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Bridgeton Old Victualling and .Baking Society
(Limited), victuallers, &c, 139 to 147 Main st.,
Bridgeton ; Robert Muirhead, manager ; house,
117 Alexandra terrace, Greenhead street.
Bridgeton Parish Schools, 87 Old Dalmamock road ;
Wm. M'Intyre, head-master.
Bridgeton Pottery, Boden street, off London road.
Bridgeton Registry Office for births, deaths, and
marriages, and marriage notices, 27 Mordaunt st. ;
James Tait, registrar ; James Gardner, assistant.
Bridgeton UP. Church, John street, Bridgeton ; Rev.
Dr. Edwards, and Rev. John Steel, ministers.
Bridgeton Victualling Society (Limited), grocers,
victuallers, and spirit merchants, 186, 188 Main
street, Bridgeton ; Dugald Butler, manager.
Bridgeton Working Men's Club, 157 Canning street.
BRIEN, John, slater, 23 Craignestock street, Calton ;
house, 2 William street, do.
BRIGGS, Arthur, accountant, royal bank, St. Rollox,
107 Castle street.
Briggs, Isaac, & Son, worsted spinners, Wakefield,
Yorkshire ; A. Strachan & Son, 34 Glassford
street, agents.
Briggs, John (of Briggs & M'Lellan), house, 130
Holland street.
Briggs & M'Lellan, tailors, clothiers, and hatters, 59
Union street.
Briggs, Thomas, oil cloth, tarpauling, and twine
manufacturer, cotton, linen, and jute spinner, 187
George street, E.
Briggs, William, agent for Limmer Asphalte Paving
Co. (Limited), 40 Union st.; residence, Arbroath.
Briggs & Wilson, carvers, gilders, and picture frame
manufacturers, 261 Buchanan street ; house, 8
Ronald street.
BRIGHT, John, & Brothers, manufacturers, Man-
chester ; 10 Hanover street.
BRIMS, David, joiner, 171 Pitt street.
BRINKLEY, Robert, artist (at A. Macnab's) ; ho.
284 St. George's road.
BRISBANE, James, home timber merchant, 312
Stobcross street; house, 22 Carrickarden street.
Brisbane, John, iron and commission merchant, 4
Bath street.
Brisbane, Peter, dairyman, 68 Great Western road ;
house, 60 do.
Bristol, Cardiff, and Swansea Steam Packet Office ;
Wm. Sloan & Co., 36 Renfield street.
Britannia Fire Association, 69 St. George's place,
W. G. Park, district manager.
Britannia Pottery, 136 Glebe st. and 98 Kennedy st.
British America Assurance Co., J. Carmichael,
agent, 192 West Nile street.
British and African Steam Navigation Co.,
registered office, 175 West George street ; Charles
Gibson, secretary.
British and African Steam Navigation Co., 24 Oswald
street ; Taylor, Laughland, & Co., agents. <
British Asphalte Co. ; Gregory Bird, manager ; as-
phalte manufacturers, tar distillers, &c, 92 Stirling
st., Port Dundas.
British and Burmese Steam Navigation Co. (Limited),
steam line to Rangoon, 15 St. Vincent pi. ; P
Henderson & Co., agents.
British Equitable Assurance Company, 4 Queen st.
place, London; James Wilson, agent, 180 West
Regent street.
British and Foreign Express Parcel Conveyance, 82
Mitchell street ; Metz & Co., agents.
British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co. (Limited)
of Liverpool ; Hugh Aird, agent, Royal Exchange
British, Foreign, and Colonial Patent Office ;
J. H. Johnson & Day, 115 St. Vin. st— See Advt.
British and Foreign Mineral Water Co.,
Mineral water manufacturers, 382 New City road.
•—See Advertisement in Appendix.
British and Foreign Steam Packets, 30 Jamaica st.
British and N. American Royal Mail Steam Packets,
30 Jamaica street.
British India Steam Navigation Co. (Limited), Peter
Macnaughton, secretary, 110a Wellington street.
British Legal Life Assurance and Loan Co. (Limited),
Henry Steel, manager, 1 Richmond st. ; ho. 3 do.
British Linen Company Bank, Chief Office, 110
Queen st. ; Andrew L. Fowler & Thomas Balmain,
British Linen Co. Bank, Charing Cross branch, 539
Sauchiehall street ; John Fraser, jr., agent.
British Linen Co. Bank, Eastern branch, 26 Bridge-
ton cross ; Thos. Kinnaird, agent.
British Linen Co. Bank, south side, 1 Eglinton st. ;
William N. Graham, agent.
British Linen Co. Bank, 269 Main St., south side ;
Wm. Dodd, agent.
British Linen Co. Bank, 42 Trongate ; John Graham,
British Linen Co. Bank, Anderston Branch, Gushet-
house ; John Fraser, agent.
British Linen Co. Bank, West George street ; branch,
temporaray premises, 120 St. Vincent st. ; George
Lammie, agent.
British Linen Co. Bank, Sandyford and Overnewton
Branch; Robert Kemp, agent, 69 Dumbarton rd.
British Patent Morocco Leather Co. (Limited), works,
Fereneze, by Barrhead ; John Mann, C. A., secre-
tary, 154 St. Vincent street.
British Patent Morocco Leather Company (Limited) ;
Thomas Forrest, 40 Ingram street.
British Plate Glassworks, Ravenhead, St. Helens,
Lancashire ; Wm. Meikle & Sons, agents, 21 Wel-
lington street.
British Sanitary Co., sanitary engineers and earth
closet manufacturers, 205 Buchanan street.
British Workman Boot & Shoe Co., boot and shoe
merchants, 57 Bridge street.
British Workman (the Glasgow) Public House Co.
(Limited); Alex. Sloan, C.A., secretary ; John
Thomas, general manager ; registered office, 155
West George street ; branches, 66 and 68 Gallow-
gate, 2 Possil Road, 9 Anderston quay, 425 Spring-
burn road, 149 Paisley road, 233 North Woodside
road, 120 Main street, Maryhill ; 2 Greenlaw
place, Paisley road ; 29 Jamaica street, 151 and
155 Trongate, 10 Govan Cross, 170 Castle street.
BRITTAIN, George, locomotive superintendent Cale-
donian Railway ; office, 25 Killermont street.
Brittain, Robert (of Robert Brittain & Co.), house,
52 Dumbarton road.
Brittain, Robert, & Co., sail makers, 28 Dale st., s.s.
BRITON, Alex., boot, shoe, and Highland brogue
maker, 55 Argyle street; house, 10 Bellgrove st.
Britton, Robert, tailor and clothier, 91 Dalmamock
Britton, Mrs., crystal and china dealer, 38 Green st.,
Briton Life Association (Limited), 69 St. George's
place; William G. Park, district manager

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