalters and oil mer-
chants, paints, colours, and varnishes, 66 Bath st.
Brunsdon, Richard, merchant and commission agent,
66 Bath street.
BRUNSWICK, Gustavus, & Co., commission and
advertising agents, 5 Brunswick street.
Brunswick, Gustavus (of G. Brunswick and Co.),
residence, Helensburgh.
BRUNTON, Rev. Ales., Albert Street, U.P. Church,
Parliamentary road ; house, Ardbeg Villa, Craig-
park, Dennistoun.
Brunton, And., chemist and druggist, 250 Stewart-
ville place, Partick; house, 252 do.
Brunton, G. H., agent, West Glenton Coal Co. (Lim.),
118 West Regent street; house, Inverkip.
Brunton, James, tailor and clothier, 63 Cathcart st.,
s.s. ; house, 61 do.
Brunton, Thomas, solicitor, G. & S. W. Ry. Co.,
St. Enoch station ; resid., 13 Royal cres., Crosshill.
BRYAN, Andrew, slater, 4 Hospital street.
Bryan, B. & J., drapers, 5 CampbellSeld street.
Bryan, James, surgeon-dentist, 501 Springburn rd.
Bryan, Jame3 W. F. (at Butters Brothers'), 26
Renfield street.
Bryan, John, church officer, Lansdowne Church ;
house, 416 Great Western road.
BRYCE, Alex., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 40,
42 St. Andrew's street ; bonding stores, St. And-
rew's lane, Gallowgate.
Bryce, Alex., gas inspector, 6 Caledonia road.
Bryce, Andrew C, wine and spirit merchant, 46
Adelphi street ; house, 138 South Portland street.
Bryce, Archibald (at A. S. Bryce's), house, 49 Roslea
Bryce, A. S., drysalter, oil and tallow merchant,
Glenpark Oil Works, East Nelson street ; house,
Birkenshaw, Uddingston.
Bryce, Archd. D , engineer (J. Elder & Co.'s), Fair-
field Engine Works, Govan.
Bryce, Charles C. (of Bryce & Rumpff ), ho. 35 West-
bourne gardens, Kelvinside.
Bryce, Charles (at R. B. Stewart, Son, & Co.'s), ho.
105 St. Andrew's road, Pollokshields.
Bryce, David, & Son, booksellers, stationers, litho-
graphers, and reading-club, 129 Buchanan street ;
branch establishment, Belmont corner, Hillhead ;
printing-office, 90 Mitchell street.
Bryce, David (of D. Bryce & Son), house, Berkswell,
Bryce, George F., family hatter, 80 Jamaica street
house, 71 Abbotsford place.
Bryce, James, jun., wine merchant, 74 Waterloo st. ;
house, 13 Canal street, Port Dundas.
Bryce, James, slater and plasterer, 19 Clyde terrace ;
house, 14 Apsley place.
Bryce, James, spirit merchant, 1 Broomhill street,
Port Dundas; house, 13 Canal street.
Bryce, James, grocer, 273 Cumberland street, s s.
Bryce, Rev. James, minister, Crown street Estab-
lished Church; house, 27 Moray place, Strath-
Bryce, John, dairyman, 4 Cleveland st.; ho. 20 do.
Bryce, John (of Millar &, Co., 78 Avgyle street), ho.
71 Abbotsford place.
Bryce, John, & Son, plumbers and gasfitters, 82
Oswald street.
Bryce, John D., 13 Buckingham terrace.
Bryce, Morrison, & Son., upholsterers, cabinetmakers,
and carpet warehousemen, 126 Sauchiehall street ;
house, 152 Hill st, Garnethill.
Bryce, Peter B., tea merchant, 46 Hutcheson street;
house, Mount Vernon.
Bryce & Rumpff, merchants and chemical brokers ;
agents for Messrs. Fr. Bayer & Co., alizarine and
aniline dye manufacturers, 141 West George street ;
also at 22 Booth street, Manchester, and 35 Swaine
street, Bradford.
Bryce, R. & W., drapers, 165 New City road ; house,
72 Crossburn street.
Bryce, William, & Co., commission merchants and
agents, 40 St. Enoch square and 36 Mark lane,
London, E.C.
Bryce, William (of William Bryce & Co.), house, 11
Woodlands terrace.
Bryce, William, & Co., seed merchants, 40 St. Enoch
square ; stores, 41 York street.
Bryce, Miss, 1 West Prince's street.
BRYDALL, Robert, artist, Government School of
Art and Studio, 112 Bath street ; house, 46 Buc-
cleuch street.
BRYDEN, Hugh, stationer and bookseller, 39 Findlay
street; house, 158 Sauchiehall street.
Bryden, John, & Sons, bell hangers, brassfounders,
gasfitters, and locksmiths, Venetian, wire-gauze,
and holland window blind makers, 24 Renfield
street, Glasgow ; 16 Frederick street, Edinburgh ;
7 Prince's street, Perth; Commercial st, Dundee;
and 28 Wigmore street, Cavendish square, London.
Bryden, Robert A., LA, architect, 212 St. Vincent ;
house, 15 Dalhousie street.
Bryden, Thomas G. (of John Frew & Co.), house, 17
Shamrock street, New City road.
Bryden, Thomas (at Thomas Taylor's, 141 West
George street; house, 39 South Apsley place.
Bryden, William, & Son, bellhangers, brassfounders,
gasfitters, smiths, Venetian and roller-blind manu-
facturers, 17 W. Regent street, Coal Exchange
buildings, Glasgow, and 55 George st, Edinburgh.
Bryden, William, operative dentist, 18 Bridgeton
Bryden, Mrs. James, 39 South Apsley place.
Bryden, Jane, stationer, 10 Parliamentary road.
BRYDSON, John, house painter and general de
corator, 26 Main street, Bridgeton,
BRYMNER, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 62 and
64 Reid street; house, 60 do.
Brymner, Mrs., J. M., 29 Burnbank gardens, Great
Western road.

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