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F d Victoria Place, 1 West Regent street. 7.
Victoria Place, 46 Buccleuch street. 7.
E h Victoria Road, south, from Eglinton street.
Do. East side, to county boundary. 12.
Do. West side, to do. do. 13.
Victoria Street, off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 16.
Victoria Street, off Eglinton street. 13.
B d Victoria Street, off Govan rd., Govan. 15.
C c Victoria Street, Billhead. 16.
Cb Victoria Ter., off Byars' road, Dowanhill. 16.
. Victoria Terrace, Victoria ra. , Govanhill.
Victoria Terrace, Mount Florida.
Viewbank, Garngad hill. 3.
Viewfield Place, Darnley st. and Melville street,
Dc Viewfield Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 16.
Viewfield Terrace, Darnley st., Pollokshields.
G d Villafield, north end of Taylor street. 6.
G d Villafield Place, head of Taylor street. 6.
I e Villiers Court, Sword street. 3.
H c Villiers Street, Garngad road. 3.
Vinegarhill Street, Camlachie. 2.
C b Vinicombe St., off Kerrsland st, Hillhead. 16.
Violetgrove Street, off Cedar street. 9.
F e Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia street. 7.
F e Virginia Court, 71 Virginia street. 7.
F e Virginia Place, head of Virginia street. 7.
Virginia PL, 305 Dumbarton rd., Partick. 16.
F e Virginia Street, f. Argyle st. to Ingram st. 7.
F c Vulcan Street, Port Dundas. 6.
Vulcan St., off 426 Springbura rd., Springburn.
Vulcan Street, Port Dundas, from Canal street
to Hundred Acre Hill.
Fe Waddell's Court, 48 Stockwell street. 7.
Gf Waddell St., off Govan st., Hutchesontown. 11.
Walker's Court, 114 Main street, Bridgeton. 1.
Walker's Court, 65 Dale street, Bridgeton. 1.
E b Walker Street, off Hopehill road. 9.
B c Walker Street, off Douglas st., Partick. 16.
// Walkinshaw St., end of Hozier St., Bridgeton. 1.
Wall Street, from Stirling st. to Bell st. ; City.
Wallace Court, Bell street, south side. 5.
Wallace Court, 107 Maitland street. 8.
Wallace Grove PL, f. Watt st. to Shields rd. 14.
C c Wallace Place, off Dumbarton rd., Partick. 16.
G d Wallace Street (N.), off Parliamentary rd. 6.
Ff Wallace St. (S.), f. Eglinton st. to Centre st. 13.
Wallace Street, Rutherglen.
C f Walmer Crescent, Paisley road. 15.
Walmer Place, head of Hospital street. 12.
Walworth Terrace, Kent road. 9.
G d Ward Street, off Parliamentary road. 6.
Wardlawhill Street, Rutherglen.
G b Wardlaw Street, Keppochhill. 8.
Fe Wardrop's Court, 38 Queen street. 7.
E e Warroch St., f. Stobcross st. to Anderston qy. 10.
Ff Warwick St., fr. Norfolk st. to Bedford st. 12.
E e Washington St., f. Main st, Anderston, S. 10.
Fe Water Close, 91 Stockwell street. 7.
Water Row, Govan. ] 5.
F e Water St., P. Dundas, f. Ann st. to P. Dundas rd. 8.
Do., from Dundas road to Charlotte st. 6.
Waterloo PL, 81-95 Gloucester St., Kingston. 13.
Waterloo Row, Polmadie. 11.
E d Waterloo Street, from Hope st. to Pitt st. 7.
// Waterloo St., f. Greenvale st. to James' st., east. 2.
F e Waterport Buildings, f. 10 to 18 Gt. Clyde st. 7.
Watson's Court, 194 Gallowgate. 5.
G e Watson St., f. Gallowgate to Blackfriar's st. 5.
E b Watson St. (North), off 369 Garscube rd. 9.
Df Watt Street, fr. Paisley rd. to Scotland st. 14.
H b Watt Street, off Petershill road. 3.
G d Weaver Street, from Rottenrow to Stirling road.
Do., from Rottenrow to Mason street. 5.
Do., from Mason street to Stirling road. 6.
E b Well Road, off New City road. 9.
Well Road Terrace, Well road. 9.
E e Well St, f. Gt. Hamilton st. to Main st., Calt. 4.
B c Well Street, off Dumbarton road, Partick. 16.
Wellcroft Place, off Eglinton street. 12.
Wellcroft Street, off Eglinton street. 13.
Wellesley Place, Sandyford street. 9.
Wellfield PL, off Avenue road, Springburn.
H a Wellfield Street, at 536 Springburn road.
F d Wellington Arc, 122 Sauchie. st. to Renfr.st. 7.
Fe Wellington Court, 43 Argyle street. 7.
Wellington Lane, South Wellington street. 11.
Wellington La., f. Wellington st. to Pitt st. 7.
Wellington Place, east end of Adelphi st. 11.
Wellington Place, Rutherglen.
F d Wellington St, f. Argyle st. to Sauchieh. st. 7.
Wellington St. (E.), off New Road, Parkhead. 2.
Gf Wellington Street (South), from Wellington
place to Caledonia road. 11.
Df Wellington Street, off Paisley road.
Wellpark Place, Crossmyloof.
H e Wellpark Street, off Barrack street. 3.
Wellpark Terrace, Ark Lane. 3.
E b Wellroad, f. New City rd. to Garscube rd. 9.
F d Wemyss PL, east end of Hill st, Garnethill. 7.
Wemyss Place, 18 Merkland St., Partick, 16.
Wendover Crescent, Mount Florida.
I e Wesleyan St, f. Gallowg.. to E. Waterloo st 2.
West Bank Nursery, Gibson st., Hillhead. 16.
D a West Bank Ter., Smith street, Hillhead. 16.
E c West Garden Street, from Burnbank Gardens to
New City road. 9.
West Greenhill Place, 80 Finnieston. 10.
Df West Scotland Street, Kinning Park. 14.
Ff West St., Tradeston, f. Clyde pi. to Gas Wks. 13.
H f West Street, off Canning street. 4.
B b Westbourne Gardens, Kelvinside. 16.
B b Westbourne Terrace, south, Kelvinside. 16.
Westbury Street, off St. George's road. 8.
D c West-end Park. 9.
D c West-end Pk., f. Royal cres. to River Kelvin. 9.
E c West-end Park Street, off Woodlands road. 9.
/ e Wester Craigs, off Duke street. 3.
Fb Westerhill Street, off Keppochhill road. 6.
F d Western Buildings, corner of Cathedral and
Buchanan streets. 6.
G c Western Infirmary. 16.
D c Western Rd. (Great), f. New City rd., -west. 9.
Westerton Place, off East Wellington street. 2.
D d Westminster Place, from Sauchiehall street to
Dumbarton road. 9.
D d Westminster Ter., f. Fitzroy pi. to Kelving. st. 9.
Westmoreland St., off Allison St., Govanhill.
Westmuir Place, Rutherglen.
Lf Westmuir St., off Gt. Eastern rd., Parkhead. 2.
Weymouth Terrace, Paisley road. 15.
White Street, Govan. 15.
Whitefield Place, Govan road. 15.
C e Whitefield Road, off Govan rd., Govan. 15.
E e Whitehall Street, off Stobcross street 10.

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